Author Topic: FS: Berserk volumes 1-34, Lone Wolf & Cub 1-28, and more! Free shipping!!  (Read 1698 times)

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Here's what I have for sale:

6/13/13 (updated to reflect the sold items)

* Lone Wolf and Cub vol 1-24 $149
My second favorite manga of all time after Berserk.  Truly epic and deeply human.  I haven't cried in 12 years but found myself truly moved on several occasions   :judo:

* Samurai Executioner vol 1-10 $49
From the Lone Wolf & Cub author/artist - focused on crime stories in Japan about 300 years ago

* Path of the Assassin vol 1-15  $69
Also from the Lone Wolf & Cub author/artist.  Covers the struggle to unify Japan 400 years ago, full of battle, political intrigue, and sex.   :ganishka:

Free shipping to all continental US locations on all purchases.   :ubik:

Email me at to reserve your choice.  First come, first serve!  Will ship upon payment (can be check, money order, or Paypal)
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Offline BerserkMJM

Okay, so maybe this was a strange inclination to have, but I decided to check out your profile, and you've been registered here since 2005. You have two posts. You made one two and a half years ago. It is almost word for word the same as this one. I just thought that was weird is all (and for some maybe off-putting).

Offline andrewdsz

i was thinking the same. 200$ shipped for vol. 1~34 is something too good to be truth from a two post menber.

I got burned here once, and i will not fell into a possible trap again.

Offline rockvoanjd

Hmmmmm, pretty good deal on the Berserk books, already have them. But....I wouldn't mind having the Lone Wolf and Cub set. Where are you located?

Offline rakuran

If you're willing to sell just vol 14 of berserk
pm me please


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BerserkMJM - yep, those are my two posts.  I didn't get any responses last time (!) so I held on to it.  I'm gonna get it this time though.   :azan:  (I did cut & paste that previous post, but you gotta give me the credit for the emoticons)

AndrewDSZ - I'm legit, here is my further info:  (former CPA) (feel free to buy anything from here btw)

I started reading Berserk at age 22 back in 2004 (hence the 2005 registration).  I'm now 31 and while I love Berserk, I feel like I've outgrown manga/anime/comics and so I'm unloading my stuff (2.5 years ago, I was 29 and I felt the same, except that I kept reading it in spite of my resolution - now I've even stopped reading Walking Dead, Invincible, All-New X-Men, etc)

Rockvoanjd - I'm shipping from Springfield, VA

Rakuran - I'd like to be able to accommodate you but I'm selling as a set.

sorry for the late reply all; I just checked this now (thought that people would PM me directly or email me)