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Creation Station / Painting some Berserk on my wall!
« on: December 31, 2010, 05:57:33 AM »
Hey everyone,

I've been living by myself (with a cat) in my house for about 6 years now. I have this crazy tall chimney/wall that's connected to my fireplace. My dad painted the bottom of it and glued some decor on it as art. I like it, but he never got around to painting the other two tiles. Recently, I have been redoing my living room so pretty much all the furniture in the pictures below have been replaced. Well, here are the pictures first before I start explaining:

So that's my living room and those are the tiles. I was thinking of getting him (or just myself) to paint the middle tile with clouds then something for the top tile and be done with it. Than I was thinking well maybe the top tile I could paint a big eclipse. I feel if I did that than it wouldn't be TOO over the top as I would still like to have a somewhat classy house that isn't anime/manga infested (I've removed all my wall scrolls etc). I feel if I were to leave the bottom tile the way it is and than a big eclipse on the top tile it'll be a subtle tribute to Berserk. But I recently decided to just go for it and do it all the way. My new layout in the living room is mainly Black/brown and red so naturally I thought the 5 god hands in the eclipse scene would be a perfect fit! Plus, I could get away with my limited painting skills as I could do more of an abstract hand with a huge black circle for an eclipse on the top tile. Well, here is a a quick (rough) photoshop example below:

I'm using the manga as reference of course but also this card from one of the figures I got that should be helpful as the hand on the middle tile is going to be closer to this picture.

So in order to make it not so scary and as tasteful as I can in my living room.. I'm not going to have all the screaming dead people on the picture. Instead, it'll be blends of red to make up the hand. Again, this is for my living room that I plan to keep there for a while. The red is going to be pretty dark and I'll probably blend different color reds with a little shadow to make hand stick out of the red background. I'll have to figure out something more to do on the bottom tile as oppose to just a bunch of red mess. But again, limited painting skills and kinda going for a little abstract. Well, I think this will be pretty cool when done.  What do you guys think? Angle the hand to the left or right? Make the eclipse smaller? Paint something else? Forget the whole thing and cry in a lonely corner?? Let me know! I'll be posting a few actual paintings (small scale) for example before I decide to do it on the big tiles.

Looking to buy these 2 statues, if anyone has them for sell. PM me. Thanks

Guts: Black Swordsman: Episode of Birth Feast Heavy Blood/Heavy Blood with red eye (either one) - bought.

Guts: Armored Berserk Bloody with Large Green Beherit -no money at the moment to purchase! = [

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