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Berserk Miscellaneous / Berserk NES
« on: December 30, 2008, 11:05:27 AM »
I did some searching around the forums to see if this was posted at some point in the past... it may have been, but if so, I found nothing. So I don't know if this pic is old as sin, or something relatively new.

So without further ado... does anybody have any idea where this came from?

Google and Google Japan returned no discernable results for me.

It's obviously one of two things: first, and most likely, it's a fun mock-up screenshot of a Berserk game done in the early Final Fantasy NES/FC style... or second, it's a collage of actual screenshots from an actual rom hack of one of the NES/FC Final Fantasy games. I can only pray it's the latter, but I'm betting the former. Can anyone shed some light on this? I'm dying of curiosity, and the screenshots are just plain cool.

Creation Station / Boredom + sucky Photoshop skills = ...
« on: June 03, 2006, 08:00:11 AM »
I just started playing this game series last week, and found myself amused by comparing these characters.

I took source material from too many various resolutions/file types, and it ended up with horrid graininess.  Also, I had to basically redraw certain borders around Guts' face, so he looks like a mutant now. :)

BTW, I had no concept whatsoever for this pic... other than placing Berserk heads on Gyakuten Saiban bodies. *shrug*

Manga Mausoleum / Volume 28 release date in Japan?
« on: December 09, 2004, 09:16:12 AM »
Historically, we've learned about the release of a new volume around this time of year. (the past couple of years, it's happened by November...)  So I figured I'd ask, has there been any word on a Volume 28 release? 

If no info has been posted yet, it probably won't be released until Jan-Feb, I'd say... =/

Manga Mausoleum / Volume 27 manga
« on: June 28, 2004, 12:46:55 AM »
Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't we historically know *something*, generally, about the next volume's release by this time of the year?  

One year ago today, volume 25 was released...  and with a release *approximately* every six months, we normally would've heard about volume 27 in April or May sometime, before its release this month.

But it's obviously not coming out this month... perhaps there is a delay of some sort?  Maybe Miura's hideously long break means that 27 will come out sometime before August 27th?

Anybody with solid answers, by all means, come forth and end my conjectures.  ^_^

Current Episodes / Episode 239
« on: April 16, 2004, 08:01:35 AM »

The Special Preview for 239 is up, friends.  

It's chillingly revealing, as usual. ^_-

The title is "Tsukaima".  (does this mean "familiar", as in the type a magician would have?)

Current Episodes / Episode 237
« on: March 19, 2004, 09:14:19 AM »
Chapter 237


Yes, it's that time again already!
Episode 237: Divined Omen

Guts: "Yeah, with all this moonlight...   we're not gonna be getting to sleep anytime soon."


Current Episodes / Episode 236
« on: March 05, 2004, 10:03:52 AM »

Here it is people, thanks to Baku, the scans are up a little earlier. Mine should be up on my Monday (Its saturday night right now). Enjoy, goes up to 20.

Chapter 236


Berserk Miscellaneous / Ragnarok Online: Matyr = Beast?
« on: December 31, 2003, 02:36:07 PM »
Simple topic, no idea if anybody has noticed before, topic search brought up nothing.

There is a critter on Ragnarok Online called a Matyr.  It looks like this:

Does this not look eerily like the Beast?  :P

Current Episodes / Episode 232
« on: December 05, 2003, 04:45:39 PM »
Special Preview GET!

Click on the What's New link that starts with "YA24".

Chapter title: "Kihei".  This could mean "Demon Soldier"... but I'm not sure, since "Kiheitai" means "Cavalry".  Anybody with more Japanese knowledge, any enlightenment?

Looks like the Silatt's buff boily bosom buddies are back in action.  Who could they be giving the boot?  Most people seem to agree on Rakshas, huh... well, we'll find out soon enough. ^^

Berserk Merchandise / Berserk: PS2 Information Thread
« on: September 19, 2003, 05:22:16 PM »
Starting a new thread for this, to avoid dredging up the old one, which also has a lot of pointlessness in it.

The sneak preview for Episode 229 mentions a few minor things:

"At the Tokyo Game Show 2003, you'll be able to experience a work-in-progress version of Berserk for the PS2 at the Sammy booth.  They intend on having playable portions where you can cut through swaths of enemies."

What's the date for the Tokyo Game Show 2003?  Soon, if I remember correctly?  Once it's started, this thread might start filling up with juicy info... *grin*

I certainly hope it's Miura-sanctioned, like the Dreamcast game, and that they hire on Susumu Hirasawa for the music again!  That would really make my day.

Site & Forum News / front page title
« on: April 04, 2002, 08:49:58 PM »
Should this not be "Sasageru", as opposed to "Sasegeru"?


Don't hit me.  ^_^

Speculation Nation / Berserk names, revisited!
« on: May 02, 2002, 02:12:13 PM »
The collective mind of the Berserk fandom has always had trouble answering one burning question:  


Whenever answers to this question are attempted, without fail the people are angered and much bloodshed has always ensued.    :-[

I'd like to avoid that.  What I *would* like to do is this:  Create a list of names in Berserk, and put what we do and don't know together in an organized fashion.

I've ripped a list directly off the FAQ (and deleted names that can't be analyzed), and I will now analyze what I can.

- Guts
Romaji: Guts
Possibilities: Ah, the infamous Guts.  People have suggested Guts, Guts, Guts, Guts, Guts, Guts...
Most likely: Guts, 'cause STONE MIURA SAYS SO! =D

- Puck
Romaji: Pakku
Possibilities: Has been spelled Puck, Pak, Puck...
Most likely: Puck, due to Shakespeare.

- Vargas
Romaji: Barugasu
Possibilities: Vargas, Valgas
Most likely: Vargas

- Terezia
Romaji: Terejia
Possibilities: Terezia, Theresia, Therezia, Teresia
Most likely: Uncertain.

- Slann
Romaji: Suran
Possibilities: Slan, Slann
Most likely: Slan, the SF novel.

- Ubik
Romaji: Yuubikku
Possibilities: Yubick, Ubik
Most likely: Ubik, the SF novel.

- Void
Romaji: Boido
Possibilities: Void, Boyd
Most likely: Void

- Femto
Romaji: Femuto
Possibilities: Femto
Most likely: Femto

- Conrad
Romaji: Konraddo
Possibilities: Conrad
Most likely: Conrad

- Gambino
Romaji: Ganbiino
Possibilities: Gambino
Most likely: Gambino

- Shizu
Romaji: Shisu
Possibilities: Siss, Sis
Most likely: Uncertain (where'd "Shizu" come from? o.O)

- Donovan
Romaji: Donoban
Possibilities: Donovan
Most likely: Donovan

- Corkas
Romaji: Korukasu
Possibilities: Way too many on this one! ><  Corkas, Corcas, Corkus, Corcus... just to name a few.
Most likely: Uncertain... will we every know? o.o

- Griffith
Romaji: Gurifisu
Possibilities: Griffith, Griffis, Grifis...
Most likely: Griffith, although I don't have a solid argument why.

- Casca
Romaji: Kyasuka
Possibilities: Casca, Casca, Kaska...
Most likely: Casca it seems, mainly due to the name being in fairly common use as compared to the others...

- Judeau
Romaji: Judoo
Possibilities: Judeau, Judo, Judot...
Most likely: Uncertain.  There is an "official" spelling that states JUDO, but who knows if that's what Miura really did intend.

- Rickert
Romaji: Rikkeruto
Possibilities: Rickert, Rickelt
Most likely: Uncertain... both are real names, albeit last names.

- Pippin
Romaji: Pipin
Possibilities: Pippin
Most likely: Pippin

- Gaston
Romaji: Gasuton
Possibilities: Gaston
Most likely: Gaston

- Zodd
Romaji: Zoddo
Possibilities: Zod, Zodd, Zoddo
Most likely: Uncertain.  There are numerous "official" sources spelling it ZODDO, but I'm sure I'm not the only one that sees that as looking... well, strange.

- Julius
Romaji: Yuriusu
Possibilities: Julius, Yurius
Most likely: Julius

- Charlotte
Romaji: Sharurotto
Possibilities: Charlotte
Most likely: Charlotte

- Foss
Romaji: Fosu
Possibilities: Foss, Fos, Foth, Fozzy the Bear
Most likely: Foss

- Adonis
Romaji: Adonisu
Possibilities: Adonis
Most likely: Adonis

- Adon
Romaji: Adon
Possibilities: Adon
Most likely: Adon

- Gennon
Romaji: Genon
Possibilities: Genon, Gennon
Most likely: Genon, but only based on the circumstantial evidence that "Genon" comes up 25 times as often as "Gennon" on a search engine ^^;

- Samson
Romaji: Samuson
Possibilities: Samson
Most likely: Samson

- Raban
Romaji: unsure
Most likely:

- Owen
Romaji: unsure
Most likely:

- Boscogne
Romaji: Bosukoon
Possibilities: Boscogne, Boscone
Most likely: Boscone.  While Boscogne does look cooler, the only hits it recieves on search engines are Berserk sites. =p  Boscone, however, gets many many matches as a name.

- Silatt
Romaji: Shiratto
Possibilities: Silatt, Silat
Most likely: Silat.  See Boscogne entry above.

- Erica
Romaji: Erika
Possibilities: Erica, Erika
Most likely: Erica

- Godo
Romaji: Godou
Possibilities: Godo, Godou, Godot
Most likely: Uncertain, Godo and Godot seem about even.

- Roshinu
Romaji: Roshiinu
Possibilities: Roshinu, Rosine, Rosiene, Rochine, Rosinne, etc etc...
Most likely: Uncertain.  No clear victor.

- Bakiraka
Romaji: Baakiraka
Possibilities: Bakiraka, possibly others
Most likely: Uncertain, Bakiraka seems only choice.

- Wild
Romaji: Waiarudo
Possibilities: Wild, Wyald, Wyld, Waild
Most likely: Wild.  I'm saying this while keeping in mind Miura's reason for naming Guts what he did. ^_-

- Azan
Romaji: Azan
Possibilities: Azan
Most likely: Azan

- Serpico
Romaji: Serupiko
Possibilities: Serpico, Serpiko
Most likely: Serpico

- Farnese
Romaji: Faruneeze
Possibilities: Farnese, Farnese
Most likely: Farnese

- Jill
Romaji: Jiru
Possibilities: Jill
Most likely: Jill

- Zepec
Romaji: Zepekku
Possibilities: Zepec, Zepeck, Zeppek
Most likely: Uncertain, but I noticed Zepek has the most hits...

- Pikaf
Romaji: Pikafu
Possibilities: Pikaf, Peekaf, Peacuff, etc
Most likely: Uncertain.

- Mozgus
Romaji: Mozugusu
Possibilities: Mozgus, Mozguth, maybe more we haven't thought of.
Most likely: Uncertain, Mozgus if nothing else is found.

- Luca
Romaji: Ruka
Possibilities: Luca, Luka, Lucca
Most likely: Uncertain, all are very common

- Isidro
Romaji: Isidro
Possibilities: Isidro, Isidro, Isidro
Most likely: Isidro

- Tapaasa
Romaji: Tapaasa
Possibilities: Tapasa, Taparsa
Most likely: Tapasa

- Jerome
Romaji: Jeroomu
Possibilities: Jerome
Most likely: Jerome

- Nina
Romaji: Niina
Possibilities: Nina
Most likely: Nina

- Joachim
Romaji: Yoahimu
Possibilities: Joachim, Yoachim, Joahim
Most likely: Joachim, due to commonness

- Niko
Romaji: Niko
Possibilities: Niko, Nico
Most likely: Nico, 'cause it's less Japanese ^_-

- Kushan
Romaji: Kushaan
Possibilities: Kushan, Kushaan, Kusharn
Most likely: Kushan, due to RL references.

- Sonya
Romaji: Soonya
Possibilities: Sonia, Sonya, Sonja
Most likely: dunno... one of the last two.

- Roch
Romaji: Rokusu
Possibilities: Locus, Roch, Rox, Lox, Locks... and too many more to name.
Most likely: Uncertain, but I wanna call him Rocks, because he's definitely got some o_o

- Rakshas
Romaji: Rakushasu
Possibilities: Rakshas
Most likely: Rakshas

- Grunbeld
Romaji: Gurunberudo
Possibilities: Grunbeld, Groenveld, Grunveld, Groeneveld, Grunfeld, etc etc
Most likely: ask Miura

- Schierke
Romaji: Shiruke
Possibilities: Shiruke, Schierke, Schierk
Most likely: Schierke, due to witch reference in Germany.

- Mule
Romaji: Myuuru
Possibilities: Mule
Most likely: Mule

- Irvine
Romaji: Aavain
Possibilities: Irvine
Most likely: Irvine

This is an incomplete listing... help it become whole!  It needs romaji in a few places (also more comments in the Griffith and Casca sections) and discussion and searches to find out what truths there actually *are* behind any of these names!

<<Addendum:  I don't claim any of these names as ABSOLUTE truths.  The only person that knows exactly how these characters' names should be spelled is Kentaro Miura himself.  And for all we know, maybe he doesn't know them all either! ^^;;>>

EDIT: fixed Grunbeld and a few others.

Speculation Nation / Lack of Guts
« on: July 29, 2002, 05:24:28 PM »

You're walking along through a war-torn village... corpses are everywhere, littering the ground, hanging from the trees, and generally leaving a big mess.  Your woman notices a live baby hanging from its dead mother's umbilical cord and wants to save it, but you pull the wench away and drag her home without it.  What good is a baby on the battlefield, anyhow?

Gambino just averted most of the Berserk storyline from being created.  Way to go, Gambino.

However, lots of things would still happen, albeit in a very different way.  Griffith would still have his dream, he still would've gotten his beherit, the Hawks still would've been formed.  Casca's past would be no different, either.  We'd still have Zodd, Skully, and various apostles still roaming the lands.

My question is this... what would've happened in the world of Berserk, if there was no Guts?

Without Guts as a driving force behind them, would the Hawks still have gotten as far as they did?  Or would they have met defeat much earlier?  What would Griffith do when faced with that defeat... die in pursuit of his dream?  Or fall back and find another?  Maybe he'd have given in and lived with Casca?

Or, would fate and causality have found some other way for Griffith to be forced into a situation where he sacrifices his Hawks?  Perhaps some other character would've filled in as the pseudo-Guts role...?  *imagines Berserk, with Judeau as the main branded character o_o;*

What do YOU think would've happened?   ;D  Feel free to touch on other aspects of the Berserk realm aside from Griffith and the Hawks, too, if you want.

Manga Mausoleum / Oh, why not... Episode 118 translation!
« on: April 26, 2002, 04:40:18 AM »

[Conviction Arc: Chapter of the Binding Chains]

[Beast of Darkness]

Skull Knight:  .........  Truly it is as though the flames of hell have scorched this land...

Skull Knight:  The struggling one...  so these are the footprints of his passing.

Skull Knight:  It appears to be over... it seems his devil's luck has not deserted him.

Skull Knight:  However... this path is a path of the night, far too rigorous for a human body to travel...

Skull Knight:  Can he continue to walk this path as a human?   Or...

Skull Knight:  ............

Guts:  (huff huff)

Spirits:  (giggle giggle giggle giggle)

Spirit:  you killed...

Spirit:  you killed them...

Spirit:  yeah, you killed lots of them...

Spirit:  children...

Spirit:  infants...

Spirit:  many...

Spirit:  yeah, you killed them...

Spirit:  lots...

Spirit:  to quench your hatred...

Spirit:  you killed them...

Spirit:  you killed them...

Spirit:  just to satisfy your own feelings...

Spirit:  poor innocent children...

Spirit:  so many...

Spirit:  you killed them...

Spirit:  is it okay because they were demons?

Spirit:  is it okay to kill them?

Spirit:  those kids didn't ask to become demons, you know...

Spirit:  they were just poor little kids...

Spirit:  lots of them...

Spirit:  for the sake of that one sole feeling in you...

Spirit:  is it okay to kill them?

Spirit:  children...

Spirit:  tens of people...

Spirit:  hundreds of people...

Spirit:  is it okay to kill them?

Spirit:  if it's to keep just yourself alive...

Spirit:  is it okay to kill them?

Spirit:  you have the scent of darkness...

Spirit:  you do...

Spirit:  you have the scent of darkness, very much like we do...

Spirit:  it's there...

Spirit:  it's there inside you...

Spirit:  a beast...

Spirit:  a black, black

Spirit:  beast of darkness...

Spirit:  you will thirst...

Spirit:  with this inside you...

Spirit:  more and more...

Spirit:  you will thirst...

Spirit:  the more you bathe in blood...

Spirit:  the more you will thirst...

Spirit:  for the beast's appetite is endless...

Spirit:  the more you kill, the more you thirst...

Spirit:  the more you thirst, the more you kill...

Spirit:  keep bathing in blood...

Spirit:  keep killing...

Spirit:  keep thirsting...

Spirit:  forever...

Spirit:  alll alone...

Spirit:  forever...

Spirit:  forever...

Spirit:  alone...

Spirit:  forever...

Spirit:  forever...

Spirit:  then the beast will consume you...

Spirit:  it will replace you...

Spirit:  you will no longer feel anything but hatred...

Spirit:  you will become a monster in the shape of a human...

Spirit:  no...

Spirit:  maybe...

Spirit:  maybe you can become a real monster...

Spirit:  maybe you can...

Spirit:  maybe...

Spirit:  maybe...

Spirit:  just like your friend...

Spirit:  just like...

Spirit:  (giggle giggle)

Guts:  No way in hell!!!

Guts:  in a place like this...

Guts:  against these puny weaklings...

Guts:  But... when will I arrive?

Guts:  How many more spirits do I have to push through?

Guts:  How many more apostles do I have to slice through?

Guts:  How much further do I have to crawl through the darkness...

Guts: find him?

Puck:  Ah, he's close!

Puck:  With wounds like that...

Puck:  I'm sure he'd be lying half-dead around here somewhere, right?  Geez...

Puck:  (hmm, a signal.)

Puck:  Idiot sighted!

Puck:  Oh man, am I gonna give him an earful!

Puck:  Hey big guy!  Just sit tight there!

Puck:  WAAAH!

Puck:  HEY!  Whaddya think you're doing, wake up!  You're gonna die!

Puck:  HEY MORON!!  GIVE IT SOME GUSTO!!  You were acting like such a badass talking to Jill, now look at yourself!  What happened!?


Puck:  Eh?

Puck:  ....

Puck:  (Nahahahaha!!)

Puck:  FENCING THRUST!!  [art: Miyamura]

Puck:  FENCING THRUST!!  [art: Miyamura.  Thank you very much.]

Puck:  haaaaaaa...

Guts:  hey...

Puck:  I feel fantastic!  THRUST!!  THRUST!!

Guts:  hey--

Puck:  THRUST!!

Guts:  ......!!

Puck:  Be grateful, that was a wake-up poke.

Guts:  Why you...

Guts:  go to...

Guts:  heh...

Guts:  Ha... hahahaha...  ahhh...

Puck:  ?

Guts:  Heh... I can let up a bit with you around...

Guts:  Being serious all the time can really screw with your head.

Guts:  Looks like they've finally given up.

Puck:  Did you see my awesome power!!?

Spirit:  it's there...

Spirit:  a beast...

Spirit:  you'll become...

Spirit:  a monster...

Spirit:  you'll become...

Spirit:  ......

Guts:  A beast...

Guts:  A monster...  gimme a break.

Guts:  I am who I am.

Guts:  Not anything else.

Guts:  I'll find my way to him...

Guts:  ...exactly how I am now.

Puck:  So... I guess you should go wash off all that blood, then I can tend to your wounds.

Guts:  Hey...

Puck:  Its all thanks to me!

Puck:  Thanks to ME, you were able to stay alive.

Puck:  All because of ME.

Guts:  (Well, one thing's for sure...)

Guts:  (...he makes a good medicine box.)

Guts:  All right already.

Guts:  You win, Puck.

Guts:  You've got yourself a house.

Guts:  Have a blast.

Puck:  Hey!  Did you just say "Puck"!?

Guts:  Huh?

Puck:  You did, you said it!  I've been with you forever and a day, but that's the first time you ever called me by my name!

Guts:  Gimme a break.

[Beast of Darkness  END]

Manga Mausoleum / Episode 118 ponderings
« on: April 26, 2002, 02:09:38 AM »
First chapter of Danzaihen, Bakusa no Sho: Beast of Darkness (episode 118.)

Skull Knight:  .........  Truly it is as though the flames of hell have scorched this land...

Skull Knight:  The struggling one...  so these are the footprints of his passing.

Skull Knight:  It appears to be over... it seems his devil's luck has not deserted him.

Skull Knight:  However... this path is a path of the night, far too rigorous for a human body to travel...

Skull Knight:  Can he continue to walk this path as a human?   Or...

(Skully plucks Rosine's beherit from a tree stump and looks at it for a moment contemplatively)

(the beherit clacks as it is dropped into Skully's jaw)

Skull Knight:  ............

Of course this episode is an appearance of the Beast of Darkness.  So Skully's implications concerning the Beast are understood.


What about the beherit?  Perhaps that has some significance as foreshadowing...?  There's been plenty of discussions about Guts' beherit in his backpack... (or should I say Puck's!  Betty the Beherit!  ;D)  about whether he'd use it or not... it's been talked about to death I'm sure... I'm just wondering if this scene may be of importance to that possibility.

Then there's the bit that Marcus brought up in his earlier post... God Hand said Guts can't become "ichizoku" ("one of us" essentially)... obviously we know he can't become one of God Hand, but does "ichizoku" cover ALL types of apostles?  Makes ya wonder.

Anyhow, I've run out of brain juice... maybe some of y'all would like to share.  The zombie in me is hungry   :-X

Berserk Miscellaneous / Dream Voice Cast for new Berserk in Japan?
« on: January 03, 2002, 06:46:23 PM »
Let's say by some miracle that after Miura finishes Berserk (or when he gets close, even), another anime series is brought out, OVA or otherwise.  Who do you want to hear as your favorite characters from after the Eclipse?

Serpico - Akira Ishida.  This is kind of a bad choice, since he also played Judeau ^_^;  but Ishida's voice would fit Serpico to a T, in my opinion... so sad ;_;

Farnese - Not sure yet... any ideas?

Luca - Ai Orikasa, possibly.  It'd be typecast, but she has that ability to play strong-willed characters, and she doesn't have to sound slutty *all* the time. =)

Isidro - Miina Tominaga.  I can easily picture the runt with a voice very similar to Yahiko from Rurouni Kenshin. =p

And of course, if it were possible, Kaneto Shiozawa would make a great Silatt...

Any ideas for other characters?  Mozgus?  Wyld?  Nina? Skully?

Berserk Miscellaneous / Shito-modoki
« on: April 24, 2002, 10:38:04 PM »
Is this, well, an "official" term?  I was reading through vol. 19 today, and during the battle between Guts and the goat-demon, it seemed to me he was taunting it when he called it a "shito-modoki".

Guts: "Seeing an apostle-WANNABE like you hanging around here... (etc etc)"

Are there other places in the manga that the term "shito-modoki" is used?  This is far as I've gotten, reading relatively closely... just wondering if there's any use of that word during the battle with Mozgus and his minions.

Berserk Miscellaneous / Guts Munch-O-Meter
« on: April 25, 2002, 03:46:37 AM »
"Let me teach you... HERE'S how to use your mouth in battle!!"

How DO you use your mouth, Guts?  Let us count the ways...

Everybody knows this scene.  Remember kids... pointy = delicious!

The area between the thumb and forefinger of an apostle is nice and meaty.

Guts is eating a raw snake to try and counteract Rosinne's poison.  Apparently swallowing fresh blood helps, as seen in...

...THIS picture.  This time it's the intestines of a fresh young child, coccooned for transformation.  Yummy.

So much for our hero's cheeks.  Not like he ever needs to smile, though. ^^  He doesn't care, as long as he's got something pointy to chew on!  In this instance it's Rosinne's skewer-horn.

Pliers are a rare delicacy... but Guts doesn't know where those things have been!  Mozgus' henchmen liked to pluck off body parts and stick metal objects where they don't belong when dealing with accused blasphemers and witches...

Munch-O-Meter total: 6

I could easily have missed a few spots, if anyone remembers more, speak up!  And if anyone has a pic of Guts chomping on Casca's chest from episode 190 (don't remember if it was shown or not), post away. ^^

We know Miura is a big fan of some of the older fandom stuffs in Japan.  ^^  How many examples can we find in the Berserk manga?

I'll name the only two I can remember picking up on so far...  both involve Puck, of course.

#1:  Kaiketsu Zubat.  A live action show from the late 70's, Puck can be seen spouting lines from this on at least one occasion.

"Kuwaiketsu... Zu-PUCK!!"

For reference to this show, I've stolen a picture from a website and placed it up here for your viewing pleasure.  I'm hosting it myself so as not to drain the bandwidth on some poor Kaiketsu Zubat fan site ^^

Kaiketsu Zubat's secret identity, private detective Ken Hayakawa.  Who knows what other kind of private services he offers...

#2:  Saint Seiya.  If you haven't heard of this, well, that's generally a bad thing. ^^  Suffice to say it's a very famous shounen armored hero anime from the 80's.  Puck, in one of the later volumes, screams out a battle cry from this series... "Moero!  Ore no kozumo!" (Burn!  My Cosmo!)  before he fires off his "Puck Spark" attack and blinds a couple of Mozgus' henchmen.

That's it for now... what else?   :)

Berserk Miscellaneous / Beherit
« on: March 09, 2002, 03:05:11 PM »
This is taken from a web page about "Beherit", a Black Metal band apparently from Finland.

"What does the name BEHERIT mean anyways?"
"It's Syriac name for Satan."

I've heard this info before, possibly somewhere on the boards, but I hadn't seen the info first-hand until now.  It's repeated all over non-Berserk-related sites as well.

This is probably commonly-known info, but I thought I'd post on the off-chance that some people haven't seen this yet.

Also, this seems to be *fairly* conclusive proof of how Beherit is meant to be spelled.

No guarantees on that though =p

Berserk Miscellaneous / Miura's roots
« on: April 09, 2002, 01:51:49 PM »
Does anyone know which mangaka Miura studied under, if any?  Or was he self-trained, and what major art influences did he have?  :-X  ;D

Berserk Miscellaneous / Berserk DVD plain VS boxed
« on: April 18, 2002, 01:47:54 AM »
What kind of nifty special things are supposed to come with the special boxed version of Berserk that's being released in the US?  I'm kind of hoping for an info booklet, a poster, a t-shirt, a cd, a manga volume... *something* that's worth the $15 retail price boost.  If I'm paying $40+ for a DVD instead of $25+, I'm expecting something more than a prettier box.

Berserk Miscellaneous / Herbie the Beherit
« on: July 29, 2002, 04:24:35 PM »
Where do you think Griffith's crimson beherit is now?  The last place I remember seeing it in the manga was shortly before he agreed to the sacrifice, hanging from his left hand...

Judging from experience with other apostles, he'd be hanging on to it for decor purposes or something... of course, we don't know for sure if crimson beherits are any different, maybe God Hand takes it and spits it back out randomly into the world, when the time of the eclipse approaches... *shrug*  Then again, there's the whole causality/fate thing which probably takes the beherit to wherever it needs to be...

Are there any appearances of Griffy's beherit later on in the manga that I somehow missed?  I'd like to know where it is *now* in the story... not like it'll matter much... but I'm curious.  ^^

Shootin' the Breeze / 1000 Members?
« on: August 05, 2002, 06:42:38 PM »
We're getting pretty darn close!

Anyone want to make anything commemorative?  Pretty drawings or anything? :)  Any other ideas?

*waits for the crappy but hilarious Paint images to start flying into this thread*

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