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Creation Station / Sonia Belmont reimagined - Castlevania
« on: October 15, 2010, 09:04:59 AM »
Hey folks, finished playing Lords of Shadow a while back, and i was in the mood for some dark gothic fantasy art. It's also been a while since i posted here, so here i am.

So I was wondering who would star in the next Lords of Shadow game while browsing the castlevania wiki, and it came to my attention that Sonia Belmont got the shaft canonically because Koji Igarashi felt that women in castlevania should stay in the kitchen be damsels in distress. This kinda sucked since she was the first belmont ever to defeat dracula, too.

But anyways, I tried to redo her character LoS style, but i wound up combining Shanoa and Gabriel since, well, the original Sonia design really kinda sucked.

UPDATE: It is finished!

Here's the first sketch:

here's the 1rst color pass. I based the hair off of Sharon Tate in Fearless Vampire Killers. At this point I'm not quite sure what to do now...might give her a weapon, might remove that sash:

Pass number three:

Pass number four, going with a more renaissance style here:

And here's my fanfic fan biography. Be warned: Spoilers for Lords of Shadow are inbound.


Sonia Fahrenheit-Belmont:

Born at Wygal in 1412 after her twin brother Adrian, to one Elizabeth Fahrenheit and begat by the Prince of Darkness known as Dracula, formerly Gabriel Belmont of the Brotherhood of light. Though procreation between a mortal and the undead should be impossible, Elizabeth was a master alchemist, and performed unnatural experiments upon her person to give the fallen Brother a family. Dracula, however, vanished to parts unknown, and would never know of the experiment. In 1426, Elizabeth was found guilty of Witchcraft by Inquisitor Pius and sentenced to be burned at the stake. Adrian and Sonia escaped, moving from village to village in Europe for three years until Sonia decided to settle down with a farmer named Mischa Totoyan. Adrian, meanwhile, had a strong wanderlust and would not stay. Sonia would spend the next ten years in domestic bliss, giving birth to a daughter she would name Pascha. Pius, however, had not given up the chase, and eventually captured her and her family.

He declared them all heretics, Sonia being an Abomination, Pascha for being the spawn of one, and Mischa for begetting one. To ensure their passage into hell without a chance for Purgatory, Pius branded their backs with the Mark of Judgment, and sentenced them to be burned. Pascha's pyre was the first to be lit, then Mischa's. Before Sonia could join them, A member from the Brotherhood of light known as Zobek, interfered on her behalf. Invoking a right of conscription, he drafted Sonia within the brotherhood, although he was obligated by church law to bind her with Dominus Sigils by carving them onto her skin. Pius pushed further, forcing silver shards in her abdomen to ensure she would never again be able to give birth...

Zobek promised Sonia that after thirty years of service to the brotherhood, he would undo the Sigils. However, after losing everything that mattered to her, she no longer really cared. Five years later, Sonia would hear murmurs of the return of the Prince of Darkness...and of his son. Believing this son to be none other than Adrian, she sets out to find him.

Sonia has been granted the Phantom Killer, the "soul" of the original Vampire Killer after it was torn in half in a disastrous attempt by Gabriel to combine his Light and Dark Talismans within it. While it constantly burns with eldritch energy, it otherwise matches the original Vampire Killer in functionality...with one exception: the "chain" is a tongue of manafire, and It can be shaped by the wielder's will into a blade of any size. While the Phantom Killer is the bane of life, its counterpart the World Killer is no less lethal, capable of sundering stone and steel while rendering its wielder invincible...

Speculation Nation / Can Apostles Breed?
« on: November 29, 2008, 04:15:24 PM »
A little while ago i posted a theory that the Senior Apostles in Griffith's army were BORN demons, explaining why they weren't as crazed or as sadistic as the more common ones. Farfetched, since there simply aren't any facts to back it up. When i reconsidered the point,  i came across a problem that piqued my curiosity:

Can Apostles breed?

They can definitely multiply, although the method by which this is achieved varies from apostle to apostle: The count could anoint with his own flesh, Rosine could set up cocoons, and the Egg apostle could infect.

But what about doing it the "old fashioned way"? Femto demonstrated that Demons still have fully functionning sex organs (although filled with demonic spunk). Wyald demonstrated the need to use them nearly constantly, even on the job, raising the question of how many bastards he might've left behind. Jill expressed concerns whether or not he failed cocooning would impact her future children. Trolls, while not apostles, were capable of impregnating the kidnapped women of Enoch, resulting in more trolls and setting a precedent for supernatural breeding.

Unfortunately, it looks as though Apostles themselves can only taint, not create: Femto himself could only taint an existing fetus, resulting in the "triple-conception" of the Demon Child. The previously stated examples all required pre-existing human hosts, as well. And Ganishka could have set up "rape racks", through which Apostles could be forced to mate with humans, but instead built the Daka factories, also requiring the corruption of a pre-conceived being.

Nevertheless, i think I'm missing some information, and i was hoping someone here could help me shed some light on the matter.

Speculation Nation / The Odic Scar: Slan's curse or gift?
« on: May 03, 2006, 02:53:31 PM »
We all remember Guts encountering Slann in the qlipoth. It is at that place that the devilish temptress, composed of Trollish intestines, left a terrible mark upon our tragic hero's spirit, seemingly as the unforeseen consequence of the marking of his flesh by her wings.

But I wonder, was her intention then to slowly kill him and regal herself on his death throes, or was the scar the true purpose of her visit?

I say this because that very scar may have some future "advantages" as it is possible that Guts' sensitivity or affinity to the Supernatural has increased considerably due to this wound. The first "benefit" from this is the Berserk armour's attunement to Guts' own inner beast, and its more recent absorbtion of Schierke's soul.

With this in mind, it is possible that Slann may be
assisting the demonslayer in her own strange way.

Any thoughts?

Shootin' the Breeze / -the realities of swords
« on: July 20, 2005, 10:45:27 AM »

this website includes may essays on the subject of swords, and the TRUE strengths and weaknesses of iron and steel.

a particularily interesting one is on the japanese katana's hype:

Creation Station / Drake rider
« on: July 13, 2005, 09:26:50 AM »

a work in progress.

used a payboy pic for reference...for the torso. the armour is reborn griffith-ish, and the headdress is inspired by an Ayami Kojima piece.

Character Cove / The Guts/Farnese relationship thread.
« on: July 13, 2005, 03:29:41 AM »
I don't get it.

Guts often strikes me as a hardened loner who'd rather stay the hell away from crowds and not be too sad when companions leave on their merry path, and yet here he is going out of his way to get Farnese back from the Vandimion manor, going as far as fighting Serpico to get to her.

Is it because he smelled the aristocratic bullshit from a mile away and just thought and couldn't stand it, or that he's recovered some of his lost humanity, so much that he can't let friends go anymore?

Character Cove / Character analysis: Grunbeld
« on: July 04, 2005, 03:24:03 AM »
Here are my thoughts on the character of grunbeld, based on what little we've seen.

Grunbeld is an extremely powerful foece to be reckoned with on the battlefield. In his human form, Grunbeld can easily withstand cannonfire with his shield and sweep up all opposition with his warhammer and cannon. This pretty much makes him untouchable by any human war devices, from the lowly soldier to the siege engine.
Because he has not faced any serious opposition in his "career", grunbeld fosters the same detached view on war as anyone who has never experienced it first hand. This leads him to believe himself as a true warrior, and see a battlefield as beautiful, rather than the carnage and stupidity that it really is.

Although, he may very well be aware of the fact that his embelished view and his status as a legend may be entirely the results of his demonic gifts, and reacts poorly when Guts taunts him "Demons shouldn't pretend to be warriors!"

Moreover, when faced with the overwhelming power of Guts' Dragonslayer and Berserker Armour, Grunbeld was unable to keep his cool and come up with a suitable counter in his human form, despite is oh so great battlefield experience. With this in mind, i can safely sum up Grunbeld as a big kid playing war.

of course, this is probably one facet of a potentially more complicated character. But from what i've seen, it looks like he's very immature.

Speculation Nation / Guts' army organization
« on: June 25, 2005, 11:53:29 PM »
Let's assume that, some time in the future, Guts decides to raise an army (this is kinda foreshadowed when Guts demonstrates his knowledge of the killing business when they arrive at Vritannis), how do you suppose he (or Serpico, since organizing probably isn't guts' forte) will organize it?

this is how i see the current clique's member's(this is includes azan, due to some wishful thinking :) ) roles while not in battle.

Guts: figurehead
Serpico: strategic planning
Azan: training instructor
Isidro: scouting? but more likely: expeditious aquisition of goods
Schierke: Medical care, also scouting thanks to her scrying abilities
Farnese: Medical Care.
Casca: not sure, probably secondary figurehead or even strategic planning along with Serp.

Their combat roles:

Guts: commander of the shock troops, either cavalry, or...Berserkers?
Azan: Commander of the line infantry (spearmen)
Casca: Commands light shock troops
Isidro: commands the covert troops (they basically hide and take the enemy by surprise, or they "headhunt".)
Schierke: commands and provides HEAVY ARTILLERY, or just scryes the battlefield, or both.
Farnese: useless?

Speculation Nation / Flash forward?
« on: November 09, 2004, 06:23:47 AM »
You know it's coming: Isidro and Schierke have some spiriitual and physical growth to go through, the Kushan-Coallition war is bound to last a few years (as medieval conflicts tend to.), and Griffith's rise to power won't be instantaneous. Of course, as oliver pointed out once, Miura is bound to want to write and draw some new stuff, and it's possible that he won't be be spending another ten years detailing the war. So, the thing he might do, is set the characters up for a nice " X years later ".

The question is, when is it gonna happen, how long it will be, and what's waiting for us  after it's done?

Site & Forum News / The Bestiary?
« on: October 09, 2004, 02:14:26 AM »
it would be pretty cool to have a seciton of the site dedicated to the myriad creatures and spirits found in berserk, from apostle to wraith, from troll to elf.

Creation Station / Khorne sketch
« on: October 02, 2004, 08:12:23 AM »
or Zodd's daddy, if you prefer  ;D

Speculation Nation / Passing on the armour...
« on: October 02, 2004, 01:46:48 AM »
It is obvious that guts won't be wearing the Berserker indefinitely, as the strain and damage it inflicts on his body would eventually become irreparable . Still, it would be a waste to dump such a fine piece of enchanted wargear.

So i ask: who do you think will be the next wearer of the BA in guts' little band?

Creation Station / Space Marine
« on: September 06, 2004, 12:12:57 AM »
a piece of warhammer 40k fan art that is more influenced by berserk than i care to admit.

It's not quite finished, yet:

Can you spot the influenes? :D

Creation Station / Berserk fanfic: The Battle of Vritannis
« on: July 06, 2004, 06:35:00 AM »
Xexhano started a  speculation thread on miura's next chapter since it's two months away, speculators are having a bit of fun with it, and so am I.

The pacing here is alittle short, and you won't see any action until maybe part 3 or 4, but stay tuned! i'll try not to dissapoint.

oh, and excuse the typos :p

The Battle of Vritannis
a berserk fanfic by Francois Cannels
All of the original characters presented here, as well as the the whole are the property of Kentarou Miura and Young Animals...i think...gonna have to get my facts straight for the the legal message here. Help? anyone? :s

the little band arrives in vritannis, and There are signs of hecticness and activity at the port. things are  calm in the town square, though, and at the Inn (which was rather crowded), the patrons inform Guts and the crew of the current situation:

Vritannis, as just about everyone knows, serves the staging point of the coallition's counterattack. While it is true that  and untold amount of troops once set foot in the port town, half of them had been recalled to their ships for deployment at the western coast. The Coallition commanders had left a measly 2000 men and 10 partially crewed ships to defend the town, believing that no significant kushan attack could be mounted against a port city so far away from the nearest kushan presence ...even by sea.

Of course not a few weeks had passed after the coallition forces had left that the kushanis had taken over the coastline of vritannis through some rather mysterious means, adn that a fleet of 140 ships was fast approaching from the northeast.


The Inn was pretty much full of people and of the noises you'd find in a fine  establishment like the White Mussel, although the usual crowd wasn't all good cheer: Many spoke of the coming invasion, or asked whether or not the horror stories about the kushan treatment of prisoners were true. Others *tried* to make light conversation, talking about the fishes or the weather.
Others just tried to enjoy their drink in  (fleeting) peace.

The band was sitting at a large round table just across to from the for Isidro, who was at the bar,fruitlessly pestering the innkeeper a pint of ale. Amongst his colorful attempts at procuring one is trying to convince the barkeep that he was really in his forties, and that he was so short because he was a HALFLING.
After other  tries at a mug, Isidro finally gave up and could not help himself to ask as to why the mood was somewhat foul. The Innkeeper then lauched himself into a lengthy explanation detailing the state of the kushan invasion, the foundation of the Coallition of Holy Kingdoms, the use of Vritannis as a staging point, and  the recent devellopments which included the redeployment of the Great Fleet and the VAST majority of the Coallition  troops, and then the sudden appearance of a kushan fleet less than a few hours away.

"They're just over the bloody horizon," said the innkeeper. "And it won't be long until we're under Kushan rule. The women and children will be more or less alright...but the things they do to men..." he shuddered.

"So why doesn't everyone just leave?" asked Isidro. "beats being thrown into a ditch full of lamp oil along with a lit match..."

"We WOULD. We'd be damned HAPPY to, in fact! But whatever it is that took out the coast's guard posts and watchtowers is still out there lurking in that unseasonably thick fog. Kushan witchcraft at work, i'll wager."

"Well bollocks!" exclaimed a man nearby, setting his pint down on the bar."I'll take Moira and the kids and we're gonna chance it! I don't care if we  meet a thousand Kushan Regulars or the Devil himself!"

"And i would not recommend it." said Serpico, grimly.

"And who in blazes are they?" asked the man to the Innkeeper. "they don't look like they're from around here."

"They're not. They came in town just before the fog came along...looked like  they had been to hell and back, too..."

"Did they?" He jokingly asked.

"Why don't you ask them?"

"Alright, i will! Oy there! you, in the green garb!"

"It's a cloak." Serpico answered "and, Yes?"

"Right." he said as he approached the table where the rather odd-looking group sat. Isidro abandonned his attempts at getting a pint of ale and rejoined his companions in the impending conversation. "Might if i sit here? the table's big enough..."

Serpico looked around to see if the blacksmith's presence would bother anyone. He looked to his mistress: She was so absorbed with her book that he doubted anyone could register to her sense at the moment...besides little miss Schierke, who was constantly explaining something to Farnese. Casca, surprisingly, was awfully calm and silent.
No doubt she misses the child, he thought.
The Elves were tucked away in Guts's sack, as to avoid causing a stir (or even a lynching, considering the situation)
Guts was the only one who met serpico's gaze, and he wordlessly told him with a wave of the hand "i don't  care".

Serpico then looked at...himself. He had not been in a good mood since the attack at the seaside hut, especially since Guts would have nearly killed them all had Schierke not been able to "rescue" him. He figured he could use a little light conversation. Though he wished it was with someone more cultured,  everyone had been wary of the group since they had set foot in town, and serpico deduced that, besides Isidro, this was the only one he could freely talk to.

"Be my guest, Mr?..."

"Randver. other name's Smith...after the profession. And you are?"

"Serpico V...  Valiente." He glanced at Farnese, who was still absorbed in her studies. He had never made a slip like that one, and he wondered of this trek was already taking its toll on his mind. Serpico Vandimion, when did he ever feel like he was ever part of that family, despite that it's head is his very own father?

"a pleasure then." The smithy sat down right next to the green clad swordsman. "Now you said something about how i shouldn't make a run for it? that i should just stay here and wait for that jolly thousand of kooshes to march in here plowing through the defenses and start raping me wife while i roast?"

"Well, um, I..." Serpico was obviously quite uncomfortable: the conversation had not turned out the way he had hoped.

Randver's countenance softened a bit, but remained strong and stern:

"Oh no no no i don't mean to start nothin' with ye, good sir! I do, however, wish to know WHY would you think it not a good idea  for *any* of us to make a bid for salvation?"

Serpico's expression remained somewhat nervous...Of course, this was a practiced apologetic appearance  of meekness he had picked up living in high society: After so many duels, Serpico quickly realized that people, not just nobles, were often quick to anger. defying them only infuriated them further. "Submitting" often got him out of trouble...except of course when Farnese honor was injured.

Inside, Serpico was quite unimpressed by the harsh-looking  blacksmith. Nice try, he thought, but i've just seen worse.  Nevertheless, he saw no reason to deny the man some answers.

"Well, s-sir...i am afraid that our good innkeeper's hunch was, hum...correct. As you know, we WERE out there, and we did come across..."

He paused. Still no reaction to be had from the rest of the group, save maybe for Isidro, who was listening in. He then thought best not tobe too descriptive justyet.

"...Kushan witchcraft at work."

"Witchcraft, eh?" Randver took a sip from his pint, and set it down. "What kind of witchcraft? elves? gnomes? the bloody MIST? i don't put much stock in those things: i'm a church going man, see?" He produced a small bird-and-whirlwind necklace from his shirt, and held it up if front of him. Guts silently chuckled at this, but randver continued: "Elves, don't exist, and witches are jsut a bunch of dafty old crones looking for attention! So be straight with me, SIR, and answer me this without trying to sound bloody interesting with tall tales taken from bedtime stories : when you were out there, have you seen any Kushan soldiers marching about?"

"Well, no, but..."

"Then i that's all i need to hear." He got up, preparing to leave.

Serpico looked worried. And he WAS most honestly worried: here was a good man trying to save his family from the horrors of kushan occupation, and in doing so would put his kin through the terrors of being slaughtered by kushani Werecrocodiles. He had to be convinced that he was making a mistake. He had to be stopped.

"Sir, please, there may be-"

"To hell with your recommendations, you heathen, fabling girlie-man! By midday Me, Moira and the boys will have packed  up and headed out for safety." Randver then raised his voice for all to hear. "And the rest fo you sods can patiently wait here hoping that the Coalliiton leftovers and the Volunteers will save your worthless hides!"

The smithy was just about ready to leave when he suddenly heard someone yell " MIRACLE BALL!" and something large, heavy and...leathery hit him squarely on the face. Randver fell on his backside, Once he had recovered  from his daze, he took a good long look at what hit him: it was a cone-shaped piece of meat, wrapped in a dark green took him a bit to fully realize that it was piece of an animal...some big lizard, he could guess as much.

"Kooshie regulars?" said Isidro. "Nope. but Croc-men and giant sea-elephants? Old man, you'll find those aplenty out there!"

Isidro jumped on the bar, took a deep breath and...

"Listen up, you! You got nothing but witch-beasts hiding in the fog out there, so yeah, staying here IS a good idea!"

Serpico took another look around the table: Schierke and Farnese were now paying full attention to their surroundings. The little witch stared at the brazen young boy as if ready to kill him, while her apprentice looked VERY worried that things would escalate into a brawl. Casca was no longer morose...Quite natural, since she always cheered up whenever Isidro... acts like himself. Guts just took another sip of his drink. The elves were still hidden in the sack, but were peeking through to see what was going on: hey were jsut waiting for them to make an entrance in this whole piece of theater.

Another deep breath:

"on the other hand, you got more than 6000 kushan troops on their way by sea, with only 2000 men and 10 moldy ships to defend against them...So you're all pretty much fucked!"

Isidro now had everyone's attention, and had a quite a few angry shouts and venomous stares aimed at him. But he carried on, with his fist held up high:

"But never fear, for the INVINCIBLE BAND OF..." he thought about it a moment. "...THE BLACK BEAST IS HERE! AND NO ONE CAN STAND IN OUR WAY!"

And then came the laughter. not so surprising: there the crowd had  a short lad of some 13 years of age claiming that his band  of six (not counting the elves) could take on a whole army of the most frighteningly efficient killers this continent had ever known, AND an army of ungodly creatures to boot. Serpico was relieved: once the laughter subsided, this mess would be over, and they could proceed to rest in their chambers.

The innkeeper, still laughing a bit, decided he wanted Isidro's feet off his bar, and tried to get him down.

"Now lad, come on down! I gotta thank you for the mirth, but you're dirtying me bar! Come down! i'll even give you a mug of ale, so..." he reached to grab the odd boy, but he suddenly saw a glow of orange and red sweep past his face. he then smelled smoke, and felt a slight burning sensation just about his upper lip: his mustache was on fire:

"Oh bloddy hell!" he screamed, tapping at his face to put the little flames out.

Isidro probably never looked so serious before, and Serpico, for a moment, was quite impressed: the boy had  attained
a slightly better level of control over his enchanted weapon, and had just silenced the crowd around him. one thing you can say about Isidro, serpico thought, is that he never likes to be taken lightly.

Isidro spoke again:


Silence. moments lter, more silence, until someone cheered.
And then, they all cheered.


Shootin' the Breeze / Appleseed 2004
« on: February 12, 2004, 07:10:53 AM »
i was hoping for some new Appleseed, in some format or another.

looks like my wish came true


Creation Station / gold titan (200k image)
« on: January 17, 2004, 06:26:55 AM »
some shameless art pimping by yours truly.

I've been thinking about Idea's true motives behind all of this, and i think i've come up with a pretty good possibility.

Idea, like all organisms, ethereal or not, requires to feed. We can already assume that his favorite meal are the souls of humans, but let's ask the question: what makes human souls nutritive?

The answers: Memories. Stories. Anecdotes.

This is what truly sustains Idea: not the souls themselves, but their histories. And the truly, tasty souls are the ones encrusted with torment, lamentation and suffering.

Consider Ideas ability to affect the events of human affairsm and consider Midland's dark ages, wars, famines and pestilences. This was Idea getting gluttonous. And if Miura's interpretation of the middle ages was anything like it's real world counterpart, Idea must be VERY fat indeed.

Of course, too much is too much, and Idea needs time to recover. He needs to bring order and control to the "nutritional value" within his constant influx of souls. While he could have simply manipulated humanity into a golden age (with the occasional massacre or cataclysm for Suffering's sake), this would have taken too much time ...probably a millenia too long. Enter Griffith, his champion. Order personnified. capable of charming all of humanity with his presence alone, and crushing any opposition effortlessly. These gifts would give Idea his much needed rest while griffith turns entire continents of humans into cattle, penned in a corral disguised as a world spanning empire.

Of course, Idea is a relatively new player into the world, and forces not so keen on him introducing a Scion of Order decided to balance things out with their own Champion. Enter Guts, chaos personified. One needs only to look at his life to see that he is Griffith's true opposite. While Griffith thrived on carefully laid out plans, strategies and ruthless manipulation, Guts thrived on charging in headfirst into problems and improvising his way out. One must also look at the cirumstances of Guts' birth: he was born while his mother died. He SHOULD have died. Medical Science as we know it says he should be dead. And yet here he is swinging a 300 lbs piece of iron. He is an istant aberration while Griffith is the result of a carefully chosen bloddline.

In light of all this, it is likely that Guts' final victory over the Godhand lies not in killing Griffith. Because he can't. As mirror opposites (in universal terms), they will clash, they will hurt one another, but one will never truly annihilate the other. If anything, they can only destroy one another.
So guts' real victory, at least in the foreseeable future, lies in making sure that Idea's much needed golden age never comes to pass by opposing Griffith's attempt at establishing his empire. This must be done with whatever chaotic means necessary, be it killing of personnel or wanton destruction  of property. If ucessful, Idea gets overfed and croaks, or shuts himself off from the flow of souls, thus depriving  the Godhand of their patron's support. Their powers dwindle considerably to the point of vulnerability and brings them within the reach of Guts' and Skull Knight's formidable weapons.

Void gets voided. Conrad loses a LOT of weight through surgery and Ubik won't be smiling no more.  Slann will probably get impaled by somthing. Sonething HUGE.

As for griff and guts, i dunno. maybe Griffith will continue to pursue his goals without the powers granted to him by godhood, and Guts continues to oppose him at every turn for the rest of their mortal (or perhaps immortal?) lives.

Shootin' the Breeze / I warn thee
« on: December 28, 2003, 08:50:15 PM »
Oh mighty SkullLord. It is out of loyalty to these boards that i must warn you: Dark forces are being marshalled to topple your mighty empire: they are large, brown skinned and bleed electricity. Their weapons are cruel. Their armours are thick, and they hunger for the flesh of those who reside here.

They are led by a devil of a being. A masterful tactician and strategist. His mind is sharp. His will is focused. His soul is blacker than the void you call your heart.

He is known as...

The king of the potato people.

Be warned. For he is coming.

Character Cove / Names and nationality
« on: December 10, 2003, 03:04:25 AM »
just thought i'd share this little brain spill from yours truly

i did a little search on the name "Isidro" and it turns out that it's actually a spanish name. This kinda implies that our favourite little swordsman in training is actually from the Miura equivalent of spain.

I'm also thinking Serpico and Farnese (which i like to pronounce farnay-tzey) are from the miura equivalent of Italy,  and this is backed up by the fact that they both hail from the vatican's capital.

Am i wrong to assume any of this?

Current Episodes / Episode 231
« on: November 21, 2003, 12:43:27 PM »
the preview is up already! woo!

Shootin' the Breeze / miura's other manga?
« on: October 16, 2003, 04:13:40 AM »

found this one while surfing for a pic of miura's actual, real life mug.

it looks like he had (or has) another comic in the works during berserk. i'm wondering if any of you miura gurus can give me any more info on it.

EDIT on second thought,  may not have done this one...but the similiraties in drawing style and the main character suggests that he has.

Berserk Miscellaneous / Hagued!
« on: October 09, 2003, 11:26:42 PM »
could someone explain to me what this "Haguing" thing is and why it involves a random picture of Jean Reno?

EDIT: yes, i was looking for an H.

Berserk Miscellaneous / Character Stats!
« on: October 08, 2003, 03:47:14 AM »
using the 3rd edition AD&D ruleset, pick any berserk character and convert him to DungeonD rules. I get dibs on Guts :p

Chaotic Neutral
Fighter Lvl 18

ST: 27
DEX: 19
CON: 26
INT: 13
WIS: 10
CHA: 10

Martial Weapon Proficiency All
Martial Weapon Proficiency (Greatsword)
Weapon Focus (Greatsword)
Weapon Specialization (Greatsword)
Great Cleave
Whirlwind Attack (character bonus)


weight: approx. 300 lbs
2d20 slashing damage.
+10 damage against demonkind.

Godo's Masterwork breastplate
+10 AC

Arm Cannon
1d20 blunt damage
2d4 fire damage
needs one full turn to reload

Rickert's Improved Repeater Bowgun (flurry mode)
12d4 piercing damage (if i counted right, it holds twelve bolts in each load)
-3 to hit
takes one full turn to reload
(Single shot mode)
1d10 (assume the mechanism winds up more, a single bolt is as potent coming from the repeater as it is from a regular crossbow...otherwise, make it a 1d4)
+1 to hit.

Speculation Nation / The blessed lord of Steel: Guts
« on: October 08, 2003, 03:14:32 AM »
assuming Guts is to become the omega to griffith's alpha, i assume that his only chance might lie in becoming as powerful as an godhand. Thus far, the only ones that seem to be a match for the Five (and perhaps have been the ones keeping them in check in the astral plane for the past eon or less) are the four  spirits briefly summoned to empower Schierke's Etherial Barrier (LVL 9!). However, with the appearance of the fifth godhand, a fight between the two opposites would quickly favor the Five. Assuming that the spirits aren't stupid, they must recruit another to their side. The best candidate for this, in my mind, is guts (i mean, who else?)

I think that, should guts ascend to this level, he would represent steel. It makes sense: his entire life revolved around a piece of it, slashing and cleaving through it, dodging it, and dowright taking it in the gut. Also, the other four elements can relate to Steel. Ore is taken from the earth, wind feeds the fire that melts it, along with water that helps temper it.

well, that's all i can write for now. i'm dried up.

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