Seeking Berserk Cels

I'm seeking cels from Berserk. Yes, I know they are incredibly hard to come by, and yes I know they are often incredibly expensive. I'm aware of all the Berserk cels that are easily viewed on the net (ebay, YJ, online shops, etc.), and just trying to see if there's anybody here with Berserk cels tucked away somewhere that maybe they might consider letting me make an offer on. I'm aware of the value of Berserk cels, and won't yank your chains (i.e. cost really isn't an issue).

I'm particularly interested in cels that feature Caska in some way, but am also interested in other characters from the series.

You can contact me via PM or email at Also, if anyone here might know of anybody who might be willing to take offers on their Berserk cels, I would greatly appreciate it. :)
handsome rakshas said:
Thanks. :) I'm aware of that seller's cels; in fact, he offered me his Zodd as a trade for one of my Casca cels. But I love Casca way more than Zodd. :)

[quote author=TriFrog]Here's one on ebay express of Casca:
eBay Link[/quote]
Thanks for the link. I'm aware of Silvrdrago's cels as well (he and I have actually fought tooth and nail on one Berserk cel) but I was interested in cels that were either better than his on ebay or perhaps shots of Casca that I had never seen before cel-wise (this newness factor is a plus).

Thanks for the responses so far everybody. :) Although my first post started this thread, I've been a lurker around here for a couple of years now, and the Berserk community is a really good one. :)
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