FS: Berserk volumes 1-34, Lone Wolf & Cub 1-28, and more! Free shipping!!



Well, I'm moving next year, so it's with great sadness that I am unloading most of my personal library - including my beloved Berserk - to raise money for the relocation.

Let my pain be your gain! Free shipping to all US locations on all purchases.

Here's what I have:

* Berserk volumes vol 1-34 $199
You know what this is. Here's your chance to own and cherish the greatest manga ever created.

* Lone Wolf and Cub vol 1-28 $139
My second favorite manga of all time after Berserk. Truly epic and deeply human. I haven't cried in 12 years but found myself truly moved on several occasions

* Samurai Executioner vol 1-10 $39
From the Lone Wolf & Cub author/artist - focused on crime stories in Japan about 300 years ago

* Path of the Assassin vol 1-15 $59
Also from the Lone Wolf & Cub author/artist. Covers the struggle to unify Japan 400 years ago, full of battle, political intrigue, and sex.

* Preacher vol 1-9 $59
Garth Ennis's best work. Full of hilarious moments and memorable characters (Starr tops it IMO with the Allfather being close behind)

* Alias vol 1-4 $29
written by the excellent Brian Bendis

Send me a PM or email me at eric2phan@hotmail.com to reserve your choice. First come, first serve! Will ship upon payment (can be check, money order, or Paypal)


praise be to grail!
Are you moving out of the country? I'm gonna say keep Berserk, at least... but then again, to anyone that doesn't own this series, you're looking at not even $6 per book, which is a fantastic deal I'd say. Got an eBay link or anything?
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