FS: Berserk volumes 1-34, Lone Wolf & Cub 1-28, and more! Free shipping!!



Here's what I have for sale:

6/13/13 (updated to reflect the sold items)

* Lone Wolf and Cub vol 1-24 $149
My second favorite manga of all time after Berserk. Truly epic and deeply human. I haven't cried in 12 years but found myself truly moved on several occasions :judo:

* Samurai Executioner vol 1-10 $49
From the Lone Wolf & Cub author/artist - focused on crime stories in Japan about 300 years ago

* Path of the Assassin vol 1-15 $69
Also from the Lone Wolf & Cub author/artist. Covers the struggle to unify Japan 400 years ago, full of battle, political intrigue, and sex. :ganishka:

Free shipping to all continental US locations on all purchases. :ubik:

Email me at ericphan@outlook.com to reserve your choice. First come, first serve! Will ship upon payment (can be check, money order, or Paypal)
Okay, so maybe this was a strange inclination to have, but I decided to check out your profile, and you've been registered here since 2005. You have two posts. You made one two and a half years ago. It is almost word for word the same as this one. I just thought that was weird is all (and for some maybe off-putting).
i was thinking the same. 200$ shipped for vol. 1~34 is something too good to be truth from a two post menber.

I got burned here once, and i will not fell into a possible trap again.
Hmmmmm, pretty good deal on the Berserk books, already have them. But....I wouldn't mind having the Lone Wolf and Cub set. Where are you located?


BerserkMJM - yep, those are my two posts. I didn't get any responses last time (!) so I held on to it. I'm gonna get it this time though. :azan: (I did cut & paste that previous post, but you gotta give me the credit for the emoticons)

AndrewDSZ - I'm legit, here is my further info:

http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=34010729&trk=tab_pro (former CPA)
http://www.amazon.com/gp/shops/storefront/index.html?ie=UTF8&marketplaceID=ATVPDKIKX0DER&sellerID=A1KMSA1HTCPMAP (feel free to buy anything from here btw)

I started reading Berserk at age 22 back in 2004 (hence the 2005 registration). I'm now 31 and while I love Berserk, I feel like I've outgrown manga/anime/comics and so I'm unloading my stuff (2.5 years ago, I was 29 and I felt the same, except that I kept reading it in spite of my resolution - now I've even stopped reading Walking Dead, Invincible, All-New X-Men, etc)

Rockvoanjd - I'm shipping from Springfield, VA

Rakuran - I'd like to be able to accommodate you but I'm selling as a set.

sorry for the late reply all; I just checked this now (thought that people would PM me directly or email me)
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