New Here and Ready to Party

So I guess it was finally time to join a forum. Just call me Rick. I've been on many forums before so I wont be any trouble. I did skimmed the rules just to make sure because many forums have pretty much the same rules with slight differences.

Basic info
Age: 24
Favorite character: Guts
Favorite God Hand: Slan
Manga Status: caught up
97 anime: finished / own
Films: finished / own
2016 / 2017: finished / own
Video games: finished / own
Favorite Apostle: Snake Lord (or however you prefer to call him)
Favorite manga cover(s) : 1 (both original and new), 2, 6, 7, 17, 27, 38
Favorite Arc(s) : Black Swordsman and Golden Age

I feel like Berserk has followed me for a while. When I was a freshmen in high school (in 2008) we had the manga in the library. I didn't read it at the time. I remember following some anime review channels on YouTube in 2010 and watched a video Jesu Otaku made at the time. I don't remember what the topic of the video was but it featured Berserk and what little clips of the Eclipse was shown didn't prepared me for whats to come when I eventually watched the anime. Years went by and we're in 2016 when the new anime came out. I have a steam friend who loves Berserk so I asked him where do I start with the series. Told me to watch the films and if I ended up liking it then read the manga.

We're now in February of 2018, I went on eBay and blindly bought the DVD set of the 1997 anime and that was my introduction of the series. I miss the days when anime was cell animation so I thought "why not". The anime from my first viewing check marked everything I felt was missing from modern anime but it also dragged me into the hole that was the series itself as if it were a trap because I needed to know what happened next. Needless to say, I finished the 97 anime in 1 day. I was hooked. Within the span of a month I've read many volumes digitally from Amazon Kindle, watched the films and 2016 as I was reading. I own the video games which Im kinda sad aren't really talked about much because I really liked them and find them fun. The PS2 game having my favorite design for Guts because it made his hair more realistic and cool because Miura has an art style that changes from time to time. So I really appreciate the attempt of making something original than trying to copy Miura's art because let's face it, Guts has a hard hair style that wouldn't transfer well in a 3D game.

I went to my first anime con in August in my city. Met some Berserk fans there as I wear my brand shirt and people were really digging it. It landed me to join a panel that started at night and met some other fans. I've talked with somebody afterwards and said he is a longtime member here in SK. Said back in the day another member let him borrow the DreamCast and PS2 games. I wonder if he or said member(s) are still here. So after some time I thought of joining to see what the vibe of this place is.

Sorry for writing a novel. I'll go more into detail about many things I originally thought to put on here but decided to leave them for another time for further discussion.
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