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Title: Rereading Berserk in a unique way
Post by: avidwriter on March 25, 2008, 02:55:58 AM

Having recently read 21 and having things moving towards another arc I thought I'd go back and read up to right before Mozgus business. However this time while reading I tired to picture it as if I was a director and making a movie or TV series based on the manga. Of course it would be 99% faithful as I would love to see it but it's funny you at least for me how I've seen things from different angles.

Puck is a unique angle, it might be hard to try to capture that probably in CG in a live action setting. You don't want to at least in my opinion take away too much of the seriousness of Berserk in that type of medium. It would be a challenge to be faithful to Puck without it being too silly. That’s only one of the many problems facing someone that might take up this role one day.

Violence. It's very heavy in Berserk and while it's not uncommon the level and amount of it would most likely make it a cable/HBO TV series or obviously an R or even NC-17 movies. The nudity can be a problem in some places too when it's underage but that can be handled with camera angles or just modifying the scene slightly to adjust for that. Rosine for instance would probably have to either be given cloths or just be "neutral" in the sense of no nipples or well you get the idea.

I had many more ideas and things that would prove a challenge but most I don't recall right now and I'm sure it's been done to death. I just wanted to give my take on how I was rereading Berserk it's been interesting to me so far.

As much as I'd like to see a live action Berserk show I know deep down that it would probably be terrible as most things are. One can dream.

** Sorry about any spelling errors in names I tend to do that time to time **

heh also I notice when I'm reading any comics now I tend to read from left to right once and awhlie.