Another Skull Night/Void theory..

First of all, hi to everyone! I've been reading this blog for the past few months (I know it's nothing compared to some/most of you here), and I wanted to express my gratitude for something like this to exist. I'm amazed by the in depth analyses and the ideas and etc of the Berserk readers around, and thank you all for making a community like this.

Secondly, to not make my post bigger than it has to be, as I think it'll be big anyway, I wanted to jump right in to the topic of SK and Void. I know there are a lot of theories, and I haven't had the chance to read all of them yet, or to listen to podcasts, which I'm both looking forward to, and of course, if my theory exists already somewhere, I'd be happy to be provided by a link or something as I am very curious of it.

I know this is all speculation, and that my knowledge of Berserk is not near to any of you here (I've read it all twice, so it's really not even a competition), but that is exactly why I wanted to write my theory, to see if it can be possible in any way, and maybe for some other ideas pouring in so that it can spread, and, even more importantly, to see if/why it can't be possible, where and how am I wrong, the clues/stuff I've missed, as I'm sure you guys will see it a lot better than I did.

So anyway, here it goes.

Theory 1 is a theory where I've been thinking how interesting it would be if Void was King Gaiseric, and he started his own kingdom, with the SK as an antagonist to this.
My idea is this - before the Idea of Evil existed, there was humanity of course. Humanity without an Idea of Evil, so possibly without Evil, i.e. with an Idea of Good of some sort.
Having become king, Gaiseric/Void started doing things for his own benefit, made the Cult (the brands on the corpses etc) which later would turn in to the Holy See. Seeing how Gaiseric will make the world worse, some sort of Good God Hand (or any kind of divine entity i.e. Idea of Good) derived SK as the antagonist to this bad stuff happening.
SK comes, and takes Gaiserics place, effectively ending his domination, putting him in to the Tower of Conviction.
The Idea of Evil is born tho, through the Cult that Gaiseric made, 1080 years ago.
216 years+, the Eclipse happens, sacrificing the Cult people, and putting a brand on it's original enemy (SK) and ascends Gaiseric the tortured as Void. SK loses his body in the proces of either trying to kill Gaiseric turning in to Void, or maybe by trying to (somehow) destroy the Idea of Evil, and I like the idea that the Witch puts him in the armor, and the story continues of SK forever hunting Idea of Evil/Void/maybe all of God Hand.

Theory 2 is rather more in line with the general thinking of SK being King Gaiseric, and Void being the Mage, starting his own Cult/religion. After King Gaiseric gets to power, the Mage starts to make all sort of troubles with his magic for the people to rebel or be unsatisfied. The Idea of Evil is born, with all the people hating on Gaiseric thinking he's the bad guy. Gaiseric imprisones the Mage, everyhing returns to its blisfull state, but the Idea of Evil is already born through the cult and the wheels are in motion. 216 years later - Void happens.

I base my first theory mostly on "there had to be something before the IoE, and it's kind of logical for it to be a IoG" and the fact that if Gaiseric was so good and cool and all that, why wasn't his kingdom a utopia? The mainstream theory doesn't really provide that answer (correct me if I'm wrong I'd really appreciate it!) so I very much like this idea of Gaiseric being Void. Everyone's talking about similarities between SK and Gaiseric (which are there), but there are similarities with Void as well, he too has the skull shaped head, and if we disregard his tortured look, he might as well have been Gaiseric, or not?

My questions for eveyone are mostly for the first theory, and I'm looking forward to debating and hearing your opinions and learning new stuff...the thing about Berserk is that you can always learn something new, and I love that.

And finally, if anyone were to ask, I don't have evidence to any of my claims or ideas, that's all they are. And I'm not really looking for evidence for my theories, I'm interested in evidence why they're not good, and if those evidence are scarce, I'd be interested in how would people with more knowledge than I have apply my theory in a way that it can co-exist with what we know.

Thank to all and any of you who will read this and answer, I'm looking forward to it!
Thanks! And thanks for the reply.

How doesn't it work, the IoE being born 1080 years ago with the cult, and Void being born 216 later, that is 864, until then he was Gaiseric, i.e. the "about a thousand years ago" being when he appeared and made the whole world his, giving birth to IoE in the process, 1080 = about a 1000 years ago.

Yea, I thought someone might read it like that, but that's not really what I meant :D you know, Guts has a skull, but his head isn't really skull shaped. Sorry, I don't know how to explain better I hope you get what I'm saying, with Void and SK it's like they have almost no facial features other than the Skull.

I like the questions, thanks! 1) There doesn't, but if IoE was born out of people's wish to explain the misery, than isn't it logical that there was something in people's minds before IoE? To me it is. and 2) To me it sounds the best, if evil in a way doesn't exist and doesn't happen (just that it does but isn't seen as such), or at least needs no reasoning, than it's easiest to be explained by "for the greater good" (as we see in religions today "the lord works in misterious ways").
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