SkullKast 141: Demon Tiger (Vol 30-2)


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Episode 141: Demon Tiger (Vol 30-2) (1h2m)

The re-read continues as the festivities at the Vandimion ball are interrupted by the arrival of an adorable kitten who loves to play. Federico and the Holy See Alliance come face to fogface with Ganishka, and Farnese returns to the fold. Tune in for more of our thoughts on Roderick, Magnifico, the pischacha, and Farnese.

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Really Enjoyed this episode

Love the part where Federico gets Shutdown by Ganishka Really felt like at that moment we were past that stuff The age of darkness and Femto's incarnation just change the world that At some point the people who Doesnt know Magic and these Beings existence Had to know and considering the Future large scale battles that are about to happen in Vritannis its Good that this point in the Manga is where Those unfamiliar with these Stuff Gets face to face with the Reality they are facing