WTS 20th Anniversary(2015 ed), Guts&Slan first edition, Guts&Casca and more

Hello to my fellow collectors,

I have to sell the most part of my collection due to relocation. Currently everything is packed but I will provide any pictures or a short video by requests and I assure you that everything is in perfect condition and never left my shelves.
Up for sale:

No. 395 Berserk 2015-Limited version II - $SOLD
No. 118 Guts & Slan: God Hand - SOLD
No. 398 Femto: The Birth/1:10 scale *Repaint Version 2015 - SOLD
No. 306 Guts & Casca /1:10 Scale- Red Version - SOLD
No. 357 Berserk -Skull Knight & Beherit- *2014 Brown Eye Version” - 300$
No. 189 Guts Black Swordsman(Exclusive ver. for Volks store) - 100$

I also sell Berserk Figma figures and others, full list available at my MFC profile: https://myfigurecollection.net/collection/rayhato

I will ship via EMS from Moscow, Russia. Most of them have their original Art of War packaging (2 more boxes) except Guts & Slan and Guts & Casca. № 189 have no package or blister (this is how I received it) but I will pack him well.
As for payment I would like to request Western Union because of paypal fees. Paypal is okay now!

With the best regards!
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