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Encyclopedia: Q&A / Re: Goat God
« on: November 15, 2007, 11:29:04 PM »
That illustration shows up in a few things, probably.  I remember an episode of Urusei Yatsura (looking it up I think it was the fist half of ep. 12) where the gang follows Sakura to a disco on a date with her boyfriend.  He traveled to europe to learn western magic, and summons satan on the dance floor to impress her, or something.  I couldn't figure out how to get a screencap when I had the disc, but I'm positive it was based on the same image.

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 290
« on: September 28, 2007, 08:34:38 AM »
EDIT: Nevermind I saw the copyright symbol under the picture, must be another anime/cartoon character's likeness.

Takarajima, I think.  The Osamu Dezaki one.

Speculation Nation / Re: Would Casca be able to handle the branded life?
« on: August 24, 2007, 10:02:28 PM »
My reply to the topic: Meiko Kaji.  I'm stopping there, I'd just undermine my own position trying to justify it.

Site & Forum News / Re: New default theme - SKnet 2.0 - BOLD new era
« on: April 06, 2007, 05:49:14 PM »
It looks excellent, kudos to you for job well done, sir. 

I'm very appreciative of all the effort everyone who contributes puts into this site, and it's reassuring to see things on the internet get updated.  I start to get separation anxiety if sites look the same for too long, what with the ephemeral and capricious nature of electronic blahblahblah.  With this slick and pleasing new scheme I feel reassured that will not leave me without its informed guidance on one of my favorite serials and that golden ratio of people saying intelligent things to people getting taken to the woodshed for idiocy that becomes harder and harder to find as more of the general population adapts to these new forms of electronic communication.

I look forward to basking in the reflected glory of your engaging and amusing discussions for years to come.  Many happy returns, SK net.

Character Cove / Re: Who is the worst father in Berserk?
« on: February 22, 2007, 10:36:34 AM »

     I could go so far as argue his role as a class war stereotype could be redeemed by his relationship with his daughter.  You can think of his Golden Age antagonism as a long term defense of his child's future if you so choose.  He's really a fairly major minor character, sort of in a Shakespearean way.

    Thinking about Foss's daughter Elise, and how she might appear if presented in the current Griffith storyline, it occurred to me Ganishka arguably blows all human bad Dads out of the water, if you are willing to consider Daka dependent children.

Character Cove / Re: Who is the worst father in Berserk?
« on: February 17, 2007, 07:00:27 AM »
I voted for the king.  To my way of thinking Charlotte turned out worse than Guts, Farnese, Serpico, Jill or even Magnifico.  Plus he was essentially the "father" of Midland, and he didn't exactly take home the gold with that either.

But I've got to echo the consensus on Guts- he is, more importantly than perhaps anything else, a "Dad".  The whole goddamned story beats you over the head with this information.  It's the very reason all these counterexamples show up in the story.

Pick any type of mistreatment in the story, Guts has been on the receiving end of that.  Pick any type of human relationship in the manga that involves competition or power and Guts had a highlighted parallel example of how to not be an asshat in that situation.  Rent The Count of Monte Cristo, or read it even.  Guts is Berserk's #1 Dad.  His only real competition is an apostle who ate his wife and locked his daughter in her room for what, seven years?

Character Cove / Re: Supreme King Aolsier: Previous DS owner
« on: February 04, 2007, 11:42:58 AM »
Hmm, if we examine that image carefully, Aolsier looks posed the way Miura draws characters leading battle charges, doesn't he?  If we know he was the King of Tudor and the Dragon Slayer was forged during the Hundred Years War, it stands to reason he might have been a powerful field general.  I'd venture this dragon that he fought was a powerful enemy from the Midland side.  This dragon would've been similar to Zodd, a legendary battlefield figure who fought in certain battles in the war.  Perhaps there's an ingenious twist to all this, and Aolsier is someone we've already seen with a double identity.  Perhaps that dragon as well.

Putting aside speculation about Aolsier and relying solely on "Armament", I'd assume the dragon the king was trying to kill was an Apostle, if there was a dragon.  The closest we've come to one so far has been Grunbeld, right?

Character Cove / Re: Supreme King Aolsier: Previous DS owner
« on: February 02, 2007, 05:50:21 PM »
It's not impossible, ... But who knows.
Yay! Reasonable doubt!  I can't express my joy.

...after what happened to Godot the DS was probably not a popular topic at the court.
Sorry, I was just trying to suggest the author had an opportunity to expand the backstory there, and didn't.  That's no basis for conclusions, but it was the last opportunity for Guts (w/DS) to interact with those groups and expand on his relationships with them, for a good long while anyway.  If we're going to get DS backstory, I'd guess it could only occur where Guts is/going, or with Rickert & Erica, since they're really the only characters in the story I assume would express knowledge or interest in the DS.  It's plausible Rickert & Erica could turn up with the Holy See Alliance, thus putting them in range of Tudor...s? (plural?)  I'd just get a kick out of seeing them interact with Schierke and Isidro, so I'd prefer them out towards Y's (like the game?).  My silly story isn't necessary for that, and the DS backstory would probably be paired with it being reforged/repaired so it doesn't break, as Godot alluded to the last time he checked it... but getting them back in the story, I'm very curious how Miura will do it.  My twisted reasoning was largely a wild guess at that.

Godot has no lord... The local guy he made equipment for most likely isn't related to the kingdom he used to live in. Don't forget he escaped that kingdom in order to save his life.
 Can't translantions be confounding?  I was referring to the same "local guy" via the DH interpretation, and basing part of what I said on a comment Erica makes about Godot previously.  DH went with "Daddy's real famous in town", blah blah, "local lord"; Puella renders it "called a master smith in this town", "the lords back then".  I'm not sure where Godot's hut is in relation to this town, and the sequence of events in general.  Could anyone enlighten me?

1. Young Godot does work for a local guy/lord, who lives in a town.
Is it the same town Erica brags Godot is known in; near the mine?
2. A King wants a sword to kill a dragon.
This is a different person than Young Godot's previously mentioned employer right?  And is there any indication of how this king relate to that town, or the Young Godot town, if there are two different towns?
3. Godot makes the sword, pisses off "the castle".
Did he go to the castle, send the sword to the castle, mail them a picture of it?  How much is absolutely stated?  The DS either never changed hands, was returned to him, or he took it back somehow, because he's still got it when Guts shows up (how explicit is the timeframe?) fifty years later.  ...Well, we can rule out it not changing hands, on account of Supreme King Aolsier, duh.
4.Godot escapes the castle.  Subsequently, lives in the hut where Guts interacts with him.
Does it state he physically escaped custody, or "escaped" prosecution/a punishment?  On one end of the spectrum he would have to physically break out of a dungeon and hightail it, possibly with a wagonload of large metal objects, on the other, perhaps his life is spared by the king (Supreme King Aolsier, it just roll off the tongue.) but told: "you'll never work in this town again", hence his current digs.

Nothing hints anything about Godot's "original workplace" in the manga. I don't think you should assume that.
 No, there isn't anything like that in the background he and Erica supply.  But thinking about it, the DS was made a long time ago.  Was Godot at the hut when he made it, and if not, is it still a certainty it was made from the precious Elf Metal?  All I remember is a statement that he settled there because of the ore, not that the DS was made from it.  I had based my statement on that, but now that you pointed that out I can't recall if it was established that the DS was made from the ore in the cave.  Did Skull Knight say so at some point?  Naturally the lack of affirmative proof would not mean it was not so, but it seems worth mentioning.  The first sword Guts used on the bulldog/pig apostle a Godot's place likewise isn't explicitly identified as being made out of local ore, but since it was made so recently at that location one assumes so.  It didn't seem to gain any particular bonus from that, if it was made from...Elftainuim...Dwarfanite...ooh, I've got it, Aolsier Metal.

SKA FTW!  By the way, that image isn't from volume 14.  I just have the american releases, and haven't gotten the 15th yet.  I'd look through all of mine for the image, but it's too much work.  If someone else is looking through theirs, perhaps we could split our already small collection in two, and check half of it.  I think I could meet that challenge.  Or, that image isn't in any of the volumes I'm familiar with.

Character Cove / Re: Supreme King Aolsier: Previous DS owner
« on: February 02, 2007, 01:38:49 PM »
I'm as obtuse as possible, but hopefully I won't disturb things by sticking this in here.  It might even play well to the intentions of the discussion.  :???:

Speaking of this mystery kingdom that commissioned the DS, it couldn't have been Eath, could it?  Lots of nobles and military commanders from all the "mainland" kingdoms saw the DS in Vritannis, but there wasn't any hint that anyone recognized the sword.  If you'll play along, assume for the purposes of speculation that Roderick, being young and disinherited, is simply unaware of this old story. The sword's backstory could be altogether unknown, or a state secret like Charlotte's maidenhead, but I kind of doubt that.  I think a "proclamation" sounds like it would've been widely circulated information, and people would've had some curiosity as to how that turned out.  I know Godo worked for a lord near the mountains where Guts encounters him, but the location of the kingdom that requested the DS isn't suggested by the text, is it?  DH uses the article "a".  It doesn't really spell out the relationship between Godo's lord and the castle/king Godo escaped from.  Perhaps they were college buddies?  It would at least explain how Godo could safely hide near his original workplace if the castle he escaped from was actually very far away.  I hope it's okay to bring all that up.  I had to rework it a little for the sake of "brevity".

More likely, there won't be so much additional backstory, but all in fun.  It's a goofy idea I enjoyed thinking up.  I know I didn't tie it together with Aolsier, but I came up with this independently, and it just seem like as good a place as any to mention it.  More fuel for the fire, if nothing else.  Flamify!

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