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    Episode 358

    Right, but it may be enough to banish him and stop whatever plans he is trying to enact.
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    Episode 358

    Are we heading towards an ending where the only way to Kill/Banish Griffith (a virtual God on earth) is to kill the MoonLight child in corporeal form? Throwback to Buffy the Vampire slayer season 5, which also ended that way.
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    Episode 356

    I love that there is a giant king. I know its hardly similar, but it was enough to give me a dark souls 2 giant lord flashback. Fun world that Miura is building.
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    Episode 354

    The panel in this episode of Casca's perspective where Guts has been pinned down by the apostles also has a shot of Femto from Casca's perspective. Its the panel immediately before Casca shatters. We see Femto's chin nose and eyes above her looking down at her as shes being held and raped while...
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    Movies to look forward to

    Well I guess the message is clear. Don't join in on this particular discussion unless you want to be judged by the peanut gallery. Stay safe everyone its not worth the risk. :casca:
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    Movies to look forward to

    Review from advanced screenings of next months "IT" release are VERY positive. Stephen King's IT is probably my favorite novel of all time, and while the 1990s mini series was a horrible adaption of the work, it was a fun and creepy attempt of turning a R rated novel into a PG13 tv experience...
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    Episode 347

    The images of them descending into the tree along the lily pads REALLY reminds me of The Great Hollow in Dark Souls.
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    Episode 346

    I think the thing that sticks out the most is the similar slender display of neck and cheek bones. No other image from the series springs to mind as matching that particular style other than the one from this episode and the one episode 175. Wish I had a screenshot I could link to for any other...
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    Episode 346

    I personally find that the final page in this episode draws an especially striking resemblance to the final page in episode 175.
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    What Are You Playing?

    Griff, its been a lot of fun reading your recaps of your NG+ run. I'm sure others have already said as much, but I love DS1 and its DLC so so much.
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    What are the main philosophical influences found in Berserk?

    Its Berserk that does the influencing. Not the other way around pffft :azan:
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    Episode 345

    That summary gave me chills
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    2016 Berserk TV series: Episode 1

    An angry rant about the terrible first episode already has 17K+ views (some of you are familiar with chibireviews other berserk videos as well)
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    Game of Thrones TV [spoilers]

    I've been guilty of consuming the contents of this thread without providing anything back. Now that their hasn't been any new discussion for several weeks I will add in my renewed excitement for the series after watching last week's S6E07 "The Broken Man" Series Speculation: Riverlands...
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    Dark Souls III

    Humor centric Dark Souls 3 video review. I hadn't spoiled anything about the game for myself, and after watching this still don't think I have spoiled anything. Your mileage may vary. EDIT:
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