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  • I've finally finished my translation of Miura's interview in the Artwork of Berserk book. Miura defined Berserk as "a manga of the 1980s" that hadn't changed for more than thirty years, never following the current trends. He even said that long time readers were his companions. All of his comments are so interesting and impressive.

    I'm a bit sad to have reached the end of this final big interview he did, but this is just the beginning. He left many interviews behind and I'm happy to be able to work on them. :guts:
    In the interview from The Artwork of Berserk, Miura said he wanted to be healthy so that he could keep drawing for a long time. However, he was bothered that his working time was reduced because he exercised and lived healthily. He was always obsessed with the publication. It broke my heart to read that. It's because he worked so much that we have such a high quality manga.
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