Berserk Trading Card Game fan site


kono sekai ni wa
Hello there,
as I'm still looking to complete my Trading Card Collection, I often browse the web for cards for sale and found this site created in July 2016.
Please have a look if you want to contribute for his missing cards or if you need to deal with him to find your missing cards.
Site only show the cards an some other elements such as promotion cards secret cards...
The web master told me he was very surprised that people out of Japan were interested in his site and especially a french guy like me :)
He thought no one would ever look his site, he only made it because he used to want to do it and since the new TV series is out he finally make the effort.

Hope you'll enjoy the site as I do, and let's hope he adds some more information/details too



kono sekai ni wa
Or google translate it :)
I managed to deal with site owner thanks to google translation.
Bought him lots of cards Tirade didn't have for sale last time I managed to talk to him. (Tirade helped me a lot to get lots of cards I was missing, and I also helped him grab some autographed cards or complete holo sets from yahoo auction)
I sent him emails in english though. He also had to translate to japanese to understand my messages.
Site owner won't sale to foreign people unless you use his yahoo auction account with a deputy/proxy service.
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