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Speculation Nation / Re: Casca's Role in the Future
« on: June 18, 2018, 03:52:54 PM »
My guess is Casca is eventually going to be the straw that stirs the drink; a frontline fighter/leader, strategist, and matriarch for "the family." I mean, she was already the reason the gang was together in the first place, so this is all owed to her.

Yass...he's real cute too, Silat <3. It's just that she's always under her worst condition before a fight. Before his attack, Casca literally passed out from fatigue but she still managed to keep up a good fight. Im hoping for a really strong come back of her.

I do think it would be a cool moment for her to do well against him in a rematch, especially if it's the "friendly" sparring of allies. :daiba: But I doubt she could beat him handily as things stand just because he's already proven more than a match, and, though it was under bad circumstances for Casca, it's not like things are much better or she's had a chance to practice since then. Would be a great symbolic triumph to eventually show him what she can really do though. :casca:

I'm sure Guts would be a great coach/cheerleader too, "C'mon, you can beat that circus performer!" :guts:
You should check out our podcast. 100+ hours of Berserk chat  :badbone:

Maybe you've actually added the times (I wouldn't be surprised =), but by my crude estimation it's gotta be around 150 hours at least, if not 200, considering how long most of them are. And sure, there's some sub-60 minute ones in there, but also more than a few over two hours to compensate!

Video Games / Re: What Are You Playing?
« on: June 18, 2018, 02:30:14 PM »
Continuing my first Bloodborne run...

After getting lost a few times but eventually finding my way (Yharnam makes the Undead Burg seem like sensible city planning =), I beat the Cleric Beast on my second try. Then after some backtracking I took on Father Gascoigne, which was looking like a walk-in first try victory until he transformed and I was literally and figuratively out of bullets. Like the Beast, I'll see how he likes Motolov Cocktails to the face and some oil plus torch action (all of which I find WAAAY more effective than the firebombs from Souls ever were).

As for my build, I've put everything so far into Life and Stamina while I figure what weapon path(s) I'd like to go down. I've been maining the Saw Cleaver but I'm leaning towards a Skill build because it'll let me use the versatile Threaded Cane and the Saw Spear (a greatsword, really =) as a serrated, rangier and pokier Cleaver alternative while also leveling my Visceral attacks because they're clearly important as I learned with the Cleric Beast (hit the guy like a million times my first try and it all felt largely futile save for the Visceral counters). The most bang for my early game buck I figure, and I can diversify later when I hit the soft caps on the above stats. Mainly I need to know which weapons to upgrade since that's going to be my main mode of increasing DPS until I get my life and stamina bars where I want them. Already fun to obsess on this shit, and oh so nice not to worry about carry weight!

Movies, TV, Books & Music / Re: Movies you've recently watched
« on: June 17, 2018, 09:30:49 PM »
I hope these movies start a new trend in horror by going back to the slow-burn, more mature themed movies like Rosemary's Baby or The Exorcist, skipping what the 80's did to the genre (even though kid me loved Freddy).

I think were largely already there the past few years with an uptick in more "prestige" high concept suspense/horror movies with more emphasis on dread/terror that baser scares. I mean, Get Out won an Oscar. It's now the trend, fortunately.

On the other hand, how about that Halloween requel!? Jaime Lee Solo will help the new generation take on Darth Myers! I'm just bitter they excised Halloween II, which was a worthy and influential sequel in its own right. It's certainly better than whatever they're going to be doing with the material now.

Some people find ghosts scary, others find monsters scary (that's me!), so having watched the film, I've been reading comments that either say it's great or it's a snooze fest.

I always question those loudly proclaiming how bored and unscared they were, suspecting they were actually the most uncomfortable with the proceedings. Anyway, agree with you on ghosts vs. monsters, monsters FTW because they're where you find them, and have a better balance of supernatural and natural elements.

Video Games / Re: Bloodborne
« on: June 17, 2018, 08:34:11 PM »
My contract was officialized and I'm finally a Hunter! :guts: (I'm a Lone Survivor with the saw and blunderbuss =)

First impressions:
It was a little awkward for me at first because of the ways it's different from Souls, even though I can clearly see how DS3's engine was retrofitted from it, but once I started getting used it I could see why people are so into it. Combat, done effectively, is faster but well nuanced, particularly how you manage the timing of attacks, gun blasts and stamina. You can't play defensive, but you have to constantly engage and withdraw effectively. If you just try to R1 them to death you're going to end up a sitting duck (removing this fearure from DS3 was a step back that made it easier). Basically, it looks like this game is the evolution people that only had the opportunity to play DS3 were looking for.

Yharnam is great do far too, I haven't even fought a boss yet but I've been up and down the city and it reminds of the exploration previously unique to DS1, that trapped behind enemy lines feeling where you feel surrounded and really have to decide when it's better to push forward or fall back. I've already lost thousands of Blood Echos because of the different mode of retrieval, having to clear the area of enemies or even a particular enemy that posseses them (no smash and grab cheating =).

I also summoned another Hunter to help and it was a relief to take on some patrols with backup. Despite my previous Souls experience I'm still probably overly intimidated bybthe bigger enemies. I'm also not healing enough because blood vials seem plentiful, so I think I'll hit my stride once I unlearn some of my ingrained Souls tactics and adapt more to what's efficient in Bloodborne. I already bellowed, "No, NO! It's not faaaair!!" once today, so that's a good sign the game is working as intended. :ganishka:

Video Games / Re: Dark Souls
« on: June 17, 2018, 08:01:36 PM »
And it's highly possible that Nioh 2 is actually going for the same era, the exact same characters :ganishka:

Really? I did get the impression from the trailer that you'd maybe be a new character with some Oni powers of their own, which would be a good addition. William didn't do much for me anyway. It'd be hilarious if Sekiro and Nioh ended up featuring the same main character.

Video Games / Re: Dark Souls
« on: June 17, 2018, 04:14:53 AM »
So after some readings... if it's set during the late 1500, during Sengoku, this Shinobi could be a interpretation of Hattori Oni Hanzo. With or whitout even naming him basically.

Talking about Tokugawa Ieyasu :

So Sekiro is actually a prequel to Nioh. :carcus:

Movies, TV, Books & Music / Re: Movies you've recently watched
« on: June 16, 2018, 12:41:35 PM »
Hereditary was a trip. A cinema experience like I haven't had in ages. Go watch it. It deserves the hype. I can't wait to go back.

People love or hate this one, so sounds pretty good! I've heard favorable comparisons to The VVitch.

Video Games / Re: E3 2018 Reactions
« on: June 16, 2018, 12:33:46 PM »
ryOtoha, the point, at least mine, is that Sucker Punch studio is not necessarily to game making what Akira Kurasawa is to film making, therefore such comparisons are largely meaningless or superficial at best (and hugely favorable to Ghost of Tsushima of course =). They could be directly adapting Seven Samurai into a video game and it wouldn't mean the game is of the quality of Seven Samurai or Akira Kurasawa. So while these homages are cool, it doesn't really tell me if the game will ultimately do them justice.

Video Games / Re: E3 2018 Reactions
« on: June 16, 2018, 03:55:11 AM »
For those looking for more RE2, here's some in-game footage:

Man that takes me back. It's crazy because unlike most games of its time that one's background environments were iconic and detailed enough to still be recognizable here, but it's relatively like they've come to life and you're really there... I don't know if I like that, or if I'll be able to play this with the lights off. :griffnotevil:

If they recreate this moment to that effect I'll jump out the window:

Video Games / Re: E3 2018 Reactions
« on: June 15, 2018, 01:27:09 PM »
- Ghost of Tsushima :  Apparently Sucker Punch's vision is close to an Akira Kurosawa movie ?  sign me up again !

That game does look gorgeous, but whether it's "close to an Akira Kurosawa movie" remains to be seen. Pretty lofty expectation!

They are indeed throwing out more Fallout Scrolls the form of endless Skyrim ports and another one of those lazy survival games that never get finished that's likely going to be made up of recycled Fallout 4 assets. I think on some level, Bethesda's aware they're in danger of falling into irrelevance. They used to be able to coast by with their big open worlds, but everyone makes those now, and they do so with better graphics, better animations, more onscreen characters, and considerably fewer loading screens. Bethesda's behind the times, relying on the same outdated technology and development techniques for almost 20 years that just won't cut it anymore, and if they want to do anything comparable to what Ubisoft shits out on a yearly basis, they pretty much have to start from zero. That's my theory for why Elder Scrolls VI: Fallout in Spaaaaaaace is taking so long, anyway.

Everything you say about their games and technique could be true, but Skyrim and Fallout 4 sold a gazillion units each, so I don't know that they're experiencing any consumer pressure other than, "Take our money again SOON!" Which they seem to be ready to do with this half-assed Fallout survival game ripoff.

Anyway, I finally got around to watching the Death Stranding trailer. That's a game that I've largely tuned out because the way the news has been drip-fed has been very eye-rolling. It was revealed...what? Two years ago? And we still barely know anything about it. Selling a game entirely on the basis that it's being made by Hideo Kojima always rubbed me the wrong way, and showing nothing but a bunch of pre-rendered "weird for the sake of weird" stuff didn't help matters. And while it's nice to finally see some actual gameplay footage, I can't say it looks all that captivating so far.

Tactical Ambulatory Operations! Cutting edge walking simulator; ooof, watch out for those loose toenails, gross! It does look like an upscale MGSV with all the enemies removed except for semi-invisible flying ones, apparently (BTW, it is a nasty twist to make the guys you're hiding from invisible =). I'm interested though, and don't mind them promoting it based on being a Kojima game alone because he's earned his reputation for better or worse (I mean, that last bit of the trailer with the flashing light on the embryonic space suit revealing the umbilical ghost monsters... you just don't see that every day =). I wish more game creators were regarded or carried themselves that way (basically like a film director or auteur, whether you buy what they're selling) and dared to be weird. Whatever Death Stranding is doing looks much more fresh and intriguing than another Samurai game. Anyway, there's something familiar about your acerbic grumbling... can't quite put my finger on it...

Oh yeah, you make me look like Mr. Brightside! :ganishka:

Video Games / Re: Dark Souls
« on: June 15, 2018, 02:39:25 AM »
I'm much more interested in the details of this article:

Death is no longer a barrier which must be overcome. It's no longer simply a "learning experience." Death and immediate resurrection is now a mechanic. From Software says you can use death to your advantage--fooling your enemies into a false sense of security before coming back to life and sneaking up on them using the game's light stealth mechanics.
From is staying coy, however, on the exact mechanics of the resurrection ability. It says you'll only be able to use it a limited number of times, and that "in no way does [resurrection] make the game easy."

So now we have a better idea how that will work. I wonder if it will use a similar mechanic to being human/embered vs. phantom/hollow/unkindled to determine if you can come back or not. Perhaps more intriguing is this:

Miyazaki, the game's director, says he wanted the theme of Sekiro to be "a clashing of swords," and that clash is featured prominently in the game's reveal trailer. It's more than just a cool visual effect however: successfully parry your opponent's attack and you'll reduce what From is currently calling their Posture. Reduce your enemy's Posture enough and you'll open them up to a Shinobi Death Blow, which can deal huge amounts of damage. If they block enough of your attacks on the other hand, and they can deal critical hits to you.

It's a good point that the "swordplay" in Souls is largely a trading and exchange of successful or unsuccessful full body attacks, which you can dodge, block or parry, but not so much a real clashing of weapons. You either hit them or not or vice versa, and parrying is basically decisive, either ending that exchange or the encounter altogether. I mean, when you kill a player and especially an enemy in a Souls game you're more the first to hack them to death than having a proper swordfight. So, if that's the distinction in the combat, and they pull it off and it's more fun than frustrating, this could be really cool!

Video Games / Re: What Are You Playing?
« on: June 14, 2018, 05:46:42 AM »
Great answers on Fortnite, and very constructive given I wasn't exactly being open minded. Sounds like it's indeed not for me though because I don't like multiplayer like that much at all. I think the last thing remotely like that I enjoyed was the ME3 multiplayer. The Souls series passive aggressive approach has really grown on me though, too bad Sekiro is apparently scrapping it.

Bit the bullet and bought the deluxe edition of Dark Souls 3 on PSN for $20(my physical copy was destroyed the day after I started it), so now I'm working my way through it (again). Clunkier than Bloodborne, but way beefier.

Welcome back to the ultimate Souls game! The epic and comprehensive finale of Miyazaki's Souls trilogy, preceded by equal prequels Dark Souls 2, Dark Souls, Demon's Souls, and made in the Bloodborne engine. I'm going to write a manifesto about it on here someday (I already half have to Aaz =).

Video Games / Re: E3 2018 Reactions
« on: June 14, 2018, 05:10:16 AM »
Aaz liked everything!

Seems to me like they're at their best when creating new things, but there's a prevalent phobia of change out there on the Internet. People seem to like stuff that already works and they're already comfortable with. . .nod to Griffith.
Overall, from the trailer it looked like they tried to swerve from the Souls formula and add new dimensions to this title. I have high hopes for it.

Personally, the Souls brand of epic dark fantasy just works especially well for me in general, familarity with the specifics aside (I'm writing this on the preeminent Berserk board after all =). So it's not just comfort other than I'm very comfortable with that genre. Of course, I also love Japanese storytelling in general and especially Samurai stories of course. But those to my liking tend to be more grounded in history with dramatic license. I guess the distinction is I have a predilection for Western fantasy but Eastern history, so Sekiro looks to occupy a strange place for me. Nioh kind of did both because it had actual historical figures as well as monsters based on established mythology and folklore, which is what made it work for me on a story level (the other story elements, plot, dialogue etc are otherwise terrible =). I guess I should have more faith From will create an effective and engrossing fantasy world, even if it's a kind I'm not usually into.

I think they're throwing everything they have at the wall and seeing what sticks in the hope that it'll distract everyone from realizing it'll be a long time before they see another Fall Elder Out Scrolls.

They're certainly throwing everything at the wall, but it seems that includes all manner of Fallout Scrolls too, just no telling if they'll be any good. I couldn't get into Skyrim, and though I played a lot of Fallout 4 little of it has stuck with me, so I'm not itching for more of those.

Speaking of which, Witcher 3, no matter how good it is, was just too much virtual talky talk at this point in my life. I'm done with that.

Video Games / Re: E3 2018 Reactions
« on: June 13, 2018, 05:36:24 PM »
-Sekiro ó Finally, From Soft seems to be peeking their heads out of the coffin of Souls games where they've been hibernating for about a decade

Are they, though? I feel like it's both promising to be sort of different but not TOO different, "We're not just making a new Dark Souls... *psssst* this is the new Dark Souls!"

-Doom Eternal ó Spiritual sequel to Doom 2: hell on earth? Sign me up. Too bad they already played the Super Shotgun card though...

Random complaint: If you're going to use a random word generator placeholder subtitle to differentiate a sequel, just call it part 2. Might as well be Doom Subtitle or Doom Password. HELL ON EARTH, baby!

Rage 2

I feel like Bethesda is publishing new games under every IP they own, even the relatively unpopular ones nobody asked for.

-Nioh 2 ó Bottom of the list for a reason. I'm excited! But ... it's a very quick turnaround. Nioh was just last year, right? And it's honestly hard to get too excited for this since I still haven't finished the first one (that first boss obliterated my confidence in my abilities).

Don't feel bad, if you'd stuck with it you'd find them easier over time until that guy is like a dude that just springs up like the Asylum or Taurus Demons. In my estimation Nioh's bosses require more wash, rinse, repeat memorization than Souls bosses (and the game is counting on you to use your Guardian Spirit to do a lot of the work, which I didn't figure how to use until the end of the game =). For the most part you can't just "git gud" and react and be successful, you have to KNOW their moves and tells already and play accordingly or you'll get one shotted (I don't think this is better BTW, because it's fun going toe to toe and figuring bosses out in real time, thinking on your feet). You could also try switching to DS controls and let your instincts work for you. At least that worked for me.

I made the mistake of pausing from Nioh on the final DLC stage and when I tried going back this week the controls felt like going to an alien planet with different physics.

Video Games / E3 2018 Reactions
« on: June 13, 2018, 03:52:40 PM »
I'll definitely play:

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Though I'm not as crazy about it as I might be (if it was DeS2, DS4, or BB2 because I'm a tool of established branding =). I'm just not that into the setting or aesthetic, though that may change. If it's that fun to play it won't matter anyway and will likely GET me into it. I'm glad it's not PS4 exclusive too, though I just bought one for Bloodborne and Bloodborne 2. :ganishka:

I'll likely also play:

Nioh 2
Doom Eternal

But maybe not, or right away. I guess Super Smash Bros Ultimate is exciting for Smash fans, but will Melee players actually stop swearing by Melee for it!? My guess is NO. NEVER! "THEY JUST CAN'T GET THE SPICES RIGHT!"

And the reason I really started this thread was to ask WTF is up with Death Stranding? It actually looks to me like MGSV but completely untethered from anything resembling the real world. Which may not be a bad thing! It's probably the game I'm most intrigued by after Sekiro, whether or not that interest translates into me buying and playing it.

Video Games / Re: What Are You Playing?
« on: June 13, 2018, 02:42:49 PM »
Is Fortnite any really that good, or is it just addictive and the "it" game in the mainstream right now? I'm always suspicious when everyone, including non-gamers, is playing something and it's available on your phone, etc.

Video Games / Re: Dark Souls
« on: June 12, 2018, 04:04:39 PM »
I know a lot of people are probably disappointed that it's not Bloodborne 2, but frankly, I'm relieved.

Agreed, but don't you think it's kinda weird they decided to do a sequel to Nioh instead? :troll:

Speaking of which...

maybe this isn't so great if they had plans for Nioh 2 in the not too distant future.

 :ganishka: :daiba:

Video Games / Re: Games to look forward to!
« on: June 12, 2018, 01:50:35 PM »
I'm impressed how much it reminded me of the old RE2 cinematography, the matte blacks and drab background colors mixed with vibrant clothing and light sources, with modern graphical design, facial animation, etc. Basically, it looks legit and like they nailed the aesthetic of the original (how you remember it rather than how it was). Leon also looked appropriately like an in over his head rookie, and my only complaint is Claire looked and sounded a little off (where's my beloved Jubilee? :judo:). Very cool teases of those side characters too; Ada Wong silhouetted in the shadows with a snubnosed revolver! :daiba:

Video Games / Re: Dark Souls
« on: June 11, 2018, 02:42:00 AM »
Here's the trailer for Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, the new From Software game:

No joke, earlier today before I saw that you had kindly sent me the trailer link I'd already locally ordered an E3 discounted PS4 to play Bloodborne tonight and presumably it's follow up next year, and I thought, "But what if it's not Bloodborne 2 or even for PS4, it is just a rumor after all..." :ganishka:

Anyway, so was that PS4 as it turned out because they didn't actually have it available for in-store pickup today, so fuck it, I'm probably canceling that order and Bloodborne will retain #1 contender status on my backlog. Maybe I'll just wait for my brother-in-law to give me his PS4 like I did with the PS3/Demon's Souls. There's gotta be a better way than dropping hundreds of dollars to play one damn game (I'd play lots of others if I got one, but Bloodborne is why I want one at all).

Sekiro looks damn good. Would it make more sense to merge this with the Ni-Oh thread though?  :troll:
Haha, I hesitated between this and the Bloodborne thread actually, because the gameplay looks like it's even more dynamic than Bloodborne's (a good thing if you ask me). But yeah, they must have been pissed when Ni-Oh was announced, it kinda stole their thunder. I've yet to play it, so maybe I'll do them back to back to compare. :iva:

Yeah, Nioh is a real winner here, this will put it back in the spotlight and they go from looking derivative to the derived from (even though it's more complicated than that both ways). It was already the consensus #1 Soulsborne clone, but now it's practically a naturalized member of the series! :guts: Then again, maybe this isn't so great if they had plans for Nioh 2 in the not too distant future. Anyway, I agree Sekiro looks great, I'm happy that it looks to retain the Souls-like combat but the overall action looks to have more dynamics and variety with sneaking, a hookshot, etc. Made me think of MGSV crossed with Souls, which would be fine with me! The most interesting wrinkle though was the whole "you won't die easily" :ganishka: twist and how they'll incorporate that. Something akin to the death mechanic in Braid? Will you literally die twice? Whatever it is it was a neat switch to see you as the ressurecting "monster" and it'll either be a very cool mechanic or a very underwhelming non-factor and more a narrative device. Speaking of which, and also like Nioh, it looks like it has a dedicated protagonist character and plot (wonder what that means for character/weapon customization, if at all), though that could just be an example for the trailer, but I doubt it.

Gameplay is looking great and I'm really looking forward to it. But I completely don't dig the atmosphere. Maybe I'll change my mind after new footage of game.

Well, if you love Bloodborne's style this is definitely a 180 as far as art direction goes. The thing I like about it besides the bright colors etc is the environments looked a bit more natural, so despite still having giant monsters etc it could also feel a lot more like wandering a real world enviroment than Soulsborne's more fantastical areas.

Video Games / Re: Dark Souls
« on: June 08, 2018, 06:35:16 PM »
I just like that you're familiar enough with the game to already know the beginning and end of this run and are surprised you haven't seen that particular clipping error. =) i do enjoy watching things like DS2 runs where they beat the game in like 18 minutes by jumping through and running across the entire game world from the inside.

As for my Remastered play, I'm pretty much at it's end and have been but still want to go to the Painted World before Gwyn. Overall Remastered has been pretty disappointing because to ke it just highlights the ways the game has aged rather than revitalizing it. It was nice to jump back in and do some stuff I never tried previously (first time teaming up with Kaathe! =) and experiencing the game with a more lively player base but I think I'll be done with it after this run. I may return to Demon's Souls NG+ though.

Video Games / Re: What Are You Playing?
« on: June 07, 2018, 07:24:43 AM »
Replaying Dark Souls III from scratch and remembering why I enjoyed it so much; fluid controls, fantastic combat, thoughtfully evolved boss battles (even the tutorial boss is memorable) and a gorgeous presentation. So much more depth and vivid detail to everything (save for menus,  thankfully), and a busier, more populated world. If only they'd run more pathways between areas, because you can clearly see them and how they fit together, but they make warping the default mode of transportation. Perhaps they wanted it to feel more like Demon's Souls in how you advanced through areas. Speaking of which, it does, and further feels as much like a direct sequel to Demon's Souls as Dark, which I have right up there with DS1. I only did the High Wall of Lothric, which was fun in itself, and already have invaded, summoned and been summoned multiple times (I was afraid nobody would be on, turns out just nobody good =). I usually never invade, but gave it a try and definitely enjoyed having the hollows on my side for a change. Anyway, gotta sleep and work before the Undead Settlement tomorrow.

Video Games / Re: Bloodborne
« on: June 07, 2018, 07:06:22 AM »
arguably the best boss fight of any game Iíve ever played:

Itís Lady Maria. I wish I could fight her every time I put the game on.

You mean Maria from Nioh!? :troll:


Video Games / Re: Bloodborne
« on: June 06, 2018, 11:31:16 PM »
Get ready for From Soft's Hell Factory Simulator VI!  :ganishka:

Considering how many hours I've happily sunk into I-III and V, I'm definitely ready for IV and VI. My Remaster playthrough, and chatting about it with Aaz, has me doing another DSIII run (it may be tops in my book at this point; it's the real Dark Souls Remastered =). Anyway, I was already shopping for cheap PS4's for Bloodborne but figure I should wait until Christmas. I hope the new game is basically PS4 Pro required or I'll really regret not getting a new 500GB slim when they were $200 last year, but, ya know, college funds and shit. I may literally need to sell my blood to play Bloodborne.

Video Games / Re: Bloodborne
« on: June 06, 2018, 05:58:25 PM »
Bloodborne II alledgedly to be announced at E3... I gotta get a PS4 and play the first one still! :judo:

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 356 part II
« on: June 06, 2018, 05:50:45 PM »

I love that clip, "maybe he's not fucking with us intentionally, after all", along with the ones of bitching about arbitrary time constraints at the Great Northern.  :ganishka:

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