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    Episode 241

    It's not like you're missing much... the wizard(?) who controls the makara seems to be far over the sea, Serpico aims the eye but is snoten away, Guts tries to fight while containing the armor, but is ejected also. Isidoro throws bays, the monster attacks him and the others, Guts is afraid they...
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    Episode 241

    (answering machine sounds) Due to having a shitty internet provider, Olivier won't be able to deliver the usual Berserk resume. Please leave a message after the beep. (beep)
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    Episode 241

    Not to take advantage of Olivier's absence to hague freely, but we already know the creature is a makara. If the nose was not enough, it's in the title of the episode.
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    Episode 239

    Haguetan haa haa.
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    Episode 239

    When the Hague is not here, the dogs are dancing. (?) A tsukaima is a "familiar" in the meaning "spirit called/created by a wizard to obey him and do whatever he created/called them for". So we can forget 1) and 3). And, familiars, Elfheim, wizards, etc... It all goes along together. If...
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    Episode 238

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    Episode 237

    It depends on who/where/what "king" you are... And now you're mentionning it, I've never been called "Emperor of assholes", "Emperor of the retards", etc. Not yet.
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    Episode 237

    At last, Olivier made a huge mistake. With this summary, which is completely accurate and plausible, we finally have the proof that him and Griffith are the same person. But then, which one is the nice caring personality and which one is the crazy serial killer who kills random old ladies and...
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    If you can read japanese

    I would hate Berserk if...
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    Episode 233

    Other possibilities : Ganishka is killed, but all the Kushans see how he was mean and evil and he ate cute little puppies, so they're not that sad. They are pushed away from Midland, but they are not destroyed completely. There comes Guts, still angry about Griffith. a little talk with Silat...
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    Episode 232

    By the way, Sonja is the one who attacks Silat and the 2 fat guys in the episode. She entered the castle in her own particular way, and she's the reincarnation of something far, far worse. PROOF : And on a related note, I think Olivier should start a new thread when he'll get what is in the...
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