Schierke garage kit


kono sekai ni wa
Hi guys
I've seen this schierke unassembled unpainted kit on Yahoo japan auction :schierke:
start price was very interesting so I was wishing to make a bid, then today...24500Y :magni:
darn I wanted it so bad!
So now I'm asking to you guys if you have a link to buy it at a reasonable price or know someone that has the kit and is ok to sale or recast it.
I'm also looking for the
-Puck and Ivalera kit
-Erica kit


kono sekai ni wa
Closing bid 103,000 YEN :isidro:
That is just insane!!!
according to Berserkstatue:

Schierke & Ivalera with Custom Golem
- by Mimyan
- scale 1/6
- limitation < 100
- estimated value of kit alone: $150+

I wish the winner would sell some recasts :/
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