[FS] Very rare statues : "Guts: Horse Riding"(2001) - Griffith on Horse (2006)

With my greatest regret, I decided to sell this rare statue of At Of War: The first "Guts: Horse Riding" and Griffith (Hawk Soldiers) Horse Riding

As you can see from the pictures, the statue is perfect, except for a small damage to the horse's tail.

Size:40 cm(H) x38 cm (W) x 20 cm(D)
Realese 2001
Serial Number 039/200


Griffith (Hawk Soldiers) Horse Riding Sculpture (Exclusive: Judeau Bust)

Size: 40 cm (H) x 23 cm (W) x 17 cm (D)
Realese 2006
Serial Number : 067/300


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