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    Your plans for the future

    Okaaayyy, let's see here: I just got promoted to 3rd degree black belt in tang soo do and 2nd degree black belt in hapkido. I'm starting to see if I can start a park district program, so I guess I'm still on track there. I'm still employed at the same place, and even got a promotion (not much...
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    Mass Effect 3 [Spoilers]

    I wouldn't have minded if I had gotten this ending. :ganishka: :farnese: is that a bad thing?
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    Stupid Stuff We Really Want

    Anything and everything you ever wanted to know about diesel engines <-since I work for Navistar this is something that is just a dream reference book to have, but that price… :magni: Also...
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    Resident Evil 6

    Anyone ready to pony up +$1200 to live out their ultimate Leon cosplay fantasies? :troll: Say it ain't so! :magni: EDIT-fixed the link :schnoz:
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    Movies you've recently watched

    The last one I saw was 借りぐらしのアリエッティ (or The Secret World of Arriety for the UK/US release), a nice, beautiful little movie. Very relaxing to just kick back and watch. :serpico: Ninja edit - forgot The Borrowers was the title of the novel, not the movies :farnese:
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    SK Net Pets

    He's about 3-4 yrs old, he's actually a stray cat that a friend of mine picked up and kept for a few months. She decided to donate it because he was driving her dog nuts and couldn't keep it under control. :mozgus:
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    1/6 Berserk Guts Berserker (wolf) Armor version custom figure WIP

    This is seriously really cool. Just reading through, your attention to detail is incredible! Can't wait for more updates! :beast:
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    What Are You Playing?

    I've been pouring a lot of hours into the Sins of a Solar Empire:Rebellion beta, even though my favorite faction, the Vasari, haven't been made playable yet. :judo: Hurry up Ironclad, show me the good stuff!! :daiba: Between the massive fleets, starbases (TEC loyalists can have multiple...
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    SK Net Pets

    My "new" cat (although I've had him for more than a year now), Royce: FYI, the two cats I had posted on the first page of this thread have passed away, but Royce still carries on the torch!! :judo:
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    Berserk Saga Project News

    Per-ordered my blu-ray copy, now anxiously waiting :ubik:
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    What Are You Playing?

    I've been addicted to Mount & Blade: Warband for so long, and now I find myself dividing my time between M&B, Arkham City, Battlefield 3, and the XBA remake of Guardian Heroes (oh, Sega Saturn, how I've missed you!). My sleepy time is getting severely compromised lately… :troll:
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    Episode 316

    I've missed the last few episodes (the last one I read was ep. 312), but I'm glad this episode wasn't too hard to catch up with. Very interesting stuff, I find it very concerning that Guts keeps going into Berserk mode at almost every sign of trouble. :beast: Also, glad to see the Moonlight...
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    What are you listening to? (general music thread)

    涙そうそう by Begin
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    Changes to the artwork from the prepublication to the volumes

    Just a note on the sound effects, to me they are just the background noise of the ocean waves washing up against the seashore. "Za-zaaaa" or "Za---nn..." is a rough way of translating the onomatopoeia. This same sound effect occurs when Schierke goes crying into Guts' bosom (vol. 28 as well)...
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    Episode 308

    ^^It does show them avoiding the shots by submerging... :rakshas: Anyway, it would be a sick sort of irony if the ones that possessed the ship were the same ones that were abandoned by the pirates in the previous engagement with the Sea Horse. Just another insult to injury, I suppose. Looking...
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