SkullKast 100 - Flowers of Oblivion (DC Game)


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Sorry to bump, but I didn't think this was worth starting a new thread about. Has there ever been a retranslation of this game's script? The 2000 English version leaves a lot to be desired.

Not a full retranslation, no. The key lines from Zodd were translated here by Olivier back in the day, but I couldn't find them with a cursory search, so I'm going to count on @Walter to post them.

Retranslating the entire game would take quite a bit of work, and the problem is always the same: there is a lot of material that needs translating, but we only have one person (@puella) that's competent and dedicated enough to do it.
I would really love to see a retranslation happen. Someone on DC-Talk has been working on a French subtitles patch for the JP version and it looks like they've figured out a lot of the technical bits. I know a few people in the DC scene who would probably be willing to help out with that aspect if it's something you guys are serious about. I know nothing can really happen without a translated script though, just wanted to put it out there.
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