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I got my order today! Thank you so much  :guts:

 I'm very pleased with it!

Thanks for updating!!! I'm glad everything arrived safely! And thank you for your order!  :serpico:

Thank you so much for fixing it. Just ordered myself the Guts charm  :guts:

No, thank you!!!  :guts: :guts: :guts: He'll be on his way to you soon!

I'm so ordering these! Fantastic stuff  :ubik:

Edit: Is the link working for anybody else? It won't load for me.

Ah, of course I'd mess this up! 😓 The URL should be! I'll try to edit the original post on desktop! Sorry for the trouble!

I'm ordering those pins ASAP! Awesome stuff!

Aw, thank you for the kind words! :guts:

Berserk Merchandise / 【FAN MERCH】Berserk buttons & charms I designed!
« on: October 18, 2016, 08:07:07 PM »
Hi, guys! Long time lurker, first time poster on the forums. This past year, I designed some fan Berserk merchandise. I already posted this to the subreddit, so if you've spotted me other there: hi again! None of these are official or licensed; I'm just a fan artist who sells her own merchandise and prints at anime conventions.

3" buttons -- Guts is metallic gold and Griffith is metallic silver.

2.25" Casca button -- when I restock on her, I'm going to try to have accents in rose gold to match the metallic of Guts and Griff.

1.5" black glitter acrylic charm of BoH Guts.

1.5" holographic glitter acrylic charm of BoH Griff... yeah, the banner says "Griffith did nothing wrong."

That's it for now! I wanted to share since I don't see a lot of Berserk fan merch in the west. I'm trying to make some stickers and lanyards, as well. This series has trapped me, haha. If you're curious, they're available on my online store, and all listing prices include domestic shipping + handling. If there's any other Berserk merch you wish existed but currently doesn't, let me know! I'm curious about what people would get a daily use out of.

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