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Re: What are you reading?
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Pretty much all of it.  I read up to the point to where he was kicked down and left hanging. Beyond that, I looked for spoilers and boy did I find them. Like I said, I saw no reason to continue.

I'm aware of what Proyas was involved in, but I also remember that he would negotiate surrenders only for Saubon to be the one killing every one. My anger had a lot to do with the WAY it happened and the fact that his downfall was set up. I felt like it was just subversive for the sake of being subversive. I really believe that there could have been alternatives.

I'm not going to bother spoiler-texting anything. As much as I love this series, no one reads it, so no one will particularly care.

The only kind of epistemic revolt I had with the series on that level was when Nil'giccas died. A sense of simply: this is not what is supposed to happen. He's the rightful King of Ishterebinth, he needs to go back and oust all the toadies that are serving the Consult. Unite the Intact and the Wayward and with Cil'culiccas at his side ride out for one last confrontation with the Consult. But that doesn't happen. He gets accidentally killed by Achamian by a tier-1 spell, screaming about how he will wring a last drop of anguish out of the world. I was so pissed about how pathetically and anticlimactically things concluded in Sauglish, and then finding Ishual destroyed. I thought I was done with the series too. But it was a five year wait until The Great Ordeal and after that long time the more and more I thought about the series the more respect I had for Bakker's creative decisions.

Proyas may be dead man walking, but he still has three very powerful scenes left in the book. And the great confrontation/reunion between Kellhus and Achamian after all these years comes down to an argument about the fate of Proyas.  Idk. I'm arguing a sunk ship fallacy, but I don't think you read three-thousand pages whilst loving a series then tap out over the fate of a beloved character. I think it's kind of a disservice to all that Bakker has crafted, all the complex themes and ideas he has been grappling with.  And c'mon, the Battle of Golgotterath is probably the greatest fictional battle sequence ever committed to page, it can't be understood by reading some recap after the fact, it must be experienced.

I have no power to make you do absolutely anything XionHorsey, but I would say: go cleanse your palate with Malazan, takes as many months as off from Bakker as you need, but you really should finish out this series.

Malazan is a series I feel mixed about. I like Erikson commitment to creating a truly alien and bafflingly complex world, but it just gets so overwhelming. His main series is 10 books, I tapped out about halfway through Midnight Tides, book 5. Then Ian C. Esselmont's (the co-creator of the setting who is usually referred to as "ICE" in fan parlance) series is like 6 books and counting. Erikson is now working on a prequel trilogy about all the Tiste(Elf) races and he has the Bauchelain and Korbal Broach novels on the side in the same world. It's... just so much stuff to read. Keep me informed on your Gardens of the Moon progress though, I'm sure it'll be interesting.

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Re: What are you reading?
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I've been reading The Expance, really good sci fi books. I'm currently on the third book.
The season 1 of the TV series adaptation is pretty faithful to the books (havent watched the second season)
If you liked the TV series, like me, you will love the Books.