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    Episode 241

    Yeah, exactly. Guts is still human and there are obvious limitations to his strength and fighting ability. Skully is NOT human anymore and he is immortal from what I know...he's got amazing powers but he is not human nor is he alive the same way Guts is. Guts = human and mortal...
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    Episode 242

    Awesome. That picture kicks ass!
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    Lith's colors & tutorials

    Cool. Thanks for the tutorial :) I appreciate the time and effort you put into trying to teach us some of your wonderful coloring skills. It looks awesome.
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    Episode 241

    I disagree. Have you read Berserk at all?! Guts not AS STRONG AS Skullknight!!? What about all those apostles and monsters he's taken on by himself 8) And Skullknight, we don't really know for sure what he was like when he was human anyway. As for Guts, I doubt he'd end up a cripple or...
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    Art Work

    You did an awesome job coloring this. Really impressive, however, there is not enough blood for my taste. I want MORE blood! ;D You said you did it really fast, so I understand but maybe you can do something about that in the finished product? :) Oh and, for some reason the flesh color is not...
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    Presidential Canidates

    I vote for Bob.
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    Griff's Colors

    Re:"Funeral for a Thorn Bird" Finale Of course I have good taste, can't you see who my man is? ;)
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    Griff's Colors

    Re:Somebody print this on a shirt for me. HAHAHA....That is awesome. Pimp Griffith ;D I am loving the mustache! ~ :-\
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    Water and Laptops

    Remember the chocolate-vodka milk incident? Too bad that crap doesn't evaporate :-\ Oh man, this one night, I was really drunk and my boyfriend ;D was mixing chocolate milk with vodka right next to my laptop!! I knocked it all over my laptop and the whole keyboard was sticky for about a...
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    Griff's Colors

    Re:"Funeral for a Thorn Bird" Finale NO! How dare you! I say that because it is awesome (really, I like the drawing and I couldn't do what you've done with it) and because you are the best Berserk nerd ever :-*
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    Griff's Colors

    Re:"Funeral for a Thorn Bird" Finale I like it...A LOT. :P
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