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    Episode 211

    Re:211 Thanks puella and Walter! You rock. :)
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    Episode 207

    Re:207 Woohoo! You rock, puella! :)
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    Was Mozgus an apostle or really a devoted servant

    Re: was Mazgus an apostel or really a devoted serv Walter is right (of course), you can see the "egg" apostle reaching for Mozgus with some kind of tendrils in page 8 and 9 of Volume 20 right before Mozgus seems to defeat the darkness and grow wings.
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    Episode 202

    This may not be a very exact translation, but here you go: Under a thousand comrades, and tenth of thousands of enemys, you were the only one...
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    Episode 202

    His hometown, Elfheim would probably make a very good sacrifice...especially if Gutts should have left Caska there. :o Evil Puck... I just can't imagine it...
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