Episode 322

Draculoid said:
I don't believe the Sea God is aware of Guts intrusion personally unless it was pr oven shown somewhere i missed. Guts simply went right inside his mouth and he snapped down. There was that cut in the stomach but maybe the Sea God can't feel it, it would be cool if it's behaviour was having something to do with the ritual and more information on that was found out (and maybe moonlight boy?).
I think the Sea God is quite aware of Guts. I don't think it could see Guts before the eyes opened on its heart, but then again we don't know much about what it can or can't do. And I doubt very much the cut Guts made in its stomach went unnoticed.

Draculoid said:
Do you think it is safe to assume that mesh of sea creature tentacles is "Sea God- Inner" final boss? Also assuming there is a yet to be revealed main tentacle head)
I'm not sure why you're using video game terminology for this, but I think the heart is key to defeating the Sea God. I think Guts will eventually get help from the merrows, but he didn't work his way through the Sea God's anatomy over the last few episodes for nothing.

As for whether or not there will be a "head" to the thing, who knows? I imagine the outside of the Sea God will look pretty cool (this is Miura we're talking about), but I doubt significant damage can be done to it without. I think the merrows are going to have to seal it again, unless the Moonlight Boy has some part to play besides observer.

Th3Branded0ne said:
And Guts' sword shall be known as "The God Slayer" :iva:
I like it! :guts:


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Gobolatula said:
Seriously, I have no fucking idea how Guts is gonna kill that thing and escape safely. If he kills the Sea God, it's probably going to collapse, with Guts inside. Imagine if that thing starts sinking. Guts is gonna have to chop his way out quickly. I really do feel like Guts is in danger.
Yeah, I've been wondering the same actually. Might be a close call. Maybe Isma will come to his aid?

Draculoid said:
Great episode! So it's hearts beating faster/strangely? Closer to the climax of the ritual?
Dude, haven't I already told you not to hold on so dearly to the idea of a ritual? There's no "ritual" anymore. No ritual even took place. The "villagers" wanted to sacrifice people to celebrate the day but it looks like it was pure form. The Sea God clearly didn't need it. Like Gaahl said, the heart beats faster because the Sea God is exerting itself: breaking out from its prison at last and preparing to obliterate the Sea Horse.

Draculoid said:
Do you think it is safe to assume that mesh of sea creature tentacles is "Sea God- Inner" final boss?
See what Rhombaad said. This isn't a video game.
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