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Video Games / Re: What Are You Playing?
« Last post by Johnstantine on Today at 04:19:17 PM »
It's a weird thing with this game where you love it, it frustrates you, and when it finally gives you satisfaction you end up lingering on the parts that originally frustrated you. =)

Yeah, sadly I'm taking a break from it. I went to all nine graves and it took me the better part of two hours. The remaining trophies I have are all either online, story-based to where I have replay, or completing challenges.

Back to finish Uncharted 3, I suppose.
Manga Mausoleum / Re: Dark Horse Releases "Deluxe" Berserk Edition
« Last post by Walter on Today at 02:37:23 PM »
Amazon has Vol 1 of the deluxe edition up for ~$20 with a preorder code.

Go here:

Use this at checkout: GIFTBOOK18

Thanks go to Reddit for the heads up

Video Games / Re: What Are You Playing?
« Last post by Rhombaad on Today at 02:08:15 PM »
I finished Mega Man 5 on Friday. It was a lot less difficult than the previous MM games, but I still enjoyed it. It was more MM, after all. :guts:

Next up: Final Fantasy V!
Shootin' the Breeze / Re: SECRET SCHNOZ 2018! Time for Presents!
« Last post by Rhombaad on Today at 02:07:19 PM »
I received my gifts from IncantatioN the other day:

Thank you so much, Piraan! My wife and I watched Spirited Away yesterday afternoon. We'd only seen it once 17 years ago when it first came out on DVD. I think we enjoyed it even more this time around. Thank you for helping us move one step closer to a complete Miyazaki collection. Thank you for the Berserk figurines, as well. That was very generous of you. They're now swarming my movie shelf. :void:
Creation Station / Re: Blackout Poetry
« Last post by StickyKeys99 on Today at 01:03:21 PM »
I wasn't specifically thinking of Berserk at all. It just occurred to me upon reading these lines that striked me. We were given a random page by the teacher. It was just incredible luck to have something that fits then, I guess. Rather, was it causality instead?  :void: :void:  :badbone:
Video Games / Re: What Are You Playing?
« Last post by Walter on Today at 01:10:12 AM »
I can relate to zombie nausea at this point in media, but Last of Us is not held back by the faux-zombie setting. They "infected" are mostly used as a vehicle for the plot, and in terms of the dramatic tension and danger element in the game, it's certainly humans, not the infected.
Video Games / Re: What Are You Playing?
« Last post by Cyrus Jong on December 08, 2018, 09:05:50 PM »
Ugh, zombie apocalypse, THAT was why I avoided it! I love Romero's zombie classics, and Resident Evil, and personally zombies scared me more than anything when I was young, but man do I despise that over-saturated genre today to the point it's usually an automatic no. I'll still play The Last of Us on Wally's recommendation that it's transcendent, and I was pleasantly surprised by RDR: Undead Nightmare.

I have similar reservations about anything related to zombies. They're just way too numerous, and I always found them to be a rather boring and limited as far as monsters go. I only got into the last couple of zombie games I played (The Last of Us and Dying Light) because my brother-in-law made me check them out. Otherwise, I wouldn't have given them the time of day.

I mostly ignored all the annoying shit in Nioh, gearing etc, just put on the most recent/highest level/most powerful shit and forget it and played it like Dark Souls and that maximized my enjoyment. Speaking of the custom loadouts, there's some spells and ninja skills that can really make the enemies, even bosses, a joke, like where you can knock them down at will. The DLC really is super annoying though, and I'm still a couple bosses short of completing it, but I think I'm going to pull a Wally on this one and leave it incomplete.

I meant the weapon abilities you buy with Samurai points. I have no complaints about the ninjutsu and Onmyo spells, those got stupid powerful. It was actually kind of refreshing that you could actually get new spells whenever and wherever you wanted, provided you had the points to spend. I'm always reluctant to play a mage or rely on any kind of magic whatsoever on first go through a typical Soulsborne game because you don't know where all the spells and vendors are the first time around, and depending on how you proceed, you might end up going long stretches without anything new, or missing them entirely, but Nioh really gives you freedom to experiment with them.

Anyway, I've personally never had any issues with Bloodborne's oft-criticized frame rate before, but after playing Nioh at 60fps, I decided to give it a go to see if I would notice anything now. Made a fresh new character, grabbed my trusty Hunter's Axe and Blunderbuss, went and fully explored Central Yharnam and the Aqueducts from top to bottom, killed the Cleric Beast, and...yeah, I can now see why a lot of people would be put off by it. Coming directly out of Nioh or anything else that runs as smoothly, it does feel considerably less fluid, particularly when you're panning the camera around. I can adjust, but I know that can be difficult for others.
Shootin' the Breeze / Re: Adventures in YouTube
« Last post by Sygorian on December 08, 2018, 02:58:36 PM »
So this video came out recently :
Quite an interesting channel overall for this kind of thing and the ideas/parallels presented here are rather compact and fitting.
Shootin' the Breeze / Re: Finally onboard
« Last post by Sygorian on December 08, 2018, 02:38:46 PM »
Welcome dude, your approach and feeling towards the series is definitely in the right place !
Movies, TV, Books & Music / Re: Anyone here fans of Guin Saga?
« Last post by Sygorian on December 08, 2018, 02:31:20 PM »
Oh well, that's sad. Probably not enough success with the ones already out. I remain hopeful for a different future publisher, otherwise its fan translations for me. At least the original books are easy to find.
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