Castlevania showrunner wants to animate Berserk


Don't forget your poison arrows.
Zenki said:
As of right now, I'd rather Miura focus on the manga strictly versus pointless anime fillers.
Well, that's a very standard opinion and an unnecessarily conservative one if you ask me. All I'm saying is that I wouldn't be opposed to the idea of him taking a diversion if he so chose, because his free will naturally takes priority over the manga.

Zenki said:
Miura has been notorious for working on other projects during his manga writing. I'm not saying any of these would be bad,but the true essence of Miura shouldn't be diverted any more than it already is.
I don't think notorious is the right word here. Out of all the projects listed by Walter only the 2016 anime turned out bad, and not because of Miura's involvement, it was a lost cause from the beginning. All the other things he worked on so far are, to varying extents, valuable additions and original inputs.

What seems to be the problem with this "the true essence of Miura" mentality is that you disregard his complexity as a human. He's not just a machine designed to spend time and resources as efficiently as possible towards the completion of the Berserk manga (although, funnily enough, he's been so hard at work all these years this might not even be that much of an exaggeration). I know the intent behind that statement and argument in general is supposed to be positive and appreciative, but most of the time, it actually comes off as narrow-minded and ignorant of his other personal qualities and intentions.
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