Corkus - Cynical or Correct? *debate*


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Stumbled on this post from another board I go to.. figured I'd paste it here to see how the SK masses reacted to it:
One of the characters that got widely forgotten. Was it for his load mouth and flammable temper? Or perhaps because behind his whining, he was actually a realistic soldier who had swallowed a lot of pride to be in the hawks. The thing with him is that he is always right in his own mind and not afraid to tell the world what he and, most often are really thinking of the situation the Hawks are in. With him, you get what you see. A lot of people find that offensive and rude in a person, but for me, someone who has a lot to say should be listened to. I personally find him fascinating. Here you have a man who has experience of life and know it's cruelty and cannot stand people making the same idiot mistakes and decisions he might have made. Like Guts.

In the scene where Corkus and Guts are having a heated conversation, he accuses Guts of being a dreamer and that he is nothing like Griffith, therefore he can never be his equal. Which is true in some cases. He has followed the Hawks from the start and seen how Griffith has dealt with a lot of toil and pain, just to achieve his dream. If that's the case, why does he not accuse Griffith of being a dreamer too? Simple. Corkus appreciated that Griffith's dream would benefit all those around him, at least it did until the Eclipse, especially a leader like Corkus. It's natural of him not to question Griffith; after all, it was because of Griffith the hawks ended up where they were. He cannot understand why Guts dreams of being Griffiths equal, mainly because he used to be like Guts.

Judea tells us of how when he was young, Corkus was the leader of a small band of thieves before he joined the Band of the Hawks. He also tells us that once upon a time, Corkus might have wanted to earn something by himself, no matter how small his band of thieves was. Corkus wanted to win something for himself.. but he never did. This could explain more why he is so angry and annoyed at the fact someone like Guts, who might reminds Corkus of his younger self, wants something like that. In reality, Corkus learn it's impossible. The harsh fact he states is that only certain people can earn something for themselves, and not any old soldier could, especially not Guts. He states how the common folk have to achieve it with years of hard work and labour, once again this could be a portrayal of his past, and that a dream is "only a crutch for the weak to stave off the truth. Living an impossible dream is worse than being an idiot". His bitterness could be at the fact the hawks beat his band and he was forced to give up his dream and latch on to something he would get gain from, Griffith dream.

I personally believe Corkus admires Griffith, because Griffith's dream was a wake up call for Corkus on how someone like him could never gain such treasures. It educated Corkus, and that is why his allegiance to Griffith is solid and also could be why he loathes Guts. Guts had an apparent effect on Griffith, which made Corkus insanely hateful towards Guts. It is more than likely jealousy due to the fact Guts is not only a much better soldier, but also might be in denial that Guts has something Corkus never had, Griffiths attention and maybe, just that something special to actually become Griffiths equal.

Perhaps I am way off course about all of this, but I just don't think Corkus is appreciated enough for his opinions and way of thinking. This debate is pre-eclipse, so can we talk more about the events before, rather than after Corkus' departure. Feel free to put any opinions forward. This board needs a good rant ;)
Well what else can be said this is a great explaination and i do agree with the majority of the message...

I personally did not like him very much, but I liked how he was his own person who was able to express what he though no matter how many people opposed him on the subject.
i think corkus was there for a tad bit of humor,

and of course i think the main

reason was to put someone against guts

in the hawks,

if not for corkus, everyone would be

happy happy

joy joy

and it would be rather boring,

what seems like to me is that he wanted a

more than normal life with extras,

like he would say

i think me

i want life

i think me

i want a house and i wife

i wanna shimmy shimmy

ooooooo -

the corkus shimmy!! ;D

excellent, smithers


- c


Oh, nevermind...
Wow man, whoever wrote that post is an absolute genius in my opinion. I always had a soft spot for Corkus, partly because many people really dislike him, and partly because I always interpreted his hate towards Guts as being triggered by insecurity more than anything, which made me pity him somewhat.

I think seeing Guts going for his dream reminded him of his failure when it came to his own ambitions, and that sparked his jealosy. I think that if guts was just another "follower" like all the other Hawks, Corkus would have just ignored him, but Guts' independence, coupled with Griffiths admiration for that quality in Guts, probably made Corkus qiuestion his own worth as a human being. Afterall, what do Guts and Griffith share that is so unique? He must have asked himself that question a lot.

Other than this there's not much I can add to the earlier post.
i havent read this thread since i posted,

i didnt know someone said i was a genius ;D

anyways, i always thought he was funny in the manga and the anime,

but who wants to listen to a genius :D

goodnight all 8)

- c


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10-4 said:
i havent read this thread since i posted,

i didnt know someone said i was a genius ;D

anyways, i always thought he was funny in the manga and the anime,

but who wants to listen to a genius :D

goodnight all 8)

- c
he was talking about uriel not u :S
well everything was going ok,

i was explaining my thoughts on corkus and how he was just a normal jackass,

then i sung a cool song,

and i was reffered to as a genius, which made me all happy ;D,

only to have my confidence shattered :-[,

but thats ok,

when i go to a new board on my 3rd post ill trash someone and feel almighty ;D,

anyways, corkus is 50/50,

cynical, and correct,

what do you think about that?

take that to the bank and cash it,

and while youre at it,

see if you can get out of the hole with a shovel,

yup, that common sense always kicks in 8)

- c
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