SkullKast 107 - Gorge (Ep 361)

I could be off, but I just don't get the sense that Skull Knight and Flora's relationship was romantic. Possibly it mirrored how Schierke feels about Guts now, but the subtext between Flora and SK in their scenes together seems more like Flora caring after a dear friend who she's worried about. But of course, it's been up to 1,000 years between them, so... maybe there was something more?
That's why i never typed down the word "love", Flora and Gaiseric could have been, simply friends, two lovers who's love was never allowed to bloom because of the situation they lived in, they might have committed nuclear war on each others genitals at some point (a gentleman never tells) or in some way, Flora, simply might have been the open door in to this whole new magical world to Gaiseric, again who knows...
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