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  • The last two days have been quite rough for me. I cancelled all my appointments yesterday, because I wasn't able to put my mind to anything, I only found the strength to go on walks, listen to music and mourn together with the community.
    While I listened to my old CD of the 97 soundtrack and "Waiting so long" came on, I probably hit my lowest point of the day, because I realized the wait was now over. I never had any issues with the release schedule in the six years that I've been following the story. To me Berserk was a story that needed time to uphold its extraordinary quality. Whenever a new episode was on the horizon, I was looking forward to it all month. Waiting to me was a happy thing.

    Today has been a little better. At least I was able to eat and work normally again. Of course life always hits you when you're already down, so my car broke down today. Thankfully I don't need to get anywhere the next few days, so I will continue to take it slow and try to find closure.
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