creating flame


*gasp* you know how hot I am? *no.*
I know it's totally against the idea of "shootin' the breeze" but I felt summarizing would be good. Maybe it'll be a warning list of what should never come up again. *including posts like this one I just started*

What do you think is the most heated-up topics in the general section so far?

Actually, the first thing I remember was "Where's Caska's ass?" before those many threads about
"I want the translation!" "I want the scan!" "where can I find the scan?" "I want the scan!" "where can I buy the manga?" and "Do you have the scan?"


*cowers before admins beat the shit out of me*


Berserk forever
haha~ interesting topic indeed.
I think icefall's "Cowboy Bebop: Knockin' on Heaven's Door" is the hottest topic(91replies) in the general section so far though I didn't join that topic.

and I'm very curious where your gorgeous icon comes from? ::)
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