[WTB] Figma God Hand / AOW Guts and Slan / AOW #061 God Hand etc.

I am interested in the following items:
1) Figma Slan for a reasonable price (since it is still available at retail);
2) Figma Casca, but I am very strict about her price (not more than 6-7k yen without shipping) - I often see her on pre-owned section of Ami-Ami for this price.
3) AOW Guts and Slan. There are multiple versions of this statue, but I am fine with any of them.
4) AOW God Hand #061
5) AOW #129 or 119 Puck and Ivalera
6) Lastly, AOW Serpico. I am primarily looking for the painted one, but I'd consider the unpainted. However, I am not sure about buying this one since there are still chances Figma might have this made. But if the price is good, I'll get yours.
Also I'd be interested in Guts and Farnese on the horse fighting shadows (I don't remember the number), but depends on the price (reason - same as Serpico).
Let me know if you have any of these for sale.
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