Question about Berserk in Japan

Can anyone tell me how often Berserk is printed in Japan?

I'm not sure if it appears in Young Animal monthly, once a quarter or if it's on a different schedule all together.

Also, how many Berserk tankobon are published each year?


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You could find all that information easily with a simple search man. Even reading the Encyclopedia's FAQ would answer most of what you asked.

Young Animal is a semi-monthly magazine, it's published each second and fourth friday of the month. Berserk's publication has been kind of chaotic recently though and will remain so for a while, that means you won't find Berserk episodes in each issue. In normal times they're released more steadily, with Miura skipping an issue to work on the scenario a few times a year.

As for how often the volumes come out, it's usually twice a year (there'll be a delay this year though, because the publication was halted for four months).
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