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HI all,

Was reading Berserk way back 2005 or so and pretty sure I joined these board or some incarnation, back then, but had to re-register bc email and username from 11 years ago, right.

Don't recall how I first found out about Berserk. Got into the series mainly because of the amazing music in anime series by Susumu Hirasawa, probably half the reason I even watched the anime in the first place. Also as a gay man I found the dynamic presented in Berserk to be surprisingly mature, referring to the three main characters. I was intrigued that Miura could be so subtle in his depictions, and so true to the human range of emotions. I loved that nothing was overdone or too blunt, but that the motivators behind certain actions were so clearly driven. Just thought it was pretty unique in that regard.

Still follow it but with so few new volumes published over these past years I haven't invested much into it.

I was pretty stoked to hear that there was a new (well, new to me, since I'd been out the loop) anime movie trilogy. I picked that up over this weekend and watched it and it brought a lot of memories back. I still have the original anime DVD collection from years ago, and I love that, too, despite its flaws.

I also heard about the new TV series and will be looking forward to that when it's released in the States. Not going to bother watching on CRoll. Would prefer to wait. I'm glad they are doing the next arc and not going all over the Golden Age, again.
Thanks, Aazealh! I think you might have been around back then ... not sure. To see how times have changed! So long ago now it seems but strange things bring people back together to common interests. :)
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