Episode 364


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he is the perfect being

I would not say Femto is a "perfect being". Probably not even from the point of view of Griffith when he was human.

he is actually a pure being, resembling that of elves, he is to put it simply a child.

It's a mistake to equate the fact his Od is similar to elves to him merely being a child. Like Danan says, he's not an ordinary boy.

it actually makes me wonder about episode 358 because in that episode he says something like" this night.. yet again" and he transforms, maybe there could be a double meaning there, he's saying again i will fall into a deep dream and become him again, and maybe he is thinking yet again i will feel those warm feelings.

Why would Femto care to feel the emotions of the boy? That's contrary to how you describe him yourself. Besides, when he's talking about the warmth he had missed, he's referring to the boy, not himself. I mean, even as a human, Griffith didn't exactly care to "be embraced". And he thinks those thoughts as Charlotte lays in his bed, too.

At the hill of swords Griffith wanted to confirm to himself if he still feels something towards Guts, and he was right he didnt feel anything, but in that moment we also get the reveal of the boy and him sharing the body, i feel this wasn't a coincidence having these moments so close, he reaffirmed his belief that his heart was indeed frozen, but the boy had yet to really take over his body yet, i think it was foreshadowing something that the boy would maybe thaw out his frozen heart little by little.

Actually you're missing the point of that scene. At that time, Griffith feels his heart beating as the boy sees his father fight Zodd. That's when he realizes the boy still exists within him, and that he feels for his parents. Then there's the even more shocking scene of him saving Casca, again due to the boy. That's actually what prompts him to leave. So it's never been about Griffith and always about the boy. That's why this scene at the end of episode 364 isn't as revolutionary as some people think. It's visually striking and very powerful as a result, but the new information it reveals (that Griffith feels the emotions of the boy for a fleeting moment as he takes back the body) isn't groundbreaking.

More importantly, I must point out that you're completely overlooking the cruelty of Femto towards the boy in that scene. Imagine what the kid must feel like as he's suffocated into the recesses of his mind while Femto reasserts power. That's his tears you see on Griffith's face. His despair. And this is really what Griffith's comment is all about: that all of the boy's feelings disappear immediately when he gets back in control. He's basically saying that he himself is unaffected by them, save for that one streak of tears. This is meant to emphasize the tragedy of this situation for Guts and Casca's son, not to fuel fantasies about Femto becoming a nice person.

to get back to the final episode i know those are not Griffiths feelings but Griffith for a fleeting moment during all the times the boy has transformed is feeling emotions from that child, he shares his body with a pure heart, ive always thought this could lead to some amazing things in Griffiths final moments this can be the key to him finally regaining a semblance of himself again in the end, as Griffith he realises what he has done and what his dream and his ambitions has lead to, this is one way for Griffith to have an emotional death

I can guarantee you this would never happen. The dramatic tension regarding Griffith right now is all about the boy. Can the boy survive the destruction of Femto? That's emotional. Just imagine the impossible dilemma this would have provided for Guts and Casca. Could Guts' revenge justify the death of his own son? In a way, it's the point of having them cohabit in that body. It makes the prospect of Griffith's death extremely riveting because we don't know what would happen to the kid, and wouldn't until the very end.

this is one way for Griffith to have an emotional death, i see in this moment a single tear of blood in Guts dead eye, i dont think guts will actually be emotional in that moment but his eye will cry blood, a final tear of blood for his friend which i would think would be really fitting because it resembles both emotion and pain. many people say no Griffith will remain cold and evil until the end and that he will remain a monster, Griffith has done horrible things, and yes he probably doesnt deserve to be redeemed that's not what i really want, but i want Griffith for one moment, a fleeting moment if you will were he remembers his old feelings and cries as griffith not as the boy.

Honestly I don't know what to tell you. If you think both Guts and Femto will cry of sadness when the latter dies, then you're hopelessly deluded. Griffith is not Guts' friend. He's his sworn enemy, and outside of flashbacks Guts has spent the entire series hating him. As for Femto, he absolutely is remorseless and beyond redemption. To think he would feel regret for what he did at the end... Not only does it not fit his character, but it's been shown to be an impossibility in the manga. As a human being, Griffith was a nuanced character with redeeming traits. But that man ceased to be during the Eclipse. His last act was an unforgivable, unredeemable offering of his comrades as sacrifices so he could be reborn as Femto. And as Femto, a deeply evil being, he is not prone to sentimentality over the people he's sacrificed.

And, you know, even as a man, Griffith's pride did not allow him to become "lesser", to accept a simple life with his dream forgotten. He did not yield. So for him to cry as he lay dying at Guts' feet? What a monumental humiliation that would be, a travesty of his character. One last thing: Griffith's death could be emotional for the reader without him weeping and telling Guts he's sorry. Just like the two of them could have a meaningful last exchange that doesn't require Femto to somehow becoming remorseful and sad.
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