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Buying / Selling / Re: Armored Berserk and Fire Dragon
« on: December 24, 2014, 08:26:02 PM »
For 800 EUR you can fine something really rare and expensive, Headnlong version for example  :ganishka:
Cut the price in half and it would be fair enough.

Received my last repainting

I'm so jelly! I got Skull Knight today and he is stunning, but this Last Repaint is my Holy Grail...  :judo:

Aaaaand mine arrived today! And I got №62 Brown Eye.  :badbone:
Sadly I have no camera nearby so I used my cellphone camera during unboxing process. So, anyone want live pictures? I will get my Canon back in the end of this week and will shoot him properly.

ed. Here some pic from my mobile phone:

Berserk Merchandise / Upcoming Gecco Berserk statue - 2015
« on: December 19, 2014, 10:15:30 AM »
Good news, everyone!

I was talking with Shinya Akao-san (known as Headlong sculptor) about his great kits and this is what he told me:

Berserk Kit can not be acquired copyright only in the event, I can not sell directly.
I'm sorry, please understand.
But I am making the Berserk Statue at the request of Gecco Corp.
Because it is scheduled to be released next year, please expect.

Thank You.

The only Gecco works I know this far are Pyramid Head statue and Metal Gear Rising statue. I also saw a few Naruto prototypes and their quality above the average.
I hope we will see promo at upcoming Wonder Festival in February.

This figure doesn't sold quite well, you can easily find it now with sweet discounts almost everywhere while even for Black Swordsman figma you have to spent the same amount of money. I doubt they will release something Berserk-related in near future.

Berserk Merchandise / Re: Skull Knight birth ceremony/ 1/6 Kit
« on: December 17, 2014, 11:38:35 AM »
Hello and welcome to the forum!

All I can advice is check yahoo auctions/ebay in hope to get it. You can also check kit sites like and try to find a recast.
Garage kits usually very limited in production since mostly they made by enthusiasts and can't be sold widely due to copyrights. In general they are event-only and sometimes after being reselling on auctions, so you better have your wallet ready.

what i dont get is why they cant ?? i supposse its because they release such low numbers they cant get good prices for their material and with time are getting lower and lower, or they simply have terrible material providers, idont see any other explanation, because they are  the onlycompany with those prices, they do for sure great things but they do mediocre things too and everything is expensive
I'm not sure how polystone production going but statues made from it are not cheap no matter who made it. For example, GSC titan statue from Shingeki priced around 65.000 JPY which is average Art of War product. Speaking of paint jobs majority of collectors would agree - their painting overpriced - but again, newer releases getting better and better in terms of painting.

I don't think they have the capabilities to release new sculpts in competitive prices. Once Max Factory, figma and others take hold on Berserk, AoW will have a rough time keeping up...
As far as I know, only Good Smile Company have license (figma and max factory are affiliated manufacturers). They trying make a polystone release and prototypes looks great, but with a big companies you can see prototypes for years - for example, they showed Bruce Lee figma 2 years and now there is not even a tentative date of release  :puck:

Speculation Nation / Re: What if Griffith plan to kill God?
« on: December 11, 2014, 09:37:27 PM »
I don't think that makes much sense. Gaiseric and Void couldn't have been members of the God Hand at the same time, and since Occultation ceremonies happen every 216 years, there would have been no reason to wait a thousand years to replace a dissident (if that's what you're implying).

If Gaiseric and Skull Knight are the same person, he is likely never been in God Hand. He is bearing "same curse" as Guts which could be Brand of Sacrifice. And the fact that he is resident of Interstice like Guts support this theory. This is going a bit out of topic  :daiba:

He swung his sword at his head in a surprise attack. I don't see how that could not be an attempt to kill him.
Besides, my original point stands about the lack of opportunities the Skull Knight would have had.
For thousand of years he should know Void's power level. And it wasn't surprise attack, Void saw his incoming blow. Skull Knight definitely knew that at that point of time he can do nothing to Void, and he rushed to Guts to save him.

It's not like the average apostle can survive any normal hit from the Skull Knight anyway, but you're seriously missing the point if you think what happened with Ganishka was merely a demonstration of the technique's power. Anyway, in the end his strike against Femto was as ineffective as his strike against Void, so your point is moot I'm afraid.
I am talking about Apostles not the God Hand, yes. There is major part of Apostles he can take care of already (Neo Band), and he not even trying to do it. They are most likely no match for him but he killing nameless puppets and taking their Beherits, so Neo Band must be a part of the future events.
Femto manipulates gravity and he easy avoided sword attack,  let's see how this sword will work against Void.

What could Griffith possibly need Guts for? :???:
Join him in something that incoming?

Gaiseric and Void's backstories are unlikely to lend credence to the idea that Griffith will rebel against his allies because they'll suddenly try to force him to "sacrifice his kingdom" (and for an unknown reason, too).
This is correct, but only thing we can say now for sure - something happened. Maybe Void was the one who initiated Eclipse and branded Gaiseric. Maybe they had some kind of relations like Griffith and Guts had. Maybe shit hit the fan because of Gaiseric 1000 years ago. Miura, please, give us something!

But if Femto was created to play a specific role then it's likely that all the others were as well. There's no reason to think that even the first member of the God Hand wasn't the product of careful manipulation by the Idea of Evil, a being whose awakening probably predates them by millennia.
They could be and they could be not, in their conversation we picked up only what happened with Griffith. Since we seeing Griffith more than them, he should be kind of "special". And the question what he is going to do and how this connected with the God Hand - the question I'm trying to resolve for myself.

It would be strange for IoE to suddenly "betray" Femto so to speak.
Idea of Evil gave him freedom to do what he pleased. What if his plan to become something even more powerful? Take Idea of Evil place?

God knows Griffith's psychology hundred times better than anyone else (including Griffith), and he is sure (so am I), that Griffith's ambitions and plans are and will always be convergent with his masterplan.
If you look it from that point of view, there is nothing to speculate. Everything is preplanned and we just enjoying the show - there must be something which will flip upside down everything  :beast:

You're essentially paying 40,000 yen for that 12-15 cm base. No thank you AOW :rickert:
He should be much heavier, for scale figures you have to pay for amount of pvc/resin/polystone used in crafting.

Speculation Nation / Re: What if Griffith plan to kill God?
« on: December 10, 2014, 02:15:35 PM »
What he's planning next is most likely living in his kingdom and being king. There is no indication for anything else at the moment.  Not from everything that the story presents
History repeats itself, time is running circles (c)
Currently he is on Gaiseric way to rule the whole land, conquering and rejoining small parts of it. I don't think that Griffith is pleased to do as he wants since he was made for his role (yes I know, 83 chapter is non-canon). But what if Gaiseric denied his role 1000 years ago and trying to fix everything he failed? And now Griffith born to complete whatever is need to be completed. This could be the root of problem between Void and Skull Knight.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but sk tried to smash voids head, so what do you mean by "only tried his luck with femto?"  Lets not forget at its base berserk is a revenge story.  Lets also remember this is not a generic tale in the slightest.
I seriously doubt that Skull Knight really tried to kill Void during the Eclipse. It was a demonstration of their abilities and strength at that very moment, that brought us to current situation explaining what Skull Knight was doing all this time - Beherit Sword as a weapon against Void's space-dimension manipulation. Ganishka tried his medicine and now we know how it works, is really any of existing apostles could survive a blow of that thing?

Episode 83 was officially removed from the story. I would advise against using it as the sole basis for any theory.
There was a reason for it. Like Miura's own saying, he is not sure if Idea of Evil will appear again or not, but it just a theory. If we'll include Lost Chapter, it could explain something - again, its just a theory.

3) Guts and his friends pose a threat to Griffith, and that threat is likely to rise. The magical beings who roam Fantasia also pose a threat to Falconia, and the apostles guard it among other things.
4) The fact Griffith didn't kill Guts is unrelated to the rest of this, but there are many reasons really. As Femto, he didn't care enough, and he took pleasure in letting Guts live his life knowing he could never measure up to him. After his return, on the Hill of Swords, Guts and Casca's son would have probably prevented any hostile action.
Sir, you probably right. However Griffith might need Guts for something, and it is very captivating.

Problem is, nowhere is it said that it's what the rest of the God Hand or Idea of Evil want either.
Like I said above, this probably related to events are still unrevealed. Gaiseric and his empire not just parts of history, and wiseman inside Tower of Retribution could be Void.

Oh and why is Femto not like the others? I mean he's the one who was incarnated, sure, but as far as we know he's still 100% in league with his comrades (and their appearance during the advent of Fantasia is a pretty clear hint), and really, he has no reason not to be.
He was basically created to play his role, thats why! We don't know about the other members but someone has to be the first (Void?)

It's hard to rebel against authority when you're told to do whatever you want.
Maybe what Idea of Evil planning goes against Griffith own thoughts?

I can't be sure what you mean exactly because of your English
Terribly sorry, my teacher was born in Ireland  :casca:

Speculation Nation / Re: What if Griffith plan to kill God?
« on: December 10, 2014, 11:14:25 AM »
Why would Griffith be forced to do anything against his will?
That's the point I'm talking about. We don't know what Griffiths planning. And Lost chapter giving some thoughts, if he going to rule all mankind or will put them in eternal agony -but why he need so many apostles? What could be hazard or even harm him? He could kill Guts already and he didn't, why? Why Skull Knight tried his luck only vs Femto?
It could be a generic story with Guts accumulating powers and killing apostles one by one and then party with Griffith, but it isn't. Everyone have a plan and the picture we see is bizarre vortex of events twisted each other.

Wyald and Ganishka were exceptions, and they were also both pawns in a larger story. Pawns who did exactly what they were meant to and then died like dogs. Zodd tried his luck against Femto too, remember that? During the dream prophetizing the coming of the Falcon of Light. He lost a horn and fell in line. But more generally, it's unlikely that any large group of apostles would be willing to defy the God Hand. In the same way that it's hard to imagine any member of the God Hand defying the Idea of Evil.
Exactly I'm trying to say. Griffith is not like the others in God Hand, and his plan not to exterminate all mankind. I'm considering Idea of Evil as a pool of pure power and God Hand as a someone who can take a sip of this force, not the slaves of his will. Lost Chapter can be a sort of basis for this theory when Idea of Evil granted Griffith some freedom.

I like this little Puck. Sadly they don't selling his "special" versions separately.

art of war has one up on ebay right now. part of x mas special.

I believe this is the first version with a bit of blood and open helmet.

Anyone want my Last repaint for that price? :iva:

I am hunting for one  :guts:

Speculation Nation / Re: What if Griffith plan to kill God?
« on: December 09, 2014, 03:02:52 PM »
Griffith is a member of the God Hand. He's an agent of the Idea of Evil. There is no reason to think that will change before the series' end.
But at the same time Griffith partly Demon Child. We can't be 100% sure in that, can't we?

Apostles fighting against the God Hand? That definitely does not seem reasonable (or plausible) to me.
Some apostles able to act at their own will (Wyald, Ganishka), so there can be more of them. We also don't know if this behavior could be detected by other apostles, God Hand or Idea of Evil.
Now, when God Hand able to reside in human realm, not only Skull Knight or Guts can harm them.

Speculation Nation / What if Griffith plan to kill God?
« on: December 09, 2014, 01:08:55 PM »
Re-reading Berserk recently I was thinking about balance of powers in the whole Berserk world and get some thoughts I'd like to share with all of you.
I think most of you will agree that Guts not strong enough to wipe God Hand. What moves him? What he will do after curing Casca?

Let's assume that the Idea of Evil through the God Hand in the future will force Griffith to sacrifice his kingdom which he is so long dreamed of. Citing the fact that people are not able to obtain an ultimatum salvation, so they must feel the ultimate in suffering, what Griffith can know or guess. To be an apostle, you have to sacrifice the most dearest. It is possible that some of the apostles regret their sacrifice and this can connect them with Griffith, the idea of revenge God Hand and the destruction Idea of Evil concept in general. In this case, God Hand against Neo Band of Hawk, which seems reasonable.

Guts team is too weak, all the apostles killed by Guts himself and his followers have no chance against Neo Band of Hawk, which holds 5 strong Apostles (Zodd, Gryunberd, Irvine, Rakshasa and Locus) plus Griffith and two girls. Skull Knight must have an interest in all of events happening - he is strong enough to crush all Griffith's apostles one by one (or even together), but keeps them alive for some reason. He also let Zodd survive eclipse events, though reasons allowing him to live are unknown to us.

It is unclear what is the role of Guts in all of this. Zodd knows something about Berserker Armor that also Skull Knight knows - and it scares Zodd. When Guts and Casca were rescued from the eclipse, he was surprised and laughed in anticipation, skirmish on the Hill of Swords - an examination of Guts's strength. Both Zodd and Griffith at that time were stronger than Guts and they also let him live, and we don't know why.

Berserk Miscellaneous / Re: What Would You Ask Miura?
« on: December 09, 2014, 10:44:22 AM »
Here what's in my mind:

- AFAIK George R.R. Martin and his wife like to read threads his fans posts and trying to resolve his plot riddles and twists. Berserk is over 25 years old and boards have plenty of theories Is Miura-san reading community discussions?
- Will we see any spin-offs to the main story in future? Short series taken place in the same world but in another era, for example.
- Skull Knight stated that he is an enemy of God Hand. What he meant, except his attempts to kill them? Why he is hiding his personality?
- If the characters read books, what would read Guts, Griffith, Zodd, Irvin, Locus, Grunbeld, Rakshas and Skull Knight?
- Anything that Guts afraid of?
- Anything about GSC obtaining Berserk license and releasing figures? More merchandise coming in future? New limited polystone statues are dedicated to incoming Berserk events (new anime, etc)?

Berserk Miscellaneous / Re: Rightstuf's Berserk catalog is ~50% off
« on: December 09, 2014, 08:15:51 AM »
This link provides no search results, however everything accessible by the search.
This is a nice distributor but in FAQ they request driver license scan for international customers, plus front/back credit card picture. Wow, that's Canada laws?

This is big and nice statue, but I have first version (kit) - however, I still have not found enough time to paint it  :judo:

This is the same old statue, they just selling something from their warehouse. Only a little repaint, and now there is also Guts on horse - if you looking for him, one is for sale now in this forum.
I'm glad that they selling old statues sometimes, a very nice opportunity for newcomers.

Just got this from Art of War, so owners of this version could relax.
For me its a good and bad news at the same time, I missed black and last repaint versions and really want them on my shelf.

Since we also received other customers inquiry about the re-in stock ones, we asked our company today about if they will really re-release this model in next year or not, but unfortunately there has no exact plan.

We have accepted many requests for this model and we really wish we can answer customers wishes, but since we marked the previous one “the last version”, we cannot just resell the same model again.

Therefore if we plan to do it, it will be a new and changed model which will definitely be different to the previous version.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

Sweetest price I ever saw.
Oh man I wish I could buy all of your on-sale items  :judo:

Berserk Merchandise / Re: AOW taking Repainting Requests
« on: November 27, 2014, 07:06:44 AM »
Actually, the 25th anniversary was this year. Berserk's prepublication started in 1989. Which is why the "20th anniversary statue" was released in 2009, and not 2010.
The first volume of the manga was published on November 26, 1990 by Hakusensha in its Jets Comics collection - as per wikipedia.
Maybe they made 20th anniversary a year before? Anyway I believe in Art of War. They making excellent products (maybe not always welcomed by their customers). I would be happy to have every single one of their products if I had enough space in my apartment  :farnese:

guts and casca pieces since they released only 30 units and they sold out quickly, are they producing 1 or 2 pieces of olderproducts only?i dont get it...
Their items are really fragile and sometimes postal services didn't gentle enough. That's why they always have some of them as an insurance, and sometimes they resell them in events and holidays.

OMG Rayhato, honestly i wanted to purchase 2 but i stopped myself because i wanted to give others a chance. If i knew i would have ordered 2 and give you the other one!

I actually squeezed a tear, you are so nice lad!
I always have some spare cash for situations like this, and I was hoping for Christmas present from AoW. Maybe next year, then!

Upd. I just got mail confirming this, in a next year we will have another variation of 20th anniversary. I guess it was too much requests so they couldn't resist.

We are very sorry since there were only 2 pcs be re-in stocked this time, they were sold out very quickly.

Our company is planning to do another model changed version in next year, therefore please kindly following our news.

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