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Speculation Nation / Who will be the next Guts?
« on: May 30, 2014, 02:21:41 AM »
The way things are shaping up (and seeing as some people get an infinite loop of pain vibe) who do you think will be the next person to follow the path of The Branded Swordsman and Skull Knight.

Isidro has the fighting skills, but Rickert has the trauma.

Speculation Nation / Guts and children
« on: May 26, 2014, 12:46:56 AM »
Anyone ever notice Guts seems a lot kinder and nicer to kids than he is to adults?

Character Cove / Best Berserk Quote
« on: May 17, 2014, 05:51:16 PM »
Everyone! Your favorite Berserk Quote!

Mine favorite is

Guts: (To Mozgus) When you meet your god, TELL HIM TO LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!

Speculation Nation / How do you think Berserk will end?
« on: May 11, 2014, 09:56:08 PM »
If you were to guess Berserk's ending, what would you guess?

I'd say the Big G  :guts: and his crew of warriors  :puck:  :schierke:  :isidro:  :iva:  : :serpico:  :farnese:   :SK:  (along with a newly re badassed Casca  :casca:) lead an army of good spiris from Elfhelm  and EVERYONE GUTS HAS EVER HELPED take the fight to  Falconia.

As the humans and Spirits kill their way to Griffith's throne room, the Godhand feel fear for the first time EVER. The Band of the Wolf (my nickname for Guts and co) take on the Neo Hawks. Guts fights Zodd,  Azan fights Grunbeld, Irvine goes up against Isidro and Schierke. Locus fights Serpico. While fighting Zodd, Guts nearly gives in to The Beast, but finds a balance in it, the middle ground between righteous fury and blind rage. Now, he can fight at full strength without....well going nuts. After handily defeating their foes, Skull Knight and Guts' Band take on the Godhand.

Guts fights Griffith, Farnese and Casca fight Slan, The kids team up to fight Ubik, Skull Knight goes Immediately after Void, leaving Conrad for Sepico and Azan.

The Battle begins, and The IOE starts to interfere to make sure his Godhand win. But suddenly, his powers are blocked by something. A new force appears before the IOE, A being of brilliant light and darkest shadow. It explains itself. "If there is an Idea of Evil, would there not be an Idea of Good as well, a spirit of hope that no matter what, if we can live for the next day, things can improve?" He then forces the IOE to sit the match out, to see if  "Man or monster is stronger."

The heroes kill the Godhand, but Guts stays his final attack, instead allowing Casca to kill Griffith. As the battle ends, humans have won. The IOG smiles, then turns to the IOE. "And now we know. Hope beats despair." The IOE snarls that "Evil will never die" only for the Idea of Good to reply "But it will fall. Time and time again." With that, the soulsof the heroic dead ascend to the IOG's "rest"

Timeskip to 9 years later. A village is celebrating their heroes saving them from an attack by monsters. The two who saved them? A man, dual wielding a Cutlass and Lava dagger, with orange hair and a woman, a sorceress with bright green hair. The two walk away, wonfering what the others are doing.

Cut to Roderick and Farnese arguing with some nobles about how to spread the power of the new "Council of Midland". One makes a threatening move, and Serpico takes his the wrist.

Cut to Puck and Everella flying with other fairies.

Final cut, to someone we DON'T know. A young boy, training with a sword all alone. Long dark hair, pointed ears, wearing black and brown clothing. Small monsters swarm him as the sun sets, and he gives them a VERY familiar smile. He mows them down, only for a huge Ogre to block his path. The boy doesn't even look afraid. The Ogre roars.....and gets bisected and his head cut off. Standing there in the dying light, capes floating in the breeze, The boys parents. Guts and Casca. The boy smiles, then runs in to hug them.

The Final page is blank, except for the closing narration: In this world, man is destined to struggle. He will be beaten, tried, and broken. But, those who struggle and fight, those who never give up, will find happiness in a world gone Berserk.

Character Cove / Each Character in one word
« on: May 10, 2014, 02:18:16 AM »
If you could summarize each character in one word what would it be?

For me:

Guts: Badass

Griffith: Scum

Casca: Broken

Isidro: Potential

Schierke: Wise

Farnese: Complicated

Serpico: Awesome

Magnifico: douchebag

Roderick: Noble

Judeau: Kind

Pippin: Gigantic

Corkus: Hater

The Godhand: Monsters

Rickert: Na´ve

The Dragonslayer: Whoa.

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