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Video Games / Re: What Are You Playing?
« on: July 17, 2017, 07:34:48 PM »
Been going through my backlog this past week.

- Finished Metro 2033, which was Ok but didn't feel too original or particularly memorable. Nevertheless I'll get Last Light next time it's on sale.
- Barrelled through Strider, a nice little action/exploration sidescroller based on the classic Arcade game by Capcom. Was neat but somewhat lacking in charm.
- Currently playing The Mage's Tale by inXile Entertainment, a VR dungeon crawler set in the Bard's Tale universe. Having a blast with it, it's easily one of the best VR games out there.

Does anyone know how long it typically takes for new volumes to be available digitally? I've been looking to purchase the episodes that were released after volume 38, though only the most recent few issues of Young Animal are available to purchase on this website. Considering volume 39 was released a few weeks back in Japan, I'm hoping I'll soon be able to buy this digitally. Also, thank you Aaz for making this guide. It really helped me figure out how to buy the Young Animal issue with episode 351!

They only make the last few issues of the magazines available for purchase at any given time, so basically you have to get them when they're out because once they're gone, they're gone (however you do keep those you've bought indefinitely). For the volumes it's a bit more complicated. Hakusensha is trying to spare its print business despite having a digital store, so the releases are always delayed and there's no guarantees for its availability that I'm aware of. Could be next week, could be in six months.

Personally I buy the physical volumes from It's cheap, fast and reliable.

Hi everyone, new member here!

Hello Sixtopia, welcome to our community!

Something that caught my attention early on was the white dove that Puck rides on when he was looking for Guts at the beginning of the episode "The Brand". The panel at the top of page 98 shows the white silhouette of the bird against a dark landscape.

The landscape isn't actually that dark in the original color picture. The sky is cloudy but there is a bluish light over the scenery.

This scene becomes very common later on when depicting The Hawk of Light in the dreams of the Midlanders when the Kushan waged war against them. I'm wondering what is the significance in displaying this scene with Puck as such? I don't think it's necessarily a connection to The Hawk of Light, but I feel there's no reason in drawing the scene this way unless there is some underlying meaning to it.

Like Cyrus Jong said, the obvious connotation would be that Puck is innocent and pure, hence riding a dove. That being said, it's also the beginning of a motif of Puck riding birds (which rarely goes smoothly).

Creation Station / Re: The Art of Rapaz!
« on: July 15, 2017, 05:59:43 AM »
Very nice!

Berserk Merchandise / Re: Prime 1 launches a Berserk line
« on: July 12, 2017, 03:48:00 PM »
Likeness of the face is completely off. :sad:

Berserk Miscellaneous / Re: Happy Birthday, Kentarou Miura
« on: July 11, 2017, 12:11:51 PM »
Happy 51st to our dear mangaka, may it be glorious.

Berserk Anime / Re: 2017 Berserk TV Series (Season 2)
« on: July 09, 2017, 07:30:41 AM »
The 1997 anime wasn't the only way to properly adapt *Berserk*; it just has the reputation of being the best adaptation so far because the quality was pretty solid all-around, and it remained faithful to the story except for leaving out Skull Knight and ending too abruptly.

Actually there's quite a bit more content the 1997 adaptation left out. And to be honest there's no lack of things to complain about, including its low budget (even for the time). The reason it's the best is because the others are absolutely terrible.

A little disappointed that the music is pretty standard fare.

To me it's the dialogue and voice acting that was the weakest part. Hope they can tighten that up for the rest of the show.

Berserk Anime / Re: 2017 Berserk TV Series (Season 2)
« on: July 08, 2017, 08:31:23 AM »
So all the information is from an article in this January 2017 issue of CG World. If I understand correctly it was translated by Frog-kun (Kim Morissey), who passed the information on to Canipa (Collum May).

Thanks for finding this out, and thanks to Kim Morissey for the clarification. It's unfortunate Collum May did not make it clearer that his entire article was sourced from that CG World issue.

I agree with Johnny that the animation and rendering is only one part of the problem. All of the technical difficulties with the 3D could have been avoided if they had ponied up for a decent 2D production staff in the first place, and I reject the notion that it could have only been made in 3D. I think it could have been made decently in 3D if they'd given it to a more capable 3D studio such as Toei or Polygon, but given the state of the art right now it probably couldn't look as good as proper 2D.

Of course, these are just excuses conjured up by someone to try and shift the blame away from themselves. And the obsession with 3D is purely a budget matter.

Anyway, Itagaki's incompetent directing style and the series composition that left out so much material would have shot the show in the foot even if it had been gorgeously animated. I thought the movie trilogy was wonderfully animated whenever it stuck mostly with 2D, but the problems with the story and writing alone were enough to bring it down.

Exactly. As Walter has said in the past, the core problem with these productions is that the people working on them clearly don't understand what Berserk is about. That's why both the movies and the TV series are terrible. They systematically put emphasis on the wrong scenes, wrong lines, wrong moments. The timing is always off, the tone is always improper. It's actually quite stricking to me that supposed professionals could be so inept. In comparison, for all its numerous flaws, at least the '97 TV series understood the work it was adapting, and that's why it remains superior to this day.

Woke up this morning to find the animated Castlevania series is on Netflix.

I'm very happy with how it turned out. It is faithful to the Castlevania lore, is based on what has to be the most interesting game for an adaptation (Dracula's Curse), and has decent enough production value (especially compared to what they did to Berserk...). However I'm surprised they only released 4 episodes out of what I assumed must be a total of 10 or 12.

EDIT: Well Netflix has officially ordered 8 more episodes, which should conclude the series. No release date however. :sad:

Berserk Anime / Re: 2017 Berserk TV Series (Season 2)
« on: July 07, 2017, 04:46:03 PM »
This article on the series just came out BTW, outlining the behind the scenes disaterpiece that occurred.

It's unfortunate they provide zero sourcing for all that behind-the-scenes information. Anime News Network should at least attempt to look professional.

That aside, the main problem I have with this article is how the author attempts to paint the situation as a tragic inevitability, with the conclusion basically being that no one should be blamed. On the contrary, every person who worked on that clusterfuck of a project bears the blame for it. That includes the director and producer, but not only. I don't buy the bullshit excuse about 3DSMax not being able to render the models because they were so good, so they had to be turned into shit instead. It's a cheap excuse. It all just reeks of poor planning, poor skills, poor management, poor execution. A squandered budget by a bunch of incompetents who hopefully will never work in the field again.

Berserk Miscellaneous / Re: Berserk: The Flame Dragon Knight novel
« on: July 05, 2017, 01:22:43 PM »
Oh, and don't get me wrong, I expect the Grunbeld novel to be average at best, but I'm annoyingly a completionist xD I played through Sword of the Berserk to get the full story.

Hah, I have three versions of the DC game: Japanese edition, US edition and UK edition (the one I originally played). Like Oburi said, it was actually a great game when it came out, had top notch production value. As far as I'm concerned it is the best merchandise Berserk has ever got, and I'd much prefer to get a remake of it than another Musou turd.

Berserk Miscellaneous / Re: Berserk: The Flame Dragon Knight novel
« on: July 04, 2017, 07:39:04 PM »
I apologize if I seemed pissy--I legitimately thought it was an odd thing to hear on the internet.

Yeah I can hear that, however we've always promoted the idea that people should support the author of a work if they're going to call themselves fans of it.

I was unaware that Young Animal did English publications since it looks like it's a local thing.

It doesn't, it's in Japanese. We do our own translations on the side as a way to allow discussion (and also because other translations aren't very accurate). It's not perfect, but it works.

If we never get an English release of this book, I imagine I'll invest in the Japanese release, but it would be nice to actual know the story.

That's understandable. No idea whether it will come out stateside or not, but I'm sure an exhaustive summary will emerge eventually (I personally don't have time for it right now, nor much interest). A member called Gordol already posted some information a few days ago.

Berserk Miscellaneous / Re: Berserk: The Flame Dragon Knight novel
« on: July 04, 2017, 05:30:22 AM »
That's fair--though a funny thing to hear from someone on a site where people discuss the latest chapters--whereas official release-wise, we're just now getting Volume 38.

We actually buy the issues of Young Animal in which Berserk's episodes are prepublished. We have a step by step guide on how to do it, too. What's not funny though is some random dude coming over and asking us to translate a book for him, and then getting pissy when we don't.

Berserk Miscellaneous / Re: Misconceptions about Berserk
« on: July 02, 2017, 05:07:48 PM »
How would you explain this phenomenon?

Berserk is without a doubt one of the most sophisticated graphic novels ever created. I'm not saying it requires a PhD in Quantum mechanics to understand, but it's aimed at an adult audience. To properly enjoy it, one ought to be relatively mature and thoughtful, to be worldly-wise and at least somewhat knowledgeable in the humanities. Beyond that, it needs to be read thoroughly, attentively and considerately.

But Berserk is also an action manga, and an exceptional one at that. It contains some of the best fights and struggles of the entire medium. That aspect of it, along with its grisly realism, attracts a certain crowd of online readers. These people's consumption of the story takes place through online piracy, and they read the entire manga in a matter of hours. They ingurgitate it indiscriminatingly alongside dozens of other series. The versions they read are badly translated, but they don't care so long as it's free. Besides, they're not here for the dialogue, but because someone online promised them "shock and gore".

That is how I explain this phenomenon. These folks are the complainers, the guys who don't get it and don't want to get it. They don't care about story development or characters or world building. What they want is shock and gore and the kind of things Rob Liefeld thought were cool in the nineties. Oh, and they want them now, right this instant.

Is it unique to this fandom?

No idea.

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 351
« on: June 30, 2017, 01:09:00 PM »
I guess you mean in his fœtus form, because as the moonlight boy, there is no mention of either Guts or Casca sensing him through the Brands (I verified).

I meant any of the forms he's taken so far. As the Demon Child, as Griffith, and as the Moonlight Boy. In the latter case, the Brand isn't depicted specifically, however Casca is shown sensing him in volume 36. And the only supernatural sensing ability she possesses, like Guts, is through her Brand. The alternative you propose, some obscure "corruption", is unspoken of in the entire story. There has never been a single hint of it.

Also, what make you think Guts don't identify his fœtus form through the brand as well as Casca? I've no problem reading Berserk again, but it's gonna take me a while if I have to read everything again to find the concerned part.

What makes me think that is the manga... Casca is shown systematically sensing her son when he's nearby, while Guts doesn't, or at least not with nearly the same accuracy. Call it motherly instinct or whatever else you want, but they have a connection. And that connection started right when he was born, and crawled up to her breast... to suck on her Brand.

I agree with all that. What I don't agree with is that Casca recognised her son in Griffith through her brand specifically.

The reason she came out to see him in the first place is because she knew —through her Brand— it was her son. Literally everything in the scene makes it clear Casca recognized her son in Griffith. Including the fact Casca does not remember anyone from before her illness, and therefore could not have remembered Griffith himself (and would not have reacted like that if she had).

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 351
« on: June 30, 2017, 11:39:29 AM »
If that's the case, why Guts don't recognise him? He has been in contact with his son plenty of time before (probably even more than Casca), and he's way more familiar with the brand than Casca. In fact I don't recall at any point Guts noticing any reaction from his brand coming from his son's current form.

Guts never had as keen a sense for him as Casca did. Meanwhile, literally every time the boy appears Casca is shown sensing him through her Brand. That connection was likely established when he was born, and relates to the fact she carried him in her body. That's why I said it was something she did instinctively. You would be wise to re-read the relevant parts of the manga before posting further on the subject.

The pain she feel at this time and the amount/way the blood was dripping from the brand was clearly the same as when Guts faced Griffith in the black swordmans arc, just toned down. I highly doubt she could have recognised her son in that.

Really, you shouldn't be arguing with me if you don't even remember the scene. Casca felt her son's presence from far away, while she was eating with Erika and Puck inside the cabin. She ran to him in the snow, and called out to him as she literally has done in every encounter with him, not caring about danger at all. And when the boy forced Griffith to save her, she reached for him despite the excruciating pain (which, understandably, greatly confused Guts). Then she is shown longing for him after he departs. There is absolutely no doubt she recognized her son in that scene.

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 351
« on: June 30, 2017, 10:36:23 AM »
Speaking of this, what knowledge will she have about her son once she's back?

That's a good question. We don't know what memories she will have from her insane days. One of my guesses is that she'll only have snippets from here and there. I think she'll need to relearn/rediscover what she instinctively knew about her son.

she was able to identify him as her son even after changing to his current form and she can even feel him when he's nearby. That probably means that when Griffith corrupted the fœtus, Casca was also corrupted to some extent.

Uhhh, no. She just could feel him with her Brand. While it's likely not something the God Hand intended, we've seen that the Brand allows those who carry it to feel the presence of evil and other supernatural beings with surprising accuracy. See for example how Guts could tell Flora was a witch upon seeing her, but also knew she wasn't evil. So Casca, while she was insane, could recognize her son instinctively as a mother through that particular sensation. That's why she could tell it was him even when Griffith showed up in volume 22, or when the Boy in the Moonlight first appeared. She will retain that ability even after she's cured, but might need some time to remember why that particular sensation feels familiar.

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 351
« on: June 30, 2017, 09:57:15 AM »
Digital YA is out

Thanks for the info! At first I was surprised that volume 39 isn't available yet, but then I remembered it took them years to stock the more recent ones after they launched this online store. I hope they'll make it available faster this time.

Berserk Miscellaneous / Re: Berserk: The Flame Dragon Knight novel
« on: June 28, 2017, 09:32:41 PM »
I would really love to know the story of Zodd

And that's how you would want to read it? In a fucking novel written by some random guy? What a dismal thought.

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 351
« on: June 28, 2017, 05:46:06 PM »
I don't think there's much evidence for that, Casca in her current state is hostile towards men, but there's no reason why Casca would still be like that when her mind is restored, plus it seems like overkill for her to still carry the weight of her trauma with her after she recovered from that very same trauma. Not that I'm expecting her to be all sunshine and rainbows after being insane for four years

Not being insane anymore isn't the same as being 100% rid of all trauma. What they're doing here is trying to convince Casca to return to the world, to face her pain. They're not wiping her mind. Anyway, I said Casca will probably not want to immediately resume a romantic relationship when she's restored, do you disagree with that? Otherwise what do you mean by not being all sunshine and rainbows?

I would have least thought, by this time they would have known who Griffith was and what he meant to Casca (they haven't even any memories of him in his tortured state yet,) it's going to get even more confusing when they see him in his God Hand form.

They know who Griffith is/was. They've both had plenty of exposure and have even seen him, albeit from afar. In fact Guts was talking about him not so long ago, in episode 345. We also don't know how much they've seen in Casca's memories so far. We've only been shown a fraction of all the fragments they've collected, and Miura could have very well done so on purpose, keeping some of them off screen so that they could be evoked through flashbacks near the moment of crisis. If needed, Farnese and Schierke could very well just think back to those fragments they gathered off-screen earlier. Or maybe the last fragment will be a massive one that'll incorporate a whole slew of moments. Either way I'm not worried about confusion.



I am interseted in what she will think of Griffith after this though, I'm not one of the conspiritards who thinks Casca is going to flock to Griffith's side, but I don't think she has the capacity to hate him with the same intensity as Guts, he was after all the second most important man in her life.

Are you sure you're not one of those guys? Because you sound like them. "He was after all the second most important man in her life"... and then he sacrificed her and all her friends (who were horribly butchered), then gruesomely raped her in front of her boyfriend. Speaking about "intensity of hatred" feels like a complete cop-out to me, as if she would ever somehow give him a pass for what he did. Remember who else couldn't hate Griffith like Guts? Rickert. And he straight up slapped him in the face the next time he saw him, told him how he felt and stormed out. I don't understand how anyone could expect Casca to feel something other than disgust/pain/anger/fear/depression about Griffith. Oh and just you wait till she learns he corrupted her and Guts' son, and then later on took over his body for himself.

Which brings me to another tangent, this all puts Griffith in a very vulnerable position, if Guts discovers from Casca that the moonlight boy is indeed his son and sharing a body with Griffith, then Griffith has just handed his greatest enemy knowledge about his only weak spot.

I have been saying that the Boy in the Moonlight will be Griffith's downfall for literally ten years. However you're misreading the situation here. First, Griffith hasn't handed anything to anyone. His weakness lies in the fact the boy would probably not let him hurt his parents without reacting. He'd try to stop him or to take over the body like he did in volume 22. That's an unforeseen side effect of the incarnation process. Second, that knowledge, that their son's life is tied to that of their enemy, is sure to bring them immense anguish and doubt. Would they risk killing their son? I don't believe Casca would, and despite everything I don't believe Guts would either.

On a side note, I don't think Griffith considers Guts his greatest enemy, and I don't think Casca will emerge from her stupor with intricate knowledge about her son and Femto. They will probably need to figure that out afterwards.

Manga Mausoleum / Re: Volume 39 release
« on: June 27, 2017, 10:25:11 PM »
Even when dealing with Guts and the rest of the main cast?  It's only a couple of instances, but it just stuck out because for majority of the time, there is detail when it can fit.

It completely depends on the scene/panel, but yeah even the main cast can be drawn by an assistant. Of course the beauty of it is it's not too obvious so long as you're not expressly looking for it.

It is interesting to see him recompose art to use again.  I wonder if this will be a common thing.

This is related in that I think reusing panels is something that's being tried by the team to lighten their work load. Seems they're trying to remix Miura's own artwork to produce a quality result with less effort. Obviously it's had varying degrees of success, so I'm not sure how it'll go in the future.

Berserk Miscellaneous / Re: Berserk: The Flame Dragon Knight novel
« on: June 27, 2017, 09:41:58 PM »
(apparently, according to this summary)

It seems to me that your entire train of thought is based on an interpretation (the fact Grunbeld showed himself in his apostle form to tons of people who lived to tell about it) that I think should be taken with a grain of salt. I believe the wiser course of action is to not upend what had been established until now before we get more details. And even then, really, this remains a side-story from a third party, so whatever discrepancies it might contain should be viewed with skepticism in my opinion.

Berserk Miscellaneous / Re: Berserk: The Flame Dragon Knight novel
« on: June 27, 2017, 09:07:34 PM »
As depressing as the thought is, I'm trying to imagine what the novel being "canon" would even mean in terms of the manga.

"Guts! You and I are not so different, which you'd know if you'd read BERSERKŪ: The Flame Dragon Knight, available now at CDJapan and!"

Come on, let's not exaggerate things.

Something I've wondered about the Berserk world is how the existence of apostles wasn't more well known before the eclipse; given how many legends have grown around monsters in our own world, one would think even a handful of witnesses/survivors of transformed apostles would be enough to get the word out and people wouldn't be so surprised to encounter someone like Wyald or Zodd.

Well it's not like there aren't any tales of monsters (and other fantasy creatures such as elves) in Berserk, that much is established early on (for example when Zodd is introduced in volume 5). It's just that they aren't that common in the more populated areas.

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 351
« on: June 27, 2017, 08:58:14 PM »
So, not even a story credit for Miura on the book beyond "based on" status?  :sad:

Same thing I said in the novel thread weeks ago. Novel: Makoto Fukami | Original: Miura Kentarou
Hypothetically it's possible be that Miura provided an outline or something, but nothing explicitly indicates it.

So then....this means the "Berserk: Flame Dragon Knight" light novel is actually canon after all?  :magni:

When was it not supposed to be canon? It was a done deal as soon as we knew Miura was providing illustrations for it.

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