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Akin said:
*peaks his head out from the shadows* Hrm.. not many posts... normally we would be on at least page 5 by now...  this dry spell must have killed some members... that or they killed themselves from that the depression that withdraw causes... hrm...
I'll tell you why. We all know that Berserk is different from what it was a few volumes ago, which to me at start didn't seem too bad, it's just that I'm dying to see Gatts back into business again... it's killing me!

Real Berserk fans of course still wait for the new chapters every week, but what to me is a setback is that there are no scanlations anymore (that I know of), you may call me a nagging bitch, but I find scanlations so much easier to read than anything raw with translations, the difference is enormous.

And of course the temptation of other manga, I myself am also reading Naruto and Bleach, and chapter 245 of Naruto (or was it episode? or is that only with Berserk... omg it's so confusing!) was finally released after 3 months of agony.

Of course I will still come here once in a while to check out the latest episode of Berserk, because I doubt Naruto or Bleach can ever throw it of its throne... :)


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We need to actually make one of those narrated chapter scanlations in flash I once joked about. I'll even do the character's voices, and the whole thing will play automatically like a slideshow, so when people ask, "WER TEH SCANSLATES CUZ I CANT READ UNLESS TEH TEXT ES EN TEH BUBBLES! :eek:" we can just send that to them, and they'll be pacified knowing that the pressure of having to decode a complicated mix of words AND pictures (whoa! :eek:) has been taken off their minds.

We'll call it the slideshow for the sideshow. 8)

I had another degrading thought, but I thankfully forgot what it was. =)
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