Aazealh's Educational Test of Berserk Knowledge

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Welcome! I'm proud to introduce this new exclusive SK.net feature: the Educational Test of Berserk Knowledge! As some of you may already know, this is a very old project. I came up with the idea back in 2003 and have been working on it on and off over the years. Mostly off, obviously. It was delayed for various reasons, sometimes because of technical limitations but mostly because of procrastination. Originally there were supposed to be 3 quizzes of increasing difficulty, but as months and then years passed by I had to cut to the chase so I could release something.

I've finally decided to launch it after waiting so long and am eager to let you guys enjoy it. Below you will find a link to the test itself and a series of quick Q&A that should tell you all you need to know about it. Please note that you need Adobe Flash Player in order for the quiz to work. For any additional questions or general feedback and to see the leaderboard, please head over to the dedicated discussion thread.

Questions & Answers

What is Aazealh's Educational Test of Berserk Knowledge?

In short, it's a quiz. But it's not your average quiz: it's dynamic. That means everytime you take it the questions will be different. You'll be asked various questions about the Berserk manga, its author and all of what it has spawned since it was created (video games, animated series, etc.). Your goal is to pass the test and prove that you know enough about Berserk to call yourself a fan.

What are the rules?

You have 5 minutes to answer 30 questions. You should do this by yourself, without preparation and without any exterior help or reference. The goal is to evaluate your knowledge, not how fast you can look something up. When you finish the test, you'll see your score and be told whether you passed or failed. The test is set so that you need to at least get 27 questions right out of 30 to pass.

There is no limit to the number of times you can take the test. By all means you're encouraged to do it all day long; the ultimate purpose being that you learn while having fun. You're not expected to win the first time you take it, in fact I don't think it's even possible. Your aim is only to succeed one day down the road. Whether it takes an hour or a month is irrelevant.

What are the requirements for taking the test?

You should have read the Berserk manga up to volume 34 and have some knowledge of general Berserk trivia (things like who the author is).

What if I'm not sure which source to trust?

The Japanese volumes of the manga are always the first reference. In doubt, trust them over Young Animal, the anime, anything.

I'm not sure what input is authorized for some questions.

The simplest way is the best. Correct spelling is a must. Misspelling something will count as a wrong answer. Don't use punctuation. Capitalizing doesn't matter either way. To give you an example, if you're asked what is the first volume of the manga, the answer should be "1".

What if I don't like the spellings you're using for the characters' names?! Maybe that's why I'm not winning!

Then you're in luck, for I made it so you can use the original names for characters and places. That's right, if you simply refuse to write down "Guts", feel free to enter "ガッツ" instead. That being said, I was careful to plan for variations on names the spelling of which we're not sure, and the spellings we commonly use around here won't be a problem.

What do I win?

My respect (you should be honored) and bragging rights. You passed the test. Did whatshisname pass it? You can even put your score in your signature or make it into a bumper sticker or something.

How can I prove I got the score I did?

Make sure to enter a name we will recognize at the beginning of the test, and once you've done, click the "Submit Results" button. That will allow us to verify your score and enter it in the leaderboard if it's high enough.

It's too hard!

Nah. Just keep at it, you'll get better in no time. Remember that this was originally the easier test out of 3 I had planned. Don't shame yourself.

It's too easy!

Yeah, I know. Maybe when enough people will have passed this test that it will have become obsolete I'll make a harder one.

I won, what now?

Congratulations! But were you 100% correct? If not, try to be. True victory will only be achieved the day you get a perfect score ten times in a row. The shorter the time it took you the better as well.


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Quick update to let you guys know that I've upgraded the quiz to make it more modern. No more Flash required, it's all HTML 5 now and compatible with all kinds of devices and screen formats.
Note however that submitting results directly isn't possible anymore. And the questions are still the same, nothing has changed on that side.
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