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Anime Asylum / Speculation about Movie IV
« on: September 16, 2013, 11:43:18 AM »
Since there is no thread that really fits this topic (and before i spam my opinion in threads that don't really have something to do with it) i thought its better to make one here for all your thoughts, hopes, ideas and of course, all your worst fears about what a new movie would look like.

I just recently stumbled upon this interview with Eiko Tanaka from last year, yeah i know it's old but since i'm pretty new to Berserk, roughly a year now, i was a bit surprised, hadn't heard about it yet.

For the sake of order and for completion i will just remove my earlier reply to that from another thread and place it here, since it already contains my opinion/speculations
Quote from: Rendarg
Nice i didn't know it was already official. Well, by the time that interview was released, i was still just reading through the manga for the first time, lol i think i was actually at the Lost Children chapter at that time, so i hadn't seen it until now.
But still, i can't really believe that they would make a whole movie about the Lost Children chapter. Sounds too good to me, considering on how they rush through the Golden Age arc and cut stuff here and there. Sure, this chapter would actually fit perfectly in one movie, its not too long, they wouldn't have to cut much. But when watching the movies i had the feeling, that Studio 4C is only concentrating on the really big events and leaving out what they don't see as too important. That's why, before i heard of this interview, i even thought that they would maybe leave out the Lost Children chapter completely and invent some other way, how Guts meets Farnese and Serpico and gets captured. So they can rush to the next big milestone in Berserk, the Tower of Conviction, which could be split in a new trilogy again. I mean, i love the Lost Children chapter, but hey, they cut the whole Black Swordsman arc, and we all know how they explained Guts childhood, lets make a shitty blurry flashback that no one who hasn't read the manga will be able to understand and never mention Gambino again. So i think my concerns are a bit understandable. I actually think, that the Lost Children chapter in the movie could maybe just be the first 5-10 minutes of the movie, throwing you right into the ending of the Lost Children, maybe altered in some way, so they can leave out people like Jill. And then they rush to the tower.

Well, what are your thoughts about it? Full Lost Children chapter, will they really do it? More CG, or less? What could be left out (of course something will always be cut) without causing too much pain and what should definitely be in the movie? Or who would you like as the voice cast for the new characters? Anything that comes to your mind

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