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As for her current state, she's not really herself, and she's 1) generally afraid of men because she was raped 2) currently afraid of Guts because he brutalized her twice in volume 23

I marvel on how many fans seem to forget this. So many people love saying how ungrateful Casca is as proof that she sucks and doesn't deserve Guts when she actually has a justifiable reason to have an aversion to him.

I know alot of fans eat that scene up but it always made me roll my eyes at Casca. I guess I am looking at this from someone who knows where she will eventually end up, so it makes her her bravado come off insincere to me in light of that.

I am one of those fans that ate up this scene and I am miffed it got taken out of the movie, it was a real turning point that showed that Guts was softening toward Casca and starting to admire her grit. Did you think it was sexist or something? i have heard people bitch about that, and I disagree. So yeah...what was "insincere" about her "bravado" can you explain your self please?

I don't know why people think she is Kushan or something, ever notice that in spite of her complexion and features no one in he context of the story ever comments on them as though it is out of the ordinary?

Her featrues are exotic, just because no one comments on them does not mean she is not mean her ethnicity is not "different" then the other midland people. Although I do agree she is probably not black. Her skin tone is not that much darker then Guts really. Look at this colored shot from the manga:

Quote Casca having an in your face obnoxious attitude is a sign of her being a black girl? Kind of racist don't you think? Casca is not black get over it people, and stop saying it is because of how she acts or looks or the size of her supposedly hot ass.

Why does so many people get on Casca's case for her attititude? I don't even know what to say here...

Character Cove / Re: When Griffith strangled Guts...
« on: April 04, 2014, 07:13:35 PM »
Griffith had no gripping strength at all, so while he put his hand on Guts' neck, it's not like he could exert any pressure. Guts moved to hug Griffith and that motion alone was sufficient to dislodge Griffith's hand. Nothing too complicated really. Check out how it was done in the TV series if you need, it's more accurate than what was depicted in the movie.

I just rewatched this in the anime I noticed that the anime cut out the scene where Judo notices some malice from Griffith when he tries to grab his neck. Interesting because I could have sworn the anime had this in there. I guess that is one thing the movie did right for once.

I remember being slightly confused by this little exchange and it is so nice to have other people to bounce off little details like this off of. It makes the whole expereince all the more enjoyable.

you know what I am surprised no one mentioned, the fact that when Casca was ordered by Griffith to lay naked with Guts that she was still there lying naked next to him when he woke up, and then without a single care for her state she gets up in front of him, totally naked, for him to see and casually dresses in front of him. AS IF SHE DID NOT CARE IF HE SAW HER LIKE THAT!

And then in the second movie she punches Guts in the face over  seeing her naked! It kind of makes her reaction seem all the more ridiculous since (in this version) she didn't seem to care before.

Everything else I think everyone else covered pretty much. Especially that review by Aaz, good job! I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Actually maybe not. My birthday was earlier this month and my boyfriend knows how crazy I am about Berserk so what does he do? He bought me the first dvd volume of the anime series and the first volume of the manga from Darkhorse, and he admitted that he was persuaded by my "the manga and anime is better!" entreaties and actually thumbed through the first volume of the manga and his reaction
was "not bad" he said he liked the art and he thought Guts was a whole lot more fascinating as a soulless bastard then the idiot trying to get approval from Griffith, and he liked the dynamic of him and Puck. What he was most impressed with was build up of the apostles and behelt. Though not nearly hooked (yet) he said it was interesting and if I ever get the second volume on my own he might look through it to see what happens (I guess volume one ends on a cliff hanger. Though he was confused on why the story of the first volume is not the one in the movie. I explained to him it was the events of volume four and it was a flash back. He asked why it did not start with the true beginning of the story and what the point of the flash back was. I explained to get why he is friends with Griffith before everything went south for them. He asked me why they did not use this first. I do not have an answer, why did they start with the golden age instead of the black swordsman arc first?

Also quick question, did the anime movie portray Casca's appearance accurately to the manga? I have seen a few people around the net complaining that the anime movie white washed her appearance while others have said that the Casca's appearance was on of the few things it did right and that the 97 anime took liberties in Casca's skin tone and features. I always thought the 97 anime gave Casca a slightly more exotic look but I did not think the anime movie white washed her that badly in comparison, other than just having a different animation style.


Character Cove / Re: When Griffith strangled Guts...
« on: March 28, 2014, 08:52:01 PM »
that scene was always so raw for me in both the anime and especially the manga, I love how Miura conveys so much without even any inner dialogue to convey what is going on in a characters head. Just visual reactions.

What is weird is that in the anime movie Griffith  took hold of Guts throat and Guts had to either pull himself away or some how remove Griffith's hand for him. was that how it played out in the manga? I was pretty sure that Griffith's hand flopped down from the effort of putting his hand up to touch Guts throat without Guts breaking grip.

You know I have a somewhat interesting story that ties in to just how shoddy and thrown together this movie is. As an adaption that is supposed to potentially pull in new viewers and satisfy old ones it falls really short. (But really I am just stating a redundant fact at this point by saying that, and I realize that). But I got first hand how crappy it is from an outsiders perspective.

My boyfriend and I like to share each others fandoms and try to get each other into what we like. He introduced me to Game Of Thrones through the series and I liked it, and recently has gotten me into the books as well. I am a fairly new Berserk fan, (just over a year have I been an active fan) and I got introduced through the 97 anime series, and I was hooked. I was not even finished with the anime series when I was trying to get him to watch it and give it a try. I was like, "hey, if you like Game of Thrones you might like this series I just found called Berserk." However my boyfriend is iffy about watching animated series and refused to sit through 25 episodes, so I found the movie online and sat him down (he only agreed to watch the movie to get his feet wet) of the first installment. And I wish I had sat down and watched it myself before I had pulled him in to watch the first movie. It was embarrassing. As early as the dream sequence when Guts is remembering the "rape" by Donavan and the image of Gambino, I had to fill in the blanks on who he was and what was going on in that scene. By the time we got to the attack on Zodd my boyfriend stopped me and said, "how is it you have to fill in so much for me on what is going? I understand it is a movie adaption, but even the shittiest movie adaptions at least have enough where a new comer can piece together the skeleton of what is going on." He then told me to stop filling in details for him and that after the movie is done he will tell me what he got from it.

At the end he said he was kind of "meh" and said he did not get any of the political stuff and that Griffith just seemed self serving and weird and that he did not get any of the emotional tension. Like why Guts got all flustered when Casca yelled at him after the time skip. Or why one minute Guts and Griffith want to kill each other and then suddenly they are ready to die for each other. My boyfriend actually rolled his eyes when Guts told Zodd not to touch Griffith (after he was knocked out) saying he was his friend; my boyfriend looked at me said "really?"He thought Guts was low on intelligence and almost oafish and that Griffith was just using him and saw him as inferior. He made no emotional connection when Guts seemed sad after hearing Griffith's speech to Charlotte about what he thought a friend was. He thought Guts was stupid for wanting his approval. The only emotional tension he was clearly interperted right was Casca's hostility toward Guts (well it is kind of apparent why) but he thought Casca was out of place and did  not get why she was there at all. Just for the sake of having warrior chick?

Over-all he thinks Berserk is kind of dumb and does not get why I am so hooked on it. He said it looks like it might be interesting but has no desire to check out the anime series let alone the manga.

As for me. Meh! The only thing I sort of liked was that Guts and everyone else look more age appropriate after the 3 year time skip. In the anime series, I thought they looked too old for it to have been only three years after Guts joined the hawks. At least in the movie Guts looked reasonably like a 18/19 year old.

Berserk Merchandise / Re: Casca Figma
« on: February 21, 2014, 08:24:38 AM »
Oh cool a Casca figure from when she was still sane and a warrior. I also like how her under shirt is peach instead of pink.

Anime Asylum / Re: Which of the new animes have been dubbed in English?
« on: February 21, 2014, 08:20:26 AM »
I hear most of the voice cast from original anime dub are reprising their roles... I wonder how much their acting chops have approved over the last 15 to 16 years.  For those of you who have seen the dubbed movies, how do they measure up compared to the 97 anime series?

Character Cove / Re: Guts and Corkus's relationship/interactions
« on: February 21, 2014, 07:33:54 AM »
does that mean that Casca gets the same consideration? Because I notice that several Berserk fans vocally hate Casca for the way she treated Guts in the early band of the hawk days and how she acts toward him now. During the early golden age arc she was just as critical and derisive toward Guts as Corkus

Could you point some of these "fans" out to me...? That's not how I've seen people talk about Casca here

Maybe not here, but any other place I've tread in the berserk fan community she is quite despised. It's: "Casca is a bitch, she makes Guts suffer", or "I hate Casca you know she is just going to betray Guts," and  worst of all, "Casca enjoyed getting raped by Griffith! That whore!" or something to that affect. If you are a Casca fan it is very depressing. That is one reason why I joined this particular board. You guys seem a bit more reasonable and not so hate biased.

But enough about Casca...does anyone find it ironic that if it weren't for Corcus trying to rob him, that Guts would not have been put in a position to even join the Hawks? Its all thanks to Corcus, I wonder if he was ever aware of that lol. I love the subtle hints of irony Miura throws into his character interactions. I do not know if Miura was consciously aware that he had done this or if it was intricately planned out that Corcus, the guy who had the most butt hurt over Guts (other than Casca) being in Hawks, was the one almost primarily responsible for getting put in the hawks.

And Walter, I greatly enjoyed reading your comments on Corcus's point of view on Guts. I think to many people over look Corcus's reasons for having issues with Guts as him just being a hater. I think something that needs to be considered about Corcus is that, before he was defeated by Griffith, Corcus was in a leadership position. He lead his own gang of thieves and was under no one. Sure he became an officer in Hawks, but he was still under Griffith, Guts himself even hits a raw nerve with Corcus in the bar scene about having aspirations himself.

Guts is physically much stronger than Corkus and could have knocked him out any time he insulted him

Wasn't there a scene where Guts came close to a confrontation with Corcus, where Corcus was eager to step outside to fight him? I can't remember the specifics but I think Casca jumped in and told Corcus to back off.

For this part, I know it's just speculation and my imagination, but I'm sure that despite his threats, Corkus would have had Guts's back if he had the opportunity to save him in battle and vice-versa.

hm, now that is something I do not know, Corcus even admitted to Guts face that he sometimes aimed his arrows at him during battle so I wonder if he would actually do that.

Character Cove / Guts and Corkus's relationship/interactions
« on: January 29, 2014, 01:19:09 AM »
hey I am new to this board and a fairly new Berserk fan in general (only been a regular fan for a about ba year), this manga is awesome and I'm glad I finally got to be involved here. I spent quit a lot of time browsing on here before I started topic of my own and I am pretty sure this hasn't been discussed just yet (or at least I didn't see alot of it in my searches) and I was wondering about the special dynamics of Guts and Corkus from the band of the hawk/falcon days. It is really interesting how these two interacted. Corkus was such a hater and I know some people in the berserk fan base disliked how he was rude to Guts, but I personally liked that aspect about him. I feel that he was one of the few characters that treated him with the level of responsibility a normal person would after he returned after his yearlong absence from the band after Griffith got captured. Unlike most of the other band that not only excused his absence but welcomed him with open arms.

What I found truly amazing about this dynamic between Guts and Corkus was that, even when Corkus was telling Guts off he never got angry or physical with Corkus (and there were times in manga/anime that I thought Guts would have but did not) and even seemed to value his opinion and consider his critisms seriously. I think Guts was one of the few hawks that took Corkus seriously. And though not explicitly stated, Guts seems to remember Corkus fondly in addition to his fondness for the band of the hawk as a whole.

I am very amazed at the clever and subtle way Miura depicts the interactions between these two, Corkus was so aggressive with Guts at times but he walked away unscathed and even boasted how he would love to get into a fight with Guts, even though Corkus would ultimately be terrified if Guts ever came after him for real. All throughout the anime and manga I was always on edge thinking that Corkus was going to cross the line and infuraqte Guts like Casca did at one point after the three year jump in the early manga, but it never happened.

What is everyone’s take on Guts and Corkus's relationship? Does anyone else fined it as fascinating and cleverly rendered as I do?

Character Cove / Re: POLL: Vote for Your 2 Favorite Characters
« on: January 05, 2014, 01:22:41 AM »
Hello I am new to this board I'm happy to be here!

My favorite characters are Guts and Casca. I like them both equally and really want to see some resolution to happen for these two both separately as individual characters and as a couple.

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