Castlevania showrunner wants to animate Berserk

Zenki said:
As of right now, I'd rather Miura focus on the manga strictly versus pointless anime fillers.

Well, that's a very standard opinion and an unnecessarily conservative one if you ask me. All I'm saying is that I wouldn't be opposed to the idea of him taking a diversion if he so chose, because his free will naturally takes priority over the manga.

Zenki said:
Miura has been notorious for working on other projects during his manga writing. I'm not saying any of these would be bad,but the true essence of Miura shouldn't be diverted any more than it already is.

I don't think notorious is the right word here. Out of all the projects listed by Walter only the 2016 anime turned out bad, and not because of Miura's involvement, it was a lost cause from the beginning. All the other things he worked on so far are, to varying extents, valuable additions and original inputs.

What seems to be the problem with this "the true essence of Miura" mentality is that you disregard his complexity as a human. He's not just a machine designed to spend time and resources as efficiently as possible towards the completion of the Berserk manga (although, funnily enough, he's been so hard at work all these years this might not even be that much of an exaggeration). I know the intent behind that statement and argument in general is supposed to be positive and appreciative, but most of the time, it actually comes off as narrow-minded and ignorant of his other personal qualities and intentions.
If we're talking Netflix in particular I personally do not think they'd be up to the task. I liked Castlevania but mostly due to the action scenes and their choreography, when scenes focused on characters and their interactions (which is admittedly Berserk's strongest point) the direction seemed to falter. That being said, they'd still probably do better than the recent adaptations.
I believe if he had the opportunity to create his own show, it wouldn't be offensive, just sort of bland and unmemorable, like the Castlevania series. That puts it leagues above 2016/2017, of course, but we already have a pretty decent anime. After so many iterations that haven't even come close the mark that the manga has set, it's hard to morally justify wanting to see yet another animated adaptation.
If Shankar were to produce it, we all know it would be something like a 5-episode show adapting only one of the most grimdark parts of Berserk since he enjoys making those kind of shows and it's just what his audience likes. I wouldn't have any problems with that since I think he could make a pretty passable/decent adaptation of the first 8 chapters (Black Swordsman arc with Snake, Slug barons before the Golden Age) which don't have much extensive plot.

At this point though nothing's confirmed or greenlit so there isn't much use speculating about it.


people overstate the quality of the Castlevania Netlix series in general, it's watchable but not much more than that, the best part of it was the fight scenes really. i personally found the main character pretty unbearable and cringy to listen to.

i think most of the push for Shankar making the adaptation comes from people recognizing Shankar as a genuine fan of Berserk, and hoping that because he is a fan, he would understand the series and be passionate about it therefor make a good adaption.
Well Berserk would certianly be more material to work from than Castlevania provided. That being said, not sure I feel the need for yet another adaptation. I think the brakes should be hit for a while before they re-up. Clear the air after the stink of 2016-17.

In any case, it's nice to see Berserk and Miura get some recognition abroad.

It would probably be at lest a year old production, and that's after managing to get the rights. ~2022 seems like enough space from 2017.
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