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Vagabond / Re: Custom Vagabond Young and Old
« on: July 14, 2013, 05:00:01 AM »
Thanks for sharing your work and congrats on the good work! On older Musashi, I like what you did to his hair. On younger Musashi, bunching the hair up (plus it kinda looks alive, yeah!) and the dirt-rough effect on his clothes look darn good. The only thing that strikes me is that younger Musashi's face doesn't look like him ... if anything it kinda reminds me of Gion Toji. Are you planning to sell these or make more maybe?
Thanks for the interest unfortunately the hair that I use is perfect for the figure and it was a sheer luck that I found one at ebay back then.
Well the young version is not what we use to see that young on vagabond. I still used the same face came from kai sand it and repaint it to remove the beard and I wanted it pony tailed since I want to make a young war version. Well it cost me a lot to build this two and its one of a kind. Actually I was inspired by lalla's musashi to make one and he sold it with a big buck. PM me maybe we could work things out. this is my only piece since I have kai musashi also and I have offers for this two. just email me at

Vagabond / Custom Vagabond Young and Old
« on: July 11, 2013, 04:35:32 AM »
Hello guys This will be my 1st time sharing my finish product of Custom 1/6 Vagabond. It takes me 4months to finish rooting the Head of both Musashi. remodeled the face, rooted and repaint it.

-HS (from Kai studio) please support original it is blood and sweat of the artist.
-TTM body
-Custom Clothes

Oh my god! your my God now! :guts:

Creation Station / Re: 1/6 Berserk Guts( Black Swordsman) Sculpt
« on: November 15, 2012, 04:46:35 PM »
is this a dead end? let me know if yous till recast have the heads very interested or PM me at you can email me also the painted version. thanks

WOw hope the project still at progress:) anyway kyekye do you have plans on recasting Guts head? let me know:) thanks

planning to make another version with removable armor since this one are not. hehe.

Oohh!! Cool~~
I'm not the only one having fun with 1/6 scale figures!
Congratulations on your awesome project! ^_^

Thanks Idol :guts:

Well I just got a new cape unfortunately the jaw part broke off and I need to fix it again. Anyway I'm uploading some videos at youtube the outcome still fixing the chest part soon.
thanks guys

Creation Station / Re: 1/6 Berserk Guts( Black Swordsman) Sculpt
« on: May 27, 2012, 03:59:53 PM »
Great headsculpt bro.. how much if with paint job. I'm interested to get one:) does it fit on ht ttm body? . thanks

Hello There I want to share our Latest Work Not As Great as Kyekye(my Idol :guts:) But Here it goes. soon 2nd paint job will be added and more blood and we will change the Cape too; much longer and wired one to make it flow gracefully. 100% fully armored sculpted Except the Head.
Ill add more pictures soon.

Brought to you by:

Creation Station / Re: Custom Berserk Action Figures Aug 7, 2011-Zodd
« on: August 01, 2011, 04:25:13 PM »
Sorry for the Bad quality my camera got busted I just use my ancient phone.
updates: Zodd The Immortal
Aug 2, 2011


Creation Station / Re: Custom Berserk Action Figures
« on: July 26, 2011, 04:30:16 AM »
He didn't say anything about the head. :slan: Though yeah, we've read the manga and although the head is bigger at first, it's not that big. A reasonable difference though in an action figure, especially since you've fit Guts head in there/chosen to make it visible. It's cool, I like it.

I'd like to know more about what went into it, such as the base figure you used (would make for a good comparison shot)? There's engravings on the arms and legs for example, and Walter guessed it could have been Sauron?

Yeah I forgot to mention the base was sauron I just resculpt the arms and legs it was hard to put putty on it I don't want to sacrifice the joints and articulation of the figure. The chest to head is 100% sculpt. if you remove the helmet and armor its just nothing I remodel and sculpt it to look like guts after that I made the mask. Honestly there are lots of errors on this model but its good a prototype.
Today I just finish sculpting Zodd but I have to work out on the cape and weapons. Ill post some picture once the item is done.:)

Speculation Nation / Re: How did SK know Guts was born from a corpse?
« on: July 25, 2011, 05:42:08 PM »
Well SK knows lot of things possibly his immortal too just like Zodd since they are rivals and they live 400yrs.
possibly SK know since he talked to witch Flora; you "know" witches they know everything its like they are psychic! lolz

Its just my theory that SK is an old apostle or he walk same path as guts but he failed or He need guts to finish the job.
another theory for me the light of hawk that they portray is not griffith, its Guts. since griffith is like an anti-christ.

Speculation Nation / Re: What if the manga wasn't titled Berserk?
« on: July 25, 2011, 05:10:20 PM »
The Misadventures of Guts and Puck
The Relentless Swordsman and his sidekick elf
My best friend, My Lover and My friend

Hand of God
black swordsman
one eyed Swordsman
Band of the Hawk
Beherit Egg
Sword of Berserk

Creation Station / Re: Custom Berserk Action Figures
« on: July 25, 2011, 03:27:06 PM »
That's really cool. The proportions are a bit off but I like the fact that he can move his arms. Good stuff.
actually if you read the manga and other details the head is big when berserk mode. until they redesign it again and its much smaller version when the little witch controlling it. honestly the wrong part of is the thigh parts its smaller but it should be big since thats his armor, I had a problem on that if I redone it it won't be as articulate. You have to sacrifice a lot and if I put the armor He possibly look short since it all gear up. sculpting an armor is a messy job. it has to be proportion...
Don't worry this is just a prototype, Ill be doing another berserk mode again from the statue from 25thyr:).

Hey foxhunter, welcome to the forum! :guts: That's a great figure you have there, I really like the little details you've added to the armor. I'm curious though, is there any story behind this Wolf version you've put together? Also, can you tell us a little about the process of creating this figure?
Thanks! actually This is base on the manga if you read volume 26 page 181, Thats when the little witch. if its ok in this forum (no it's not) you can read it here:D

Well the process is... it take time and patience since you have to put layers and layers of scale armor on the body and it takes time to cure the sculpted part; 8hrs to be exact if you want it to be perfect. The hardest part since you have to level the lining and design of the scale, it looks easy but its very hard to create one....

Hello there I'm a big fan of berserk from the philippines. Sad to say its rare to find Any berserk Action figure or statue here in my country and even if I found one I'm sure I can't afford to get one(anyone care to donate :ubik:). Anyway this is my attempt on making a Berserk prototype action figure, Hope your be gentle to me.
- Guts Fully armored Wolf Version(berserk)-Complete
- Zodd the immortal(human)-Complete
- Guts Fully Armored Wolf version(controlled)-HOTTOYS
- Guts Fully armored Skull version
- Skeleton Knight with horse
Drawing board:
- Guts Fully Armored Wolf Version(berserk) redone
- Zodd The Immortal(demon)???
- Griffith with horse

info: base on this figure
-95%fully resculpt
-dragon slayer sword 100%

prototype silver

final version

More photos on this video:



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