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    Charles Manson/Jack Sparrow

    well the only real link between manson and Richards would probably be heavy drug abuse, unusually large libido and a cult following; so your not entirely incorrect on your link between the two. Btw if you don't think a cult following doesn't pertain to Richards your absolutely wrong because to...
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    New Readers (No Spoilers)

    i think i would've never actually read vagabond had i not become anxious waiting for this next berserk episode and scoured around this forum and read such high esteem about this manga, I thank you all for introducing me to such a wonderful story accompanied by the beautiful artwork incorporated...
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    Anybody seen a bee lately?

    I'm really not sure how but i got stung by a bee yesterday, i felt something sorta moving on the lapel of my coat so i turned it to see what was underneathe and i felt a sharp pain on my thumb and than i noticed some like booger like thing on it and what look like a tiny strand of saliva...
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    Upgrading Guts' prosthetic

    thats exactly what i meant and didn't type
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    Upgrading Guts' prosthetic

    aright i've though of another idea what about a harpoon? i noticed this a while back that he sorta looks like batman... at least in my opinion and it'd be pretty sick for guts to be able to just like harpoon through trees and onto giant apostle's n' shit... c'mon i can't be the only one that...
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    hello, i'm new

    i love how the spell check button is not even two inches away from the post button...
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    Who is the worst father in Berserk?

    So Gambino and the king are like polar opposites, one hates their kid for the sake of breathing :chomp: and the other one wants to bottle the very air that their child breathes and do a whole lot more :carcus:, which is really really effed the fuck up :troll: Love these lil' icon thingies.
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    Judeau: A Well-Conceived Character

    i don't mean to bump this but i can't help it being a n00b and all but Aazealh fucking pwnd RedDevil... like it almost makes me on an intellectual level frightened to discuss berserk with him like a kitten in a blender only my mind and grasp of berserk is the kitten and Aazealh's response the...
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    Upgrading Guts' prosthetic

    yeah sorry that didn't sound right, i ehhh wasn't right at the time, what i meant was if guts was living in this world in camden new jersey wearing the pimp hat he might look intimidating to any white person not from the area, but he dosn't. Because his world is different than ours i've noticed...
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    Upgrading Guts' prosthetic

    idk pimp hat and suit vs. crazy ass berserker wolf/skull dark evil armor thing :chomp: which one sounds more intimidating if your a whitebread walkin' around in camden you might wanna worry a lil bit unless your buying what he's selling (which doesn't look that good) but guts isn't a womanizer...
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    Episode 292

    heh ehhhh guess i kinda forgot to think that far ahead and see if anybody else had asked, my apologies
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    Episode 292

    wassup with the hostility i'm feeling, i'm sorry if i didn't do something right, just wanted to know if anybody knew :schierke:
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    Episode 292

    i'm probably asking the wrong question for the wrong thread or part of the forum but dose anybody have any sort of idea when the next episode thing comes out? cus i just read like the entire series in the course of like a week and i REALLY want more
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