First Berserk Cosplay?



Here's a nice costume for gatsu.... nobody is in it but it's still good...
heh, you were at otakon? hehe so was i, cosplaying alucard from hellsing. my cousin was cosplaying gatts. Here's him me and another cousin who was a last-minute spike from bebop.

oh, and here's some other guy i found a pic of online:

PS: dave's DS is made of pine, thing is fun to swing around! :D

edit: dangit! one letter wrong and i get some american singles bs....
here's the first link:
Well I figured I should let you guys laugh. This was taken two years ago, right when we got our glimps of griffith's new look. All I can say is if you cosplay in an armor, watch our for electrical outlets.

I should probably remake the armor one of these days and actually finish it heh.



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The Dragon Slayer said:
And how often do you change your avatar, Uriel?​
When I make something better... I'm guessing I'll have this one for a long time, cuz it's the best drawing of Griffith yet!


This journey isn't ov--AARGH!
AdMiRaL AcKbAr said:
I hop thats the not you cause if it is you are pafetic!
Well, I'm taller, male, got facial hair and bigger feet... and considering I took the photo... it couldn't really be me. Moron.
Is this more a nude or a Beserk cosplay attraction?
Anyway am I the only to find the manga cosplay idea, and not only, suckinglly ugly?


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Maybe because the Japanese love blonde hair and what not. There are a lot of younger Japanese that have blonde hair...for some it does them good for others.... well.... yea... :-X


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Adamh411 said:
Is cosplay supposed to look like ass? because all of these costumes look ridiculous
When cosplay is good, it's really fun to see all the costumes and the work the cosplayers put into them. When cosplay is bad it's, um, still really fun to see all the costumes and the work the cosplayers didn't put into them.

When I was at Otakon a few years ago, my boyfriend and I took just as many pictures of the hilariously bad, shitty costumes as the good ones. But I would say 70% of them did look like ass. Just like the ones Zanza posted above. God. I'm embarrased for Sanosuke. I don't mean the cosplayer. I mean the character. :-X
My husband went to AX as Guts (Millenium Falcon)! Here's some pics of the armor and him wearing it.

Here's some pics of him wearing it

He's also pictured in issue 09 of the Japanese magazine Cosmode! ^_^

I'm not good at making crap so I had this whole outfit cutsom made for him. I will be cosplaying as Griffith (Millenium Falcon version), but for next year's Anime Expo. My griffith armor is going to be custom made by the same person who did the Guts' armor for me.
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