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Hello to my fellow collectors,

I have to sell the most part of my collection due to relocation. Currently everything is packed but I will provide any pictures or a short video by requests and I assure you that everything is in perfect condition and never left my shelves.
Up for sale:

No. 395 Berserk 2015-Limited version II - $SOLD
No. 118 Guts & Slan: God Hand - SOLD
No. 398 Femto: The Birth/1:10 scale  *Repaint Version 2015 - SOLD
No. 306 Guts & Casca /1:10 Scale- Red Version - SOLD
No. 357 Berserk -Skull Knight & Beherit- *2014 Brown Eye Version” - 300$
No. 189 Guts Black Swordsman(Exclusive ver. for Volks store) - 100$

I also sell Berserk Figma figures and others, full list available at my MFC profile:

I will ship via EMS from Moscow, Russia. Most of them have their original Art of War packaging (2 more boxes) except Guts & Slan and Guts & Casca. № 189 have no package or blister (this is how I received it) but I will pack him well.
As for payment I would like to request Western Union because of paypal fees. Paypal is okay now!

With the best regards!

Berserk Merchandise / Threezero 1/6 articulated figures
« on: February 02, 2015, 01:35:46 PM »
Another announce! This is going to be expensive year!

Threezero is proud to announce that we are in development of 1:6th scale fully articulated figure based on "Berserk", a Japanese award-winning dark fantasy manga, also known for the TV anime and movie series. More info on this soon!

Upd. 1. Nothing revealed wonder festival winter.

Berserk Merchandise / Upcoming Gecco Berserk statue - 2015
« on: December 19, 2014, 10:15:30 AM »
Good news, everyone!

I was talking with Shinya Akao-san (known as Headlong sculptor) about his great kits and this is what he told me:

Berserk Kit can not be acquired copyright only in the event, I can not sell directly.
I'm sorry, please understand.
But I am making the Berserk Statue at the request of Gecco Corp.
Because it is scheduled to be released next year, please expect.

Thank You.

The only Gecco works I know this far are Pyramid Head statue and Metal Gear Rising statue. I also saw a few Naruto prototypes and their quality above the average.
I hope we will see promo at upcoming Wonder Festival in February.

Speculation Nation / What if Griffith plan to kill God?
« on: December 09, 2014, 01:08:55 PM »
Re-reading Berserk recently I was thinking about balance of powers in the whole Berserk world and get some thoughts I'd like to share with all of you.
I think most of you will agree that Guts not strong enough to wipe God Hand. What moves him? What he will do after curing Casca?

Let's assume that the Idea of Evil through the God Hand in the future will force Griffith to sacrifice his kingdom which he is so long dreamed of. Citing the fact that people are not able to obtain an ultimatum salvation, so they must feel the ultimate in suffering, what Griffith can know or guess. To be an apostle, you have to sacrifice the most dearest. It is possible that some of the apostles regret their sacrifice and this can connect them with Griffith, the idea of revenge God Hand and the destruction Idea of Evil concept in general. In this case, God Hand against Neo Band of Hawk, which seems reasonable.

Guts team is too weak, all the apostles killed by Guts himself and his followers have no chance against Neo Band of Hawk, which holds 5 strong Apostles (Zodd, Gryunberd, Irvine, Rakshasa and Locus) plus Griffith and two girls. Skull Knight must have an interest in all of events happening - he is strong enough to crush all Griffith's apostles one by one (or even together), but keeps them alive for some reason. He also let Zodd survive eclipse events, though reasons allowing him to live are unknown to us.

It is unclear what is the role of Guts in all of this. Zodd knows something about Berserker Armor that also Skull Knight knows - and it scares Zodd. When Guts and Casca were rescued from the eclipse, he was surprised and laughed in anticipation, skirmish on the Hill of Swords - an examination of Guts's strength. Both Zodd and Griffith at that time were stronger than Guts and they also let him live, and we don't know why.

Buying / Selling / WTB: Guts & Slan (Art of War)
« on: November 10, 2014, 02:57:22 PM »
I'm looking for this for years. I know this piece is rare and would be pricy but probably someone would like to sell it.

Also your advices are welcome. I know that this statue very fragile, something else?

ED. Thanks everyone, yahoo provided me one for a really nice price.

Buying / Selling / WTB: Qliphoth resident (Art of War)
« on: October 18, 2014, 07:25:09 PM »

I would really like to have this walking nose. If anyone wish to sell him, please let me know.

Best regards

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