Skullkast 147: Hero (Volume 32-2)


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Episode 147: Hero (Volume 32-2) (1h31m)

Is Griffith hot? Better question: Are angels hot? We delve into this and so much more in our Volume 32 re-read finale. Our hot angel comes face to face with Ganishka, in an oft-referred-to scene that revealed much about the relationship of the God Hand and apostles. This portion of the series also effectively ends the Vritannis section and the Holy See Alliance's hopes of carving up Midland like a delicious duck. Everything fell right into Griffith's hot hot hands, in the end.

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Following our discussion with @Gobolatula I re-checked Griffith's dialogue with Ganishka in volume 32 compared to how he speaks as Femto. He uses the neutral verb form (no masu/desu) in both cases, which isn't surprising given the situation. But like I said on the show, as Griffith in volume 32 he uses certain turns of phrase that Femto wouldn't. Femto doesn't have a lot of lines in the series (mostly in volume 3), so we don't have a ton of references, but to sum it up I'd say he speaks more coldly.