Ways in which Berserk has impacted your life

I'm sure most people on this forum are in agreement that Berserk is the most (or at least one of) powerful and life-changing stories we have experienced.

I have my own examples I will probably post later when I have some more time.

I'm interested in hearing your stories though.

How has Berserk made an influence on your life? It can be as deep or as trivial as you feel like sharing! :guts:
I can talk about many ways in which Berserk has impacted my life, but the main one is that it gives me strenght.

I know it's fiction, but the whole thing about a human overcoming everything, against all odds, fighting monsters outside and inside of himself. He gets hurt every step he takes but he keeps advancing.
Even with the Berserker Armour, he is losing sight, hearing, touch, I guess he can't even take it off by now (maybe they will do something about it now that they are on the island, but hey, he went through it anyway)

I love that about Berserk, I find it very powerful and it helps me, it motivates me a lot.
I'm getting all teary eyes and shit, damnit man! :puck: *cough* yeah big fucking sword killing monsters fuck yeah Guts my man *cough*
Yeah, that's an awesome response. Berserk/Guts definitely does similar things for me.

I think the fact that Guts is vulnerable and compassionate :sad: makes his moments of strength that much more impactful.

I've always felt that this panel does a great job of summing up a lot of what you're talking about.

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